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  1. If it makes sense, I would like to see an auto fill button the Fuel Condenser. So that if you have the power you could turn Auto Fill on and it will fill up to the available storage slots. When you are low on power you could turn it off and just fill containers as needed. Thank you and Merry Christmas. JohnnyF
  2. It seems flying to other planets needs some adjustments. It really kills game play when I am working to transport some materials to another planet and when i get in orbit, that planet is not within reach. Sitting in orbit for 3-5 minutes waiting for that planet to come within reach makes me want to quit and do something else. I am sure there is a better way to handle it. Maybe the Shuttle can only fly to close planets, requiring multiple hops to get somewhere and the larger ship and fly to any planet at any time? Something to fix the long delays. If there was a way to see planet locations while still on the ground, at least I would not fly into space until the desired planet was in reach. Loving the game. Thank you and Merry Christmas. johnnyF
  3. Simple thing but I would like to see the Pod door close when I press TAB to enter and then stay open when I am out running around. Then when a storm arrives and I jump in, the door closes door safety. Right now I jump in and the door stays open while the rocks fly by. Simple thing. Just a thought. Thanks and Merry Christmas. JohnnyF
  4. On the Arid planet, all of those seeds, weeds, pods or what ever you call them tumble by and smack you in the head. I thing it would be cool if you had the ability to grab them, if you can, while they fly by and put them in your research bay. Thanks and Merry Christmas, JohnnyF
  5. JohnnyF

    Flat means Flat, Dang it.

    I agree on this. At a minimum I would like to see them come out straight and not compensate for the terrain in any way. On the plus side, having it come out when I add Resin and then there being an up and down arrow that I can raise or lower the platform before confirming the placement would be nice. Enjoying the game none the less. thank you and Merry Christmas. JohnnyF
  6. There were some large boulders on the ground. When I built the printer platform, the boulders stayed in place on the printer. See attached. Thank you and Merry Christmas, JohnnyF
  7. I put down a vehicle bay and it will not charge off the power grid I have setup. There are charged batteries in the line and a solar panel right next to the bay but it only charges if I put a battery or solar panel right on the bay itself. See image. Thank you, JohnnyF Updated with second picture. Different setup but same issue. Fuel platform wont charge.
  8. I was using the drill on the crane and trying to get Lithuim. For some reason the collections of the item were breaking apart and falling on the ground. In hind site it might be because there was not a storage unit on the drill vehicle. So it might not be a big. Seems like it should go to the nearest storage point, even on the towed vehicle. However, I can see where I would need storage on the same vehicle even though it would be very limited. Thanks, johnnyf
  9. I flew to another planet and when I came back I landed at the vehicle bay/pad. When I TAB to exit I end up with my character stuck in the construction bay under the crane. I was able to get back in the shuttle but got stuck again when I exited. About the 4th time I appeared under the shuttle and was able to jump and wiggle out. Thanks. JohnnyF
  10. Playing on a PC, started not Windowed. Build While playing iTunes popped up and wanted to load an update. When it did that it minimized the Astroneer game. I closed the iTunes update and Astroneer showed in the task bar but I could not get it to open back up. I tried ALT-TAB and clicking on the tray icon. It would change the curser to a dot but my desktop background would still be displayed. Had to kill the process and launch the game again. Thanks. JohnnyF
  11. The small generator that runs on organics runs non-stop when you add organics even where there is no power needed. When you add other sources of power to only draws when there is a demand. Just seems like the organics should sit on top until there is a demand for power. Small issue but I think it would be more useful as described. Enjoying the game. Thanks, JohnnyF