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  1. I found the big truck horn on Glacio in an area I had never visited. I don't know whether items introduced in an update can spawn in a place you visited before that update. If you see what I mean?
  2. Love your possible answers And by the way, I read that you refuse using a solo jetpack because it's ugly and go for double only, for style's sake. I totally agree.
  3. About that big fog horn: First thing that came to my mind when I found it: what's the point? Second thing was, let's try plugging in some helium to change its tone You know, just for fun since it's a recreational thing... Didn't work, eventhough there's some sort of disabled port on it. So I'm back to the first question: what's the point of it?
  4. Hi, Depending on where I am in a shuttle and where I go, the trajectory sometimes goes through planets. It doesn't look good. This, while only an aesthetics issue, needs some care. Or even better, I wouldn't mind plotting my trajectories manually as we did some updates ago when you had to make several jumps to get to the furthest planets.
  5. Agreed. I asked for that right after they impleted "free view when driving" but it is apparently not possible. Be happy that there is a free view though, because a couple of years ago, if you wanted to look in another direction when driving, it was just not possible at all. We've made some progress! Ecit: I'm on PC with Xbox controller
  6. Hi, Is it possible to disable the "bubbles" indicating what is what? I find them pretty annoying as they needlessly clutter the screen. Thanks
  7. What is the biggest object you managed to get into that Extra large Shredder? I wanted to get rid of my medium shuttle and it wouldn't fit in... had to dynamite it.
  8. Instead of a drill, you can still use Augments ... Boost and Large combined can help you. You'll need power though...
  9. Haven't used one yet, but what about 1 or 2 O² tanks along with the oxygenator? Has anyone tried this setup?
  10. You guys are like human Wall-Es piling up scrap on a dead planet... I love it. GG