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  1. update Astroneer + drivers Nvidia ... reset full Astroneer 5 months later no change
  2. I have same problem : I send my DxDiag.txt to help ?
  3. I send my DxDiag.txt to help ? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6MjPNXekrTebDVxSUtrZDFjenc/view?usp=sharing
  4. perhaps like me, isn't it ? reinstall doesn't work
  5. Hi, I'm french, sorry bad english, just want help with actual version 0.3.10201.0 (Patch "201") When I save and apply parameters or when I quit and reload a party : screen become black ... see screenshot join I can hear that the game is here (on ?) because the sounds look good when pressing buttons after reboot game I can view the load party screen, but after reload party it's a black screen just create a new party is good, but : That's reset : any controls !? And I will can't save (that last words is verry bad english I think sorry), because black after reload The only good way actualy : load game change controls back screen (grrrr) reload game new party = ok don't quit or change anything in parameters ... just play and no quit obviously, i quit and can't play like that obviously, I test to remove the game from Steam (and every files on HDD), and reinstall : it's the same how can I help you ?? Thank for your response & love your game