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  1. I agree on this. if the crane with a drill can do it, this should be easy. It takes up 1 port on backpack and 1 on item its hooked to (vehicle etc.) and mined resources go right into the vehicle. Can also attach from large soil container to centrifuge. Could also have a vac attachment to collect ground resources, maybe a vac augment for terrain tool.
  2. It would be nice to attach the medium canister directly to the soil centrifuge. Maybe a small hose animation from the canister output to the centrifuge input?
  3. XBOX Directed: 1. While carrying a large object, camera controls are wonky. You sometimes have to drop and re-pickup the item to regain proper control of it. 2. Crane control needs much work. It's ok for it to do the auto drill kinda thing with a drill head on it, but for a winch on the end moving things like large debris, forget about it! You have a whole separate stick you aren't using, isolate the camera controls and crane controls. Maybe add an electromagnet, claw, spike-like on the end of the winch for using the crane as a crane. 3. Storms...I hate sitting in the HAB waitin
  4. After some quick Google searching and about 5 minutes of photoshop here's my concept. Thanks to for the solar system Thanks to for the particle effect
  5. How about a platform with a hologram that is projected above it with the color-coded planets in a 3d orbit. You can then place the platform wherever you like? BTW...I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!
  6. I agree with a Re-packer to put items back into the shipping crates for storage. A cutting torch mod or laser cutter mod that uses suit energy to cut items into pieces would be great! Even a repair mod that uses scrap to repair broken items for use at your base would be cool. I would prefer an XL shredder that you need the crane to lift items into it, so even tho you can lift platforms it wouldn't "lock into place" on the shredder without the crane. This would make the crane more useful in the game. A better end like a claw would be needed and much better controls for the crane. Maybe the XL s
  7. Add a small note to the items right in the catalog for people to see what items do without searching the wiki. Example: Wide Mod allows you to widen the terrain tool beam but consumes power.
  8. Xbox one, Game seems to crash frequently while saving. It just stops and boots me out to home screen without saving. Frequently = daily
  9. Yep...same XBOX 1....not going to be playing for a while now that it takes so much effort to get everything unlocked just to have it yanked away from you. 12-28-2017_2-09-53_PM.mp4
  10. Since the Medium storage and the backpack both hold 8 items, how about being able to pop off the storage panel of the backpack and swapping it out with a medium storage panel? That way once you are done with a mining run and you want to get back to work, just pop off the one you have on and pop on a new medium storage one and you are set to go.
  11. I know you said be specific, sorry. It started with a storm blowing my drilling rig that was connected to my base into a pit. You can still see the connection.when the rig hit the bottom it clipped through some soil and a large rock fell on it. I tried to pull the rock out with my medium rover and a winch. <I had done this before so I knew it was ok> It sucked my medium rover into the pit and added it to the pile. I went down to rescue the winch to try something else. While moving resources on a large rover I set the winch down and upon picking it up the tip was stuck in the ground. I ca
  12. Large Rover on Xbox one....Bye rover.........
  13. That is a great solution if you happen too have the medium storage unlocked. How about a dome type structure that can be deployed to place loose items in at early stages?
  14. How about "Autotether" it places a tether automatically at the endpoint of another. Maybe hold in a button while walking/running. Make it researchable or an upgrade.