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  1. This idea is for the automation system. The first is Settable Arm Angles: This would allow the player to decide where an arm will pick up and drop off by allowing them to adjust the angle, rather than being stuck with only the 180 degree angle we currently have. The player could alter the angle to whatever they wished, as long as the pickup and drop off circles didn't intersect for the same arm. The second concept is Adjustable Pickup/Dropoff circles. Much like how the player can adjust the diameter of the land deformation tool in Creative, this would allow a player to adjust the size of the green and blue circles on an Auto Arm. This would allow a player to specify more exactly where they wanted the arm to grab things from and place them to. The third idea is a bit of an alternate to the second: Assignable Locations for picking up and dropping off. This would allow the player to point the arm at a particular storage or canister for picking up and dropping off resources, as long as that storage was within the arms reach. This would help prevent accidental pickups of unwanted resources, which often stops a production line from functioning as intended. A fourth idea would be Arm to Arm conveyance. This would allow one Auto Arm to grab a resource being held by another Auto Arm, removing the need for a storage platform or canister. I think this could be done by giving the 'grabber' part of the arm the same classification as a storage slot (though I don't know if that's something that can be done). This would allow for much more compact automation builds, and more complex ones as well. A fifth idea would be processing speed upgrades. When trying to make production lines, I've always had a problem with smelting or the chem station or atmo condenser slowing down production considerably, often causing a massive backlog in the line, or causing errors in the pickup of the auto arms. Being able to invest in accelerators (Or medium, then high grade smelters, chem stations, canisters, arms and so forth) would improve things a lot. My final idea is the concept of a dual auto arm, or one that can lift more than one resource at a time (with multiple slots for holding resources). The friend that I play with has been getting me into automation, experimenting with building various setups to take a resource from raw to upper end refinement. I've been having a lot of fun with it, and would love to see it developed more to allow for more complex inventions. We wanted to make a sort of 'Master Sorter' system, but as things are, it's not really possible without flattening half the planet. ^^; So making some additions that allow for more dense, complex automation would be ideal.
  2. I feel like I recall a time when you could connect tethers to the rover so you could drive somewhere, hop out and explore. Is it just me, or was that feature removed for some reason? The rover supplies both power and air, and so it would make perfect sense for it to be a point you can tether off of to explore. It seems odd to not be able to do so. If this feature could be added... or restored... to the game, it would be very useful, even if the rover required an oxigenator like the shuttle does for it to work.
  3. Ever since I went to Atrox for the Halloween event, the entire planet of Atrox has been covered in invisible, ground level artifacts. These objects are everywhere, and make walking or running a nightmare, causing you to stop and get 'stuck' on apparently nothing. The only way to deal with them is to jump over them, or try to run around them... and you usually just run into another one right away. In another post here I explained how a massive one of these caused a part of my base to go flying and nearly wrecked it as that part wasn't one you can just pick up and move around (which it SHOULD be). In addition to reporting this, I'm asking anyone who might know if they know any solution to this problem. I've gotten pretty far in the game and would rather not have to restart from the beginning just because.
  4. This caught me off guard to be sure. I have what I can only call a corrupted Atrox in my game. Every few steps, I run into invisible artifacts that stop me from running and need to be jumped over to continue. I've gotten very far in my current game and so am not really wanting to start over, so I've been managing. Today, I ran into a very large one though. It was like a wall in front of me; I could barely get around or over it. It was also in the middle of my base, right next to my Field Shelter. Determined to see what was blocking me when nothing was there, I thought to try smoothing the ground. The Field Shelter went *flying*, and crashed to the ground on it's side. I was neither able to lift it and reposition it, nor was I able to do anything else with it except repackage it with some Graphite I luckily had nearby. This seems... rather silly. Why would the small shelter be a permanent fixture, yet able to be catapulted like this by just smoothing the ground under it? The Field Shelter should be able to be moved, just like any other platform, and should even have attachment points on the underside to allow it to be mounted on vehicles (I know the vehicles themselves save, but it would look cool and support the idea of it being a 'portable base'. It would also allow it to be driven to a new base location easily without wasting materials.)
  5. Big Wheels on Rovers A lot of times, I find myself trying to drive my rover, and getting stuck on really silly things... like a small bush with one small resource node on it. And I mean *completely* stuck; having to get out and dig the thing up in order to move. If you added in the ability to research Big Tires for the rovers that would lift it so it wasn't so low to the ground, most things could be much more easily driven over. This would add a cost of 1 Rubber to the medium and 2 Rubber to the large rover, and elevate them maybe an inch or so; just enough to lift them over obstacles like plants, rocks and resource bits sticking out of the ground. The increase wheel radius would also make it so the tires were a lot less likely to get suck in small crevices. Another option along these lines would be an upgrade that would add tank treads to the rovers, which would also be able to handle the terrain better. Maybe add the ability to crush obstacles to the treads as well, so it doubles as a trailblazing device. I also feel like this would make them a lot more fun to drive, since it would make the rovers feel like monster trucks. I don't know what changed in the rover suspension either, but they're super bouncy now. if I tap forward, it's like I jammed my foot down on the gas, then equally jammed my foot on the brakes a second later. This needs to be fixed in some fashion; either stiffening up the suspension some, or making the vehicle accelerate slower and stop slower to get rid of the jerky motions. Terrain Mapping Balloons This idea is to add a device that can be fixed to the ground at a certain point. It would be a base unit, a long tether, and a weather balloon-like aerial part with cameras. It's purpose would be to allow the astroneer to track all of their important markers via a holographic HUD. By pressing M, they would be able to call it up as an overlay that would show objects of interest within the balloon's line of sight. The objects would show as icons or letters associated with the thing in question around the astroneer, similar to how you can see directions around them when you hover the mouse over them. This would also show a basic distance in numbers from their current position. Things that would show are beacons, teleporters, vehicles, bases and dead bodies (aka your lost backpack). This would only work on the surface; it wouldn't be able to detect things underground. And it would have only a certain range, requiring the player to set up several across the planet to get complete coverage, but the distance would be appreciable. So for example, you set a beacon to the south of your base, then return, but it's out of your line of sight due to terrain or clouds. You press M, and to your south, either a 'B' for beacon, or a symbol representing a beacon appears, with the number '123' or something to show how far it is away. These devices would have a long range, but not be world encompassing. Maybe a max range of 500 each or more, depending on how large the planets are in general (I have no idea what units of measurement are used in the game for distance). If the player went outside the range of the balloon, the HUD would become unavailable. These objects would be able to be overlapped as well, so placing a second one on the outer edge of the first one's range would still detect some things in that first one's area. Beacon Icons/Skylights I mentioned this in other threads, but I think two ways to make beacons more useful would be if they had different icons along with colors. Icons for resources, pathing, dangerous areas and so on would make it easier to remember why they were placed. I also feel that the beacon's icon size could be larger, so as to be more easily read. The last idea would be a beacon upgrade. This would add a light pillar that you could also color to your beacon, similar to the light pillars thrown up by the alien teleporters. This would make them much easier to see (the colors would be visible to some extent, even during the day). The second effect of the skylight upgrade would be a kind of 'batsignal' type effect on the clouds overhead. One of the major weaknesses of beacons is they go above the clouds, rendering them invisible to people on the ground most of the time. This would have the beacons project their symbols on the bottoms of the clouds overhead, so even on cloudy days, they'd still be visible.
  6. ...and I'm sure this hostile approach to asking for a feature is gonna *definitely* get a positive reaction. Don't get me wrong. I'm not hatin' on the concept, it's not terrible. But a big part of the game is *not* being able to savescum back to before a mistake was made. An autosave feature would allow people to just kinda skip back to before they fell in that hole, or dug up that thing they didn't want to, or killed themselves by not playing carefully, and that I think is why there's no autosave. Yeah, it sucks when something goes wrong and you can't recover any of it due to a crash. But there are a lot of reasons your game might be doing this that could be on your end as well, especially since you're having it happen so often. TL;DR: They probably didn't add an autosave to get players to be a bit more cautious in how they play. The side effect of that is when the game crashes, you have no way to recover the loss. Take a rover with you and save on and off, and be more careful of how long you go between saves if you're crashing constantly.
  7. I also feel like there needs to be *some* way to map the planets as you explore them. Adding in a 'launch exploration sattelites' aspect would be cool. Each one would only cover so much area; maybe it would be more like a balloon on a long tether with cameras, and as long as you were within it's radius, you could get a basic layout of the land around you. Even if this only showed a holographic overlay of the beacons you set down, along with your base and maybe the location of your body, it would be a big help. It would also encourage a more slow, complete exploration of the world, instead of rushing to get everything completed.
  8. If they added a hardcore survival aspect to the game, then these would work fine, but as it is, you'd need to build a lot of shelters and such just to get around a planet if this were implemented, which would slow down gameplay a lot. For example. if solar panels could burn out and be destroyed on Atrox, how would you keep your base powered safely without being forced to build RTGs? Anything that would push you down a single 'right' path would make the game too linear I think.
  9. I just mentioned this in another beacon post. Add symbols to the beacons. Have symbols for directions, like an arrow, when you place one as a guidepost. Have a symbol to indicate marked resources. Have a symbol to indicate marked scrap. Have a symbol to indicate a dangerous area, like huge holes in the ground (for this one, bringing back the flashing red color would be nice as well). And so forth. Another thing I would like to see is *larger* beacon icons, or another representation of them? Beacon icons are often blocked by clouds and this is *highly* annoying. With the introduction of the spotlight though, another idea presents itself: spotlight beacons. Have a beacon give off a 'batsignal' type light projection that wouldn't be blocked by clouds, but rather made more visible by them. It could also have an upward pointing light column from said beacon that would be visible from the ground, similar to the light columns from the alien teleporters. This might seem like a lot of tech to have in a small item, so I wouldn't object to it being an advanced piece of tech added to the game that took a few more resources. So there would be a base beacon that just sent up a marker point with icon and color options, and an advanced beacon with that and light shafts projecting into the air to be even more visible.
  10. Or if possible, let us designate what kind of beacon it is with a symbol. For example, have an arrow icon for if the beacon is set as a directional beacon, an icon suggesting resources, an icon suggesting scrap, an icon suggesting danger, and so on. You can add a separate button press to change the icon alongside the one for changing the color, ie. press F to change color or G to change the icon.
  11. I finally got to Atrox for this event and have been struggling to even move here. Every few steps I get stuck on some invisible object I need to jump to get unstuck from or get past. I have no idea what is actually happening to cause this. I keep expecting to randomly fall through the map. Trying to play with a friend is bad in other ways as well, as they will randomly begin spazzing out on my screen, jiggling madly up and down for, again, no apparent reason. If I move, it seems to change this for some reason, sometimes stopping it, sometimes not. This also happens on their end when I join one of their games. At first it was once in a rare while, but now almost every second or third step sees me getting stuck on some invisible artifact and being unable to move unless I spend all my time jumping. This is an EXTREMELY hindering problem that makes it nearly impossible to play the game for any amount of time purely out of annoyance. If possible, I would appreciate a fix being put out and maybe the event being extended a little, as this problem has made trying to farm on Atrox very slow and tedious.
  12. Of all the changes the game has made, the addition of forests was one of the best in my opinion. I love the atmosphere of them, the sound of the wind in the leaves is very relaxing, and the music is also very nice. One thing I've thought would be nice too though, would be the addition of different types of trees. Every planet having the exact same kind of forests... for that matter ONE planet having only one type of tree... is highly unlikely. Some variations in the types of groves and forests you can find would be pretty nice, and you could further develop the overall atmosphere of the worlds, which is sadly lacking on the starter planet. Another thing that would make sense and would be nice would be the ability to plant and grow your own trees in and around your base, effectively allowing players to have a base inside the forests. Normally, you need to do a pretty large amount of environmental damage to build a base, but if the trees dropped seeds like the hostile plants do, that could then be planted, a more nature minded person could surround their base with trees again. If enough trees were planted, that same soothing sound of wind in the trees would return to be heard within the base itself. Players would also be able to bring seeds from other worlds, allowing them to build the forest type they liked the most around their base. This could be expanded to include any unique plant type, really, to allow for further personality to be added into the bases.
  13. As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently returned to playing this game after some time away. It's been fun (and a little frustrating) but one thing actually blew my mind when I finally noticed it. I was attempting to travel to the moon, and saw that the shuttle needed an air supply, which I remembered. What I then saw was the 'Portable Oxegenator' and it's 10,000 byte cost on the first item list. I call it an item list because... I've never really understood those symbols. What do they mean? I get the general gyst of them, but sometimes the order of the items on the list feels like it would *really* benefit from some words. Anyhow, I set out to get the portable oxygenator for my ship. I'm sure you can see where this is going. I bought it, looked at the materials and... I can't make those, I need the stuff on the moon to make those. So the thought hit me that maybe they intended me to take the oxygenator from my base and put it in the shuttle until I could craft a new one. Fortunately, I did NOT do this. I instead set about finding some graphite, thinking it would be nice to be able to package up some things while exploring. I returned and just as I was about to move the oxegenator... I found the 'Oxygenator' in the list of items, with cheap, common materials. 10,000 bytes spent on something I can't build that has a SLIGHT difference in it's name and the description is EXACTLY THE SAME. Ideas on how to fix this. I feel like the symbols for the classes of items is all well and good? ...but adding some actual text to the icons would be nice. I also feel the definitions for the various items should explain clearly what they work with. For example, the Oxegenator should say 'for bases and shuttles' and whatever else it's intended for. If the Portable one can ALSO be put in a base or shuttle, then it's kinda redundant and excessively expensive and should be removed from the game. I also feel like it would be nice to have items sorted (or be able to be sorted) by basic needs, advanced construction and endgame builds, or something similar. I absolutely did not need to spend 10,000 bytes on that oxygenator, and it's in the first list near the beginning, which to me feels EXTREMELY misleading. Why wouldn't the cheaper, more immediately useful, and more immediately needed one not be near the beginning of the list? Why do the descriptions match exactly? There's enough room there to say 'this one is for shuttles and bases' or to somehow differentiate the two. Sorry for ranting a bit; I spent a lot of time just grinding around for this thing, bought it, then found out I'd wasted hours doing so because of a crappy description and the inability to understand the symbols and sorting of the menu for craftables, so hopefully my irritation is a little understandable. If possible, please do something to make things a little clearer. Thanks for your time.
  14. So I recently got back into playing this. It's still the same fun game it was before, but I've been noticing a few problems I'd like to point out. Sometimes when placing tethers, they will give off light. And sometimes not. This isn't that important above ground, but underground, where you depend a lot on tethers to show you where you've been and what's around them, this can be a disaster. I do not know what is causing this, or why the game still doesn't allow adjustment of advanced graphical settings, which would allow a player to perhaps fix these problems themselves, but there it is. The other thing I noticed was the Spotlight. 'Great!', I thought. 'An extra powerful version of the worklight or headlamp! Now I'll either be able to see much further ahead, or in a much wider radius!' ....right? No. The spotlight for me, other than having that blazing, vision impairing diamond shape around it, sheds *NO* light. Not even as much as the worklight. It doesn't make the headlamps brighter;. It doesn't have it's own light cone. It just occupies a slot and drains energy. 'So', I thought, 'this must not be for the player to carry around. Maybe since you can set it on the ground, it's meant to be a kind of spotlight in the sky so you can see your base from a distance easier, or an area of effect to light your entire base. That'd be kinda cool...' ....No. It does nothing. It sits there, drains energy and makes no light. ...What is the reason for this device? I feel like this issue might be related to the tethers only sometimes making light... but i have no ability to adjust my graphic settings, so I have no way to test this theory. As it stands, the Spotlight is just a flashy way to waste energy and take up space. I'm sure that's not how it was meant to work. SUMMARY The tethers are only sometimes giving off light, making it hard to navigate. The lines still glow, but the ability to use that light to see the surroundings is important, if not crucial to their function. The Spotlight does nothing (this might just by my system, but I don't think so). It creates no light cone like the headlamps, no area of light like the worklamp, no nothing other than that bright diamond shaped effect around the lamp itself, which illuminates nothing. There is STILL no interface to control graphical settings in this game. Why this is is a mystery to me, as a lot of the issues people might be having could be fixed if the player were able to adjust some of the settings themselves. I hope this gets seen and possibly addressed soon. Thanks for your time and effort.
  15. After seeing the jetpack had been made, I thought I would again suggest a road making attachment for the rovers; something that would both dig through terrain and leave a flat path behind, but fill in the inevitable dips and gaps in the ground you would encounter while trying to do this. I just feel that such an attachment would make sense considering the amount of time you have to spend traveling from place to place, and the number of deathtrap-like pitfalls you come across when trying to drive your rover with any amount of speed. This would allow you to basically pave your way as you went places, as well as speed your trip back once you reached your destination. The attachment itself would looks something like a cross between a set of spiky steamroller wheels or the grinding gears like you would see in a paper shredder attached horizontally to the front of the rover. They would be wider and higher than the rover by some amount as well, so as to both make a road people could pass you on, and to make tunnels you could drive through without too much clipping. There would also be a section on it for attaching capsules for storing soil, as this would be how it did it's work when it needed to fill in holes, as well as a part that was a smaller, smooth roller for laying the path as you moved. As it sounds, it would be pretty large, and so wouldn't move super fast, but would go comparably slowly to give you as much control as possible in your pathmaking. This device would have a setting as well for players to make use of which would set the 'gradient' for the roads. This means for example, you start from the edge of your nice, flat home base location. The player would have to lock in that height, and the road layer would then not go above that height in relation to the core of the planet. If the ground varied in any amount from that height, the device would either create ground at that height, or shave off soil and store it in the capsule for later use, as needed. This would keep the ground level, but also allow the machine to feed itself if it ran into a hill, and would keep the path being made smooth and even while taking into account the curvature of the planet's surface. When driving this, the players view would shift slightly to be above the rover the road layer was attached to, looking down. This would allow the player to see exactly where they were going. When they entered a tunnel, or were underground, the view ahead would be the normal driver's view. Speaking on this, the road layer could be taken underground. It can be deactivated so as to not create a road and driven anyplace it can fit into. But when in use, it will normally only create smooth, level roads. It's not designed to create slopes or angled paths. I feel it's weight would limit it from doing this easily; maybe a smaller version could be made for the trailer for this purpose? Because of the size and complexity of this device, it would have a fairly high cost in resources, but not necessarily rarity. I imagine it needing some rare elements to make the digging parts, but it should come into play around the mid-part of the game, when the player has a well established home base and has unlocked a fair amount of technology. Resources that are not soil that the road layer digs up would simply be dropped on the path it made behind itself for the player to collect. I do NOT consider this to be a caravan type vehicle; it's an extremely heavy device by itself, and so would need to be used as such. At best, one medium rover with storage could be brought along to pick up some of the dropped non-soil resources. This is, of course, just my ideas on the thing. I think it would be very helpful if players were to encounter those random rifts that often appear on the map and could just build a bridge across, could smooth out a path to one of the alien teleporter points for easy traversal, or could simply set out to make roads that circle the planet. I could even see the road layer being able to be augmented with an auto tether device to make the roads safe to lay for long distances without having to stop and run back frequently. (I imagine this as being a part on one side that looks like the players backpack. You fill this with tethers, and as you drive and reach the furthest point for a tether to link up, it auto-deploys on to the side of the rover as it moves along, until you run out of tethers.)