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  1. Bushmills

    Thank you and New Direction Thoughts

    SevernFyre, yours is one of the highest quality post I've read here.
  2. Bushmills

    Astoneer Item Sorter

    very nice 👏
  3. I found the big truck horn on Glacio in an area I had never visited. I don't know whether items introduced in an update can spawn in a place you visited before that update. If you see what I mean?
  4. Love your possible answers 🤣 And by the way, I read that you refuse using a solo jetpack because it's ugly and go for double only, for style's sake. I totally agree.
  5. About that big fog horn: First thing that came to my mind when I found it: what's the point? Second thing was, let's try plugging in some helium to change its tone 😍 You know, just for fun since it's a recreational thing... Didn't work, eventhough there's some sort of disabled port on it. So I'm back to the first question: what's the point of it?
  6. Hi, Depending on where I am in a shuttle and where I go, the trajectory sometimes goes through planets. It doesn't look good. This, while only an aesthetics issue, needs some care. Or even better, I wouldn't mind plotting my trajectories manually as we did some updates ago when you had to make several jumps to get to the furthest planets.
  7. Agreed. I asked for that right after they impleted "free view when driving" but it is apparently not possible. Be happy that there is a free view though, because a couple of years ago, if you wanted to look in another direction when driving, it was just not possible at all. We've made some progress! Ecit: I'm on PC with Xbox controller
  8. Hi, Is it possible to disable the "bubbles" indicating what is what? I find them pretty annoying as they needlessly clutter the screen. Thanks
  9. Bushmills

    Loading things into the new Extra large shredder

    What is the biggest object you managed to get into that Extra large Shredder? I wanted to get rid of my medium shuttle and it wouldn't fit in... had to dynamite it.
  10. Bushmills

    A very buried Gateway chamber

    Instead of a drill, you can still use Augments ... Boost and Large combined can help you. You'll need power though...
  11. Bushmills

    Portable Oxygenator

    sry ^^
  12. Bushmills

    Portable Oxygenator

    that sounds like a reasonable rate
  13. Bushmills

    Portable Oxygenator

    Haven't used one yet, but what about 1 or 2 O² tanks along with the oxygenator? Has anyone tried this setup?
  14. Bushmills


    You guys are like human Wall-Es piling up scrap on a dead planet... I love it. GG
  15. I had the same problem today, my friend was hosting (Steam)