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  1. So just had a random thought. If you could dig up all of Terran, how many canisters would that fill? Like would it be in the hundreds of thousands, millions, or even billions?
  2. I think the contrast of metals is good enough. Zinc is dark and splotchy, aluminum is bright and shiny, and titanium is darker and a little less shiny. And besides, mousing over it should give a tooltip of the item. If you haven't been playing for long, Aluminum and Titanium haven't changed in model or in color much, if at all, even being some of the OG (like when resin was purple).
  3. Really nice idea! I've always wanted some way to replant flora. Maybe instead of or with that we could have some sort of single use item that you can place on the ground, which would then "explode" and put a bunch of flora back.
  4. Because cave back in the day were suitable to be driven in, with anything, including the Large rover. They were much more spacious and had much less in the way of obstacles.
  5. That's interesting. I guess the best thing to do is to have your base situated next to the gateway chamber so you can teleport between the engine and the chamber. Otherwise, this is really confusing.
  6. I actually can't tell if you're joking or not. Bc if you couldn't tell, this entire post was supposed to be a joke.
  7. So I know there are plans for reimplementing the storm system, and I have a few ideas for it. The main point is that each planet has different weather, and will affect the player differently on each planet. Terran: Nothing. Starter planet won't have much in the way of storms. Barren: Meteor Showers. Basically, a meteor storm will send down meteor, which on impact would kill the player instantly, or if it hits a base item, it will damage it and turn it into the debris* form of it. Or maybe a junk shower where it rains scrap. Arid: This would be the iconic sto
  8. This is actually a really good idea. I would imagine you would set up the tracks like you set up platforms, where they can connect to each other and will be locked in place when connected. With train itself, I feel like it should be 3 steel, 1 rubber, and 1 nanocarbon instead.
  9. If they call all the planets by their pre-release names If they use the "Retro" Suit If they try driving rovers into caves. If they go to Barren Desolo to get aluminum and copper, just to find that they aren't the main ores If they keep telling you about "the good ol' times." Would love to see other ideas!
  10. Well, I've discovered that it is WAY more useful to use hydrazine thrusters rather than solid fuel ones. For one, Solid fuels only have enough for a round trip (4 maneuvers), while one hydrazine can power two full round trips (8 maneuvers), and since one hydrazine costs two ammonium, so it still costs a proportional amount of ammonium, which also means that the hydrazine can get double the travelling distance in the same size. Also, you don't have to use an aluminum for every round trip. In addition to all of this, you can put THREE hydrazine on a single thruster, giving a single, completely f
  11. You can already name saves, by clicking on the save and selecting the "rename save" button.
  12. Hey! Remember last year when y'all released a sneak peak for Astro Royale? Well you're release date of April 1, 2019 has passed, and we haven't got any word on it yet! Also notice that they show off the terran suit almost a full year before it was released in that.
  13. Spacebyrd

    a few questions

    I would say it is really just another option for storage. While Xlarge storage does carry less, it is much easier to access as it has a full 360° of storage, whereas the large/medium storage system, you really have to go around and look for certain items, y'know, flipping around the storages and stuff. So it's really more of a ease of access. Also, it's vastly cheaper: You would need a total of 16 resin and 6 ceramic, just to get 2 large storages and 8 medium storages. Then you also have to get the power to smelt six items, make 8 items on the small printer and 2 on the medium. That's quite an
  14. Well, first make sure y'all are friended on steam (Which I assume y'all are), but then in the game, one of y'all has to first start a game on the singleplayer tab, then a friend would need to start the game, go to the multiplayer tab, and then your username should pop up in the joinable games sections which they would click. If that still doesn't solve it, one or both of y'all might just have bad internet to host a game, or there is something else going on.