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  1. I like this idea considering occasionally you find the broken down satellites, and during the day there's a little green meter freaking out but at night it calms down. If you could restore that or something that would be awesome.
  2. Zeribax

    How about customizable astroneers

    Could you be more specific on the idea? I'd like to see this but idk where you're going with it.
  3. Zeribax

    A Climbing Claw Mod

    Like a grappling hook?
  4. Zeribax

    Zombie Astronauts?

    The whole brains thing is a stereotype first off, I'm not talking stereotypical zombie, as we've seen in the game most of the dangers are organic creatures, however none of them can move. If there was some sort of parasite that could attach itself to a dead astroneer, the parasite could use the astroneer as a host. As for the guns, you don't need guns to kill zombies, be creative. Dynamite has been used to blow up the plants in the game, and even using your matter gun to dig under things and break them. The zombie could be blasted or dropped to its demise. So I'm standing strong by my idea despite your half assed cynicism.
  5. Zeribax

    Zombie Astronauts?

    So basically imagine a parasitic plant that can take over the dead corpses of failed astronauts. Now hear me out, you've probably heard this a dozen times, but imagine you're going through a cave. You see an astronaut standing up and walking, as you approach him you slowly see a yellow glow on the side of his head. He shrieks and charges at you as you sprint back above ground no idea how to fight him. Lots of research needs to be put into research I guess...