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  1. After seeing the jetpack had been made, I thought I would again suggest a road making attachment for the rovers; something that would both dig through terrain and leave a flat path behind, but fill in the inevitable dips and gaps in the ground you would encounter while trying to do this. I just feel that such an attachment would make sense considering the amount of time you have to spend traveling from place to place, and the number of deathtrap-like pitfalls you come across when trying to drive your rover with any amount of speed. This would allow you to basically pave your way as you went places, as well as speed your trip back once you reached your destination. The attachment itself would looks something like a cross between a set of spiky steamroller wheels or the grinding gears like you would see in a paper shredder attached horizontally to the front of the rover. They would be wider and higher than the rover by some amount as well, so as to both make a road people could pass you on, and to make tunnels you could drive through without too much clipping. There would also be a section on it for attaching capsules for storing soil, as this would be how it did it's work when it needed to fill in holes, as well as a part that was a smaller, smooth roller for laying the path as you moved. As it sounds, it would be pretty large, and so wouldn't move super fast, but would go comparably slowly to give you as much control as possible in your pathmaking. This device would have a setting as well for players to make use of which would set the 'gradient' for the roads. This means for example, you start from the edge of your nice, flat home base location. The player would have to lock in that height, and the road layer would then not go above that height in relation to the core of the planet. If the ground varied in any amount from that height, the device would either create ground at that height, or shave off soil and store it in the capsule for later use, as needed. This would keep the ground level, but also allow the machine to feed itself if it ran into a hill, and would keep the path being made smooth and even while taking into account the curvature of the planet's surface. When driving this, the players view would shift slightly to be above the rover the road layer was attached to, looking down. This would allow the player to see exactly where they were going. When they entered a tunnel, or were underground, the view ahead would be the normal driver's view. Speaking on this, the road layer could be taken underground. It can be deactivated so as to not create a road and driven anyplace it can fit into. But when in use, it will normally only create smooth, level roads. It's not designed to create slopes or angled paths. I feel it's weight would limit it from doing this easily; maybe a smaller version could be made for the trailer for this purpose? Because of the size and complexity of this device, it would have a fairly high cost in resources, but not necessarily rarity. I imagine it needing some rare elements to make the digging parts, but it should come into play around the mid-part of the game, when the player has a well established home base and has unlocked a fair amount of technology. Resources that are not soil that the road layer digs up would simply be dropped on the path it made behind itself for the player to collect. I do NOT consider this to be a caravan type vehicle; it's an extremely heavy device by itself, and so would need to be used as such. At best, one medium rover with storage could be brought along to pick up some of the dropped non-soil resources. This is, of course, just my ideas on the thing. I think it would be very helpful if players were to encounter those random rifts that often appear on the map and could just build a bridge across, could smooth out a path to one of the alien teleporter points for easy traversal, or could simply set out to make roads that circle the planet. I could even see the road layer being able to be augmented with an auto tether device to make the roads safe to lay for long distances without having to stop and run back frequently. (I imagine this as being a part on one side that looks like the players backpack. You fill this with tethers, and as you drive and reach the furthest point for a tether to link up, it auto-deploys on to the side of the rover as it moves along, until you run out of tethers.)
  2. Gargoyle Girl

    STRONG SUGGESTION: Talk To Your Playerbase

    A friend just linked me this: So I feel better at the least. They seem to be aware of the issues and have plans to add more stuff later.
  3. Gargoyle Girl

    STRONG SUGGESTION: Talk To Your Playerbase

    This is why I posted here. They need to be sure people know very clearly what's going on. Goddamned Twitter isn't the be all and end all of communication. Post to your own forums!
  4. I'm gonna try to keep this short. Right now, Astroneer is a bit of a mess. A LOT of things are going wrong with it, and people are wanting to know what's being done, if anything, to fix it. A lot of the people who play the game that I have spoken to are saying this game has become a sort of 'cash in and run for it' kind of thing where System Era has basically said 'Screw it, i can't fix this. Might as well make some money off of it before people catch on.' I do NOT want to believe this... but the last active communication I can find from the devs or programmers or anyone who made this game or is involved with this game being released is from October of last year. Half way through February and with the number and severity of issues still prevalent, some of them hailing from almost the beginning of the game...? This is not acceptable. This thread is a request that someone... a dev, a programmer, a mod for the forums... reply to it and tell us, the people playing and PAYING for your game, what's going on. Because I've seen nothing from you guys, and when suddenly no one is around to speak on the issues, people get suspicious. So please. Let us know what's going on. Are you workin on it? Is it in its final form with no updates coming? What?
  5. If possible, I'd like someone to reply to this to let me know it's at least been seen. People are starting to suspect System Era of doing a cash and run move, and I don't really want to believe it, but... this is looking rather bad. I've been with this game since the beginning, and I've stuck with it. I"m still sure you can make it a viable game. ...But what's going on? I'm still seeing glitches and problems from the beginning, yet you're asking for money for the game now? I"m sincerely hoping this is just getting funds for further development, and not you guys cashing out. Hello Games took the mistake they made and turned it into a great game; don't let all the faith people put in you turn out to be misplaced, please. The issues I"m having in co-op are as follows. All of these relate to playing as a visitor in someone else's game. The horrid crashes. Random. Unexpected. Uncalled for. I've been kicked from a friend's game for standing and waiting for them to return. I've crashed out for just trying to go underground. I've crashed out while digging (and nothing but digging). The lack of stability is exhausting, especially when you were making some kind of progress, then lose it all *just because*. Vanishing inventory. Because of the crashing, and sometimes due to logging out, items will randomly just be gone from attachment points on my pack and digging tool. Vehicle hijinks. Get on a rover and watch it spaz out for 2 or three minutes, rolling glitching through the ground and jittering around as if trying to phase into a new dimension. Try to get off and you have an equal chance of crashing, falling through the ground and dying, or.... nothing. You just get off and everything is fine. The Digging Glitch. You attempt to mine in a friend's game in co-op and all these artifacts reappear; small bits of the ground you already cleared. And no matter how many times you try to clear them they return. It ground appears to not fully recognize that you mined it, and so just keeps returning, over and over. It can kill a player as well, since if it appears inside their body it basically counts them as dead somehow. The Resource Glitch. Sometimes, while mining a resource (quite often, actually) the resources will just blink out of existence. Not go invisible; they're not there anymore and can't be harvested. In contrast to this, I'll sometimes walk past an area of ground that was already mined out, and see the hole filled with floating resources. Trying to mine these gains you nothing; it's just the ghosts of the resources that used to be there. Combining this with actual resources that turn into ghosts and I'm wondering if this mining tool really needs to be a proton pack to work. Blinking. Everyone once in a while, the ENTIRE MAP will *blink* for a moment as if a massive refresh had taken place. When this happens... pretty much anything can happen. Things that were there vanish. Things that weren't there appear. Plants that you dug up refresh themselves. Resources vanish. Falling through the ground momentarily. Crashes. It mainly seems to affect the ground; the sky usually maintains it's appearance and doesn't experience the same problem. I like this game. I really do. It's relaxing, and I enjoy base building and exploring and such quite a lot. I can play this game solo just fine, but it's even more interesting with friends. And for the multiplayer, which is one of the main selling points of this game, to be THIS broken is a disgrace. The way this feels, you should have kept it in beta for another year, or simply described it as a fun solo game. I'm REALLY hopeful that you intend to do something, or that there is some plan to correct this soon, as the current co-op playability factor is pretty low. Standing around my friend's base waiting for something I can do that won't instantly crash my game is NOT how multiplayer is supposed to work.
  6. This mod is supposed to create a level surface in alignment with the curvature of the planet right? When I use it to make roads though, I find that the longer they are, the higher up off the ground they climb. I've made two paths so far. Each from my main base to an alien tower. In each case, here is what I needed to do. 1. Lay the path down starting at the base. 2. Stop making the path before it got too high up off the ground at the far end. 3. go to the tower in question and start making a path from there. 4. Meet up someplace in the middle, then shave off the excessive height from the first path. I am unable to go too far with this either, since if I do, it begins again slowly climbing upwards. Since this mod is following the curvature of the planet, and I know the surface isn't slowly climbing into the sky, I feel there must be some kind of problem involved in how it's working. The only thing I can guess is that when using it at it's extreme distance (trying to level the ground at the furthest reach of the mod) its actually adding a bit to the height each time, ending with you going increasingly higher by small increments until you're up in the air above the surrounding terrain.
  7. O_O;; Just tried going underground with this glitch. ANY attempt to dig results in massive walls of ground respawning all around the dig point. I tried to close a hole, and nearly got engulfed. Again considering a friend got randomly killed by this, I think this is a rather huge glitch in need of attention immediately.
  8. ...and now I'm seeing instances where I'll clear some rocks or other obstacles, and all objects I can see will flicker, restoring everything I just cleared. Is this a case of one players game not properly registering the presence of one or more other players?
  9. This entire weird formation of stones is a result of the odd co-op issue of things reappearing after being mined out. My friend once died without knowing how in a game with me, and I now think he was killed by the ground respawning inside of his body after seeing this. This is a pretty serious issue if that's the case.
  10. Congrats on your full release! Let's hope I won't have to make too many of these. My issue occurred when I was playing with a friend in their game. They had been playing with me in my own game and telling me about the same issues, but this was the first time I saw this myself. When mining out a Resin node, the ground would randomly respawn as small diamond shaped chunks of ground. Clearing these did nothing as they would continually respawn in the same locations over and over. It also didn't matter how much ground I cleared around those small pieces; they would still respawn. The second thing that happened to me was a large amount of the Resin I was trying to mine just... vanished. As I got closer to the hole to try to gather it, several resin items simply disappeared. They weren't just invisible, but completely gone and unable to be collected. This is obviously a problem for anyone trying to play in co-op. Hopefully you can address these issues soon, since this is full release time and one of the selling points of the game is the multiplayer. Thanks for your time.
  11. Is it only me or are the daytime segments of the game FAR shorter than the nighttime segments? I always seem to be running around in the dark, unable to see far, with limited power, struggling to actually do anything... or for that matter to see what I'm doing. I get the feeling the game is designed to givee you much less daytime than night for just this reason... to keep you wandering around blind as a 'challenge' rather than letting you actually see the game, but it's working out to feel more like a chore and a pain in the @$$ than any kind of challenge. Combined with the storms that give no kind of bonus with wind or anything else (supposedly 'just a bunch of graphical effects', but able kill you, push your rover into a hole, blow away resources and scrap and pretty much anything not nailed down), the game has begun to feel more like an endless chore of trying to fight for a few seconds to actually DO things, and it needs to be fixed. ...or is it just me?
  12. Gargoyle Girl

    Why don't I explore more

    Don't get me wrong here. I agree there needs to be improvements in the amount of air the Astroneer gets. The problem is the expectations some people have for how much they're given. You speak of Neil Armstrong and his moon landing. Astronauts today, 50 years later the tech has improved somewhat from the 5 hours of air that the suits in 1969 could hold and reprocess to 6-8 1/2 hours of air we have today. But that's not a lot of improvement. I think the tech levels depend on the amount of usage they're getting. Not a lot of money or effort is going to be put into advancing space suit tech if it's not being used constantly. With that being said, this IS a game about space explorers 400 years in the future, so you'd expect something. Again to me the problem I have is the overall game mechanics. which call for air providing tethers to limit the ability to wander around too freely. Simply put: if you remove that restriction, the game would break completely. Need a resource? Just wander til you find it. Need to get someplace? ...walking is fine. The air limitation mechanic is integral to the game. Do they need to increase the time a person can go without recharging? Definitely. But there are people calling for the mechanic to be dismissed entirely. That would be going too far. Another aspect of the tether concept is building, which this game is also focused around. Constructing a comprehensive tether network takes time and planning. It's not just running and using that stupid 'auto-placement' function that only kinda works. You have to consider the distance between them, direction, where you're trying to reach. In my best game so far, I had the area around my base networked with tethers. I could run around within that network freely, not even having to think about air because no matter which way I ran, I knew there was a line up ahead. Constructing this is part of the game too. Lastly... you start talking about 'tethers not being American'. <puts head in hands> I guess you haven't been watching the news lately. Or heard of slavery. Or noticed the not only American, but human habit of tying themselves to things, from their homes to their jobs to their racial or religious beliefs and yes... even to their nationality beliefs. In this case 'tether' is not meant to mean 'a binding or restriction'. It's meant to mean 'a length of cord' or more likely 'a lifeline'. This has nothing to do with being American or any other nationality though, so let's not go there, ok? P.S. Yes, I am an American. A lot of other players aren't though, so applying that to this game is quite silly. Now, in these comments, you say you don't want the game to be more like a Star Wars game. You then go on to agree that all the ideas I got from my time playing the Star Wars roleplaying game should be added to the game, then accuse me of going off on a tangent when I suggest people are trying to hard to make this game like other franchises. If all this stuff were added to the game, it would become so pointlessly easy and boring that the break you're currently taking would literally extend into forever. Imagine being an armored, flying, force field shielded unit with robotic support and an ultra long term air tank that could refresh it's own supply. That sounds just like this game right? I already aknowledged the air tank supply needs to be bigger. I will go further and say being able to shield your base from storms with a force field would add some flair without really changing anything unless they implement storms being able to damage bases. Even then it would just help to save on repairs, not severely ruin the games design. I already asked for the ability to take more than one hit in a storm... or two I guess since I took one recently and it just hurt. That could be the body armor; an extra hit or so just in case you get caught out far from safety. The flying concept could work in game if said flight had risks involved, like failing to account for range and height resulting in a nasty fall or, once again, flying to far and running out of oxygen. Automation has some merits, but for what, exactly? Since resources are limited, gathering would be pointless. I would imagine any robot in this game would have limited range, depend on fuel or need repairs to keep going so you'd have to check on them and not just have the clear the planet of resources for you. Possibly, they would need a guide beacon to show them where to go along with some simple directive like 'harvest resources', 'repair the base', 'gather scrap' and so on. I was pretty much being sarcastic in my replies in the previous post, assuming you would catch on, because you seem pretty intelligent. Guess not though (you didn't catch on, not you're not intelligent; I still think so). In all those examples I gave in the previous comment wer meant to be obviously OP. Armor where you take no fall or storm damage? There's like... three things that can hurt you in this game and you *really* want to remove even that? In the end, I'm not against improvements and additional things added to the game to make it fun. I just want them to be moderate and balanced, and not the kind of thing that basically makes doing all the things you're meant to do to keep you busy in the game pointless. Doing otherwise would be the same as SE suddenly making this a battle royale game. First. 'Infacticly' isn't a word. Second, back off just a tad. Your next few posts are sounding less like a conversation, and more like you're trying to put me down or call me stupid or just plain wrong because I don't agree with you and am debating the concepts you're putting forth. Second, I'm not trying to *tell* anyone anything. I'm presenting another viewpoint on the subject at hand. My own. Of course it''s going to sound like I'm telling you what things are from my perspective. I am. Lastly, you're trying to tell me I'm wrong, but then what? Are you right then by default? What makes *you* feel you're an authority on any of this, and everyone else is wrong? Not once have I said, 'No one who says or thinks differently from me is completely wrong.', but here you are, telling me I know nothing. This is supposed to be a discussion and a debate of sorts. No hostility, no cursing, no anger. So why do you seem so upset? If you are unable to continue having a civil and normal conversation with me here, please stop. I'm not trying to fight you, just talk with you. Please make the attempt to understand this. Again, I'm gonna ask you very nicely to stop beeing hostile, and to keep your foul language to yourself. Stop being so angry about this game, and let's try to be a bit more constructive, hmm? If not, please feel free to block my comments or whatever you need to do in order to not b bothered by them. That said... what is the subject of this thread? Not the topic at the beginning; the conversation most people are having? It's about the need to place tethers. And are you not squarely in the camp saying tethers shouldn't even exist? That theey cause problems for the gamers from lag to frustration with having to place them? So I'm returning your question to you. What IS the challenge with using tethers? YOU seem to be having the problem here, not me. If you're referring to the challenge within the game of using tethers, then I can answer that one for you though. It's the challenge of not suffocating by placing them. It's thee challengee of not just throwing them out willy nilly, but planning out and placing an intelligent network of them that lets you run around more or less without restriction, but also without having filled the map with tethers to the point of them lagging you. It's the challenge of placing them at the limit of their range to connect to others (it's slightly further than when you can auto place one, but that distance adds up) and the challenge of being sure you actually placed it, so it's on the ground and rooted properly so the next storm doesn't blow one away and break your line. It's not a big challenge. But it IS a challenge, made all the more difficult for people like yourself who don't even want to use the things. When I'm building a base, it's not just the platforms, machines and vehicles. It's the tether network as well, just in case you can't depend on those other things for air. A well built tether network is like a finely placed spiderweb you can run around inside the limits of without fear of having issues with air. If you get distracted, a line is nearby no matter where you run. I'vee set up several networks just like this, tweaking it with extensions to reach deposits of resources or to get down into the tunnels as needed. It covered far enough in all directions that I could run for a solid 20 minutes of real time without being far from one, yet without having them clutter everything. But again... it's no hugee challenge, no great difficulty to *make* tethers and just toss them wherever. Even when you're on a compound poor planet, and don't have 'compound every 15 meters' as you describe it, it's not too hard to make them and use them. The question comes back to me yet again though: If it's so easy it's nothing at all for you, why do you care about removing them from the game so much?
  13. Gargoyle Girl

    Why don't I explore more

    lol. Well, as I said, this game is pretty easy. You have to *try* to die in it. It's almost difficult. But they did bring up a point I did some research into. The air supply in the suits is much less than it should be, if you consider modern space suits capacity. I actually worked it all out and you get about a third of the least amount of air a modern space suit will have in it, which is about 6 hours worth. It the game, you get about 2 hours worth of air in game time. Even made a thread about it, hopind the devs will notice it. So their problems with air supply isn't *completely* unfounded. Still, in this thread are a lot of people hating on the game for no real reason other than it requires some effort. For example one person mentions wanting to run off and not have to worry about tethers. I've done this at least once. All you need to do is collect those small groupings of oxygen on the ground; I went for over 20 minutes literally without building a thing or searching for oxygen, running in a straight line, and only died when I tripped into a hole and couldn't get out. So even without tethers it's possible to run around for a long time with nothing at all but what you start with... and that's STILL too much work for some people commenting here.
  14. Nah, it's ok. And to be honest, it's not a bad idea... for a secondary game mode. But that's the only way that kind of thing would work well, and as I stated, being able to completely control a game leads to a slippery slope that drags you down to boredom. When nothing is dangerous, and nothing is hard or even faintly challenging, a game can bee fun for a while if you're just into building or wandering and the world is a bit more interactive. But thi game is *based* around your inteeractions with it. Without those, the game becomes... pretty much you running around in an empty field.
  15. I see your point... but I would say rather that the game needs another 'free play/custom game' mode for people who want full control over every little aspect of their experience in the game. You keep saying 'Why not?!' when I say that it's a bad idea. I direct you to your final comment about storms. Storms are slightly challenging, but not exciting. To clarify, when I said 'exciting' I meant 'breaks the monotony somewhat'. They 'excite' you to run or stop what you're doing to take shelter. They throw rocks and overwhelm the usually peaceful music with the sounds of furiously gusting wind. For you, they seem almost boring. This makes me feel like you might not be playing the right game at all, since it meets so few of your requirements. You also keep making a point of a person's age being a determining factor in how they play it. You mention things in a way that seems to hint you want a 'hard mode' for your game (and that you think age determines playing skill) by stating that 'maybe an 8 year old' would like the game as it is 'with an overabundance of every resource'. ...not sure what the game has been doing for you to think this, since it usually will give you only some things in abundance and others will be less or even absent in an attempt to encourage use of the trade platform. If your game is giving you too much of everything, then I can understand how you feel that way. Again this seems to point toward you wanting one of two things: an option to play like in the game 'Don't Starve' where things can be made much harder or easier based on your personal preferences through the 'custom world' settings (I actually suggest you go try that, it seems like it would be right up your alley), or either a 'free play' (no restrictions, no deaths, no resource requirements, instant build, unlimited energy and oxygen, all research unlocked) or a 'custom game' option, with a series of sliders or other functions to allow you to control every aspect of the game world completely. If those last two ar what you want, why not make a thread asking for just that, without all the anger and hostility? I get a feeling the devs will notice it much more if you did.