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  1. Bushmills

    Loading things into the new Extra large shredder

    What is the biggest object you managed to get into that Extra large Shredder? I wanted to get rid of my medium shuttle and it wouldn't fit in... had to dynamite it.
  2. Bushmills

    A very buried Gateway chamber

    Instead of a drill, you can still use Augments ... Boost and Large combined can help you. You'll need power though...
  3. Bushmills

    Portable Oxygenator

    sry ^^
  4. Bushmills

    Portable Oxygenator

    that sounds like a reasonable rate
  5. Bushmills

    Portable Oxygenator

    Haven't used one yet, but what about 1 or 2 O² tanks along with the oxygenator? Has anyone tried this setup?
  6. Bushmills


    You guys are like human Wall-Es piling up scrap on a dead planet... I love it. GG
  7. I had the same problem today, my friend was hosting (Steam)
  8. Bushmills

    Windows 10 Play Anywhere -- Offline Mode?

    Lol, Steam had the same issue more than 10 years ago. You had to be online to be able to set the thing to offline mode ^^
  9. Some mistakes in the French translations too. I'll make another post.
  10. Bushmills

    Unforgiving Tutorial

    No, I respectfully disagree. I think it's a bug in the game, not a mistake on the part of the player.? The abilty to turn on and off the generator, which existed previous to 0.8, should be available immediately in the tutorial. If triggered at any point before the normal path of the tutorial it should prompt an on-screen explanation. and that's it, no blocking. You shouldn't have to start a new game.
  11. Bushmills

    Save files not working

    Not too sure if I understand correctly what you need but if you're looking for the folder where the saves are kept it's here : C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\SaveGames
  12. Bushmills

    Edge scroll

    I hate it.
  13. Bushmills

    Astroneer research textures missing?

    I had this problem when using the integrated video card. The research textures reappeared when I added a graphics card in my PC. MB is a Z87-A
  14. Bushmills


    I don't think it's possible, the game is not some sort of server where an admin can do this. Instead of going out of your shuttle and die every time, why don't you take off with it and land somewhere else on the same planet?
  15. Bushmills

    Being able to crush "cactus" with vehicles

    Do it now! Best tool ever. I always have it installed on the terrain tool when I'm driving around to clear the rocks without digging unwanted holes. With it you can also collect organics without ruining the landscape.