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    Howdy folks, I am a Xbox One S player. Nice game! Sexy graphics! It holds a lot of potential and promise! I just bought the game. One thing i would would love to have in the game is an extensive Tutorial. Also a tiny bit of story content with missions and and goals. Something that even MineCraft doesn't have. But this game is still in development so I understand that things like this are usually the last thing to be added to a game. But it I am a nerd and a dreamer. I love watching Star Trek Deep Space Nine and all the other spacey shows out there. I am currently watching DS9 a second time through and I love good Space games. Currently I am having problems with the terrain scooper. It scoops and digs, but I can't get it to go the other way. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks Crowbird67
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    Looking For Players Megathread

    Platform: Xbox One S Location: USA Seattle Washington Language: English Microphone: Yes Xbox controller headset Looking for: 1 player Can play from: 19:00 UTC (12pm PST) did I get that translation right? Can host: No Comment: Please text message me through my gamer tag Crowbird67. I'm totally new to this game and am looking for another Xbox player. Thanks.