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  1. Hi, Ever since the update I've not been able to save progress, and each time have to start a new game. I enter and exit the habitat twice, and each time get the message that it is saving. However, when it returns to the hub, the ghost capsules for the save game are not there. Only those that start a new game and the new tutorial one. Any fixes for this? James.
  2. James Lawrie

    When will my floaty truck come back?

    Could be. It's only happened to me once, so hard to say. I did have 3 unknowns on it (one connects to the node on the front), and I had been driving it a little before it happened, so wasn't directly after loading the last thing. Quite amusing. Should've stayed inside, views would've been cool!
  3. So I went on an expedition with a truck and trailer. Loaded a few unknowns on, and some materials on the storage rack. Went to head home and the front of the truck went a bit floaty. I managed to unhook the trailer, but wasn't able to grab the other bits before it floated out of reach! Made it back to camp and came back with another trick to tow the trailer away, and it was still there (first pic). Logged out and back in again, and it was still there but was disconnected from the wheels! Is there a fix for this?? Any way I can get it back? CMDR Jamlaw