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  1. Agent Exeider

    Patch - March 13th, 2019

    ahh so you dont get those wierd trapazoid shapes that tether networks can make, nice.
  2. Agent Exeider

    Splitting Hairs

    Honestly it's really just a way to regulate the speed of things by throttling power to objects that constantly consume power.
  3. Agent Exeider

    Patch - March 13th, 2019

    Can someone explain to me what self healing tether networks mean? Also I would be down for some kind of modular satellite construction (which would include upgradeable mapping tech) Or a buildable space station. At the very least access to the Exo Dynamics mothership from the title screen.
  4. Agent Exeider

    Please help

    Hold the left trigger to activate your mouse cursor before entering the habitat, then you can click the launch button. Happy Flying.
  5. Agent Exeider

    Landing Pad

    I would like to see the landing pad used in a similar way as the Terminals in ARK Survival Evolved, where players will be able to use the Launch Pad to upload their character progress and even items into an online storage which could be referred to as "In Orbit" and if a server is configured to accept external resources, can bring those in to the landing pad in game. I'd also like to see every player be able to create a landing pad so if you're on the same planet as another player you can send items to and fro between players. And lastly, I'd like to be able to put my shuttle on the pad.
  6. Agent Exeider

    Satllite shipping

    Sounds like a good secondary function for the trade platform.
  7. Agent Exeider

    Vehicle Anchor

    Even easier suggestion, Brakes... For that matter give me a working transmission, Low = slow but super stable, Med= Medium Speed, Medium Stable, Hi= Fast Speed and Least Stable (More prone to skidding, flipping, etc.).
  8. Agent Exeider

    Satellite idea

    That seems counter-intuitive to a game about colonization, mining and discovery. You could think mapping technology would be the FIRST thing space colonists would do in determining a proper landing site to give any potential colony/mining operating the best chance it could. Now I do understand the gameplay balance reason for not having a map tell you with pinpoint accuracy where things are but it would be good if there would be a general range it could tell you so you can know where to start looking with at least some kind of filter to show you the different ranges. As far as weather tracking, that would actually be the primary purpose of any mapping satellite, so that it would give colonists the ability to track surface conditions and at least get some kind of advanced warning that a storm is coming. Kerbal Space Program actually has a mod that is a good version of this, because it's not as easy as pop a satellite in orbit and you're done, it has to actually pass over the planet in a polar to polar orbit and scan the planet so the data isn't ALWAYS up to date, only since the last pass. After a fashion, you get a picture of the planet but as I said, if something changes in a given area since the last pass you wouldn't magically see it. And if it passes before the sat has a chance TO see it on the next pass, then truthfully you might never see it on the scan. A good example of this is other astroneers, if they move into and out of an area before the sat could scan them, they would never show up on the sat scan. So yes, there IS a way to do this and have it balanced, and I'm sure once the game launches someone will mod it into the PC version. So honestly, it WILL happen, someone WILL do it. I'd much rather the devs do it and integrate it into the game instead of a mod situation.
  9. Agent Exeider

    Power Plant

    Yeah, I have to agree to this. In reality, space exploration and colonization will require much more powerful things then solar and wind power. I know the green environmental movement touts the wonders of solar and wind but in reality for long-term space colonization the realities are hard to ignore and the operative word for power is "Nuclear" Basically the tier 3 power source should be a nuclear reactor, now whether it be a Uranium, Uranium-Plutonium or even a Thorium-Uranium reactor is up to you. I would recommend Liquid Flouride Thorium Reactor technology but that is just me and because of all my research on the subject, it really is the way to go as it operates at high tempratures (500 F+) but normal pressure (1 atm). Which operating at that thermal range gives it a fantastic fuel to power conversion ratio and it's generally safe in terms of maintaining containment. Most if not all Nuclear accidents are due to pressure loss of the thermal exchange medium, which is most of the time, water. The reason for this is that for reactors to operate efficiantly they must be hot, hotter then 212 F, which is where water boils away, so they put the water under pressure to keep it liquid. The hotter the reactor the higher the pressure on the water to keep it liquid. Which in turn puts a limit on how hot you can make the reactor because at some point our technology is incapable to creating the pressure required to keep the water liquid. So basically due to stupid engineering decisions, we have created a limit on nuclear technology that doesnt need to exist. By simply exhanging the thermal exchange medium to something other then water (IE, some kind of metal salt that is liquid at 300+ degrees), you can have even hotter reactors that operate at normal pressure and thereby negating the primary cause of nuclear accidents. That's not to say other types of failures couldnt happen, just the most common. So how this relates to Astroneer is that even though it's set in the 25th centaury and assuming we havent found more exotic forms of energy production, like Matter-Antimatter, or some kind of Darkmatter reaction. Nuclear (Fission) and Thermonuclear (Fusion) really is the way to go. Fission more specifically since it's much easier to maintain and use in a survivalist situation as we have on these planets we colonize.
  10. A little known fact, at least for me and my friends is that if you put a storage rack on a platform it folds open turning two slots into 8. You can do this to either side of any given platform to have a total of 16 storage slots. I would like the ability to create an empty platform, IE, turn off the hologram asking for more material to construct a module, IE research station, smelter, etc. That would free up 2 more 2 slot attach points allowing you to put another 16 slots on the platform for a total of 32. I know this wouldn't require too much dev time to accomplish, just allow us to switch the hologram off and free up the slots. Thank you, Æ