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  1. i stood on top of the triangle that goes up when connected and i enterd it, i cannot escape or die becouse i have an oxigen suply fron thing i connected to the object please fix
  2. mr,shrlock hamblod


    sry it isnt the save now after some ubdates it crashes beafore it even gets to the save screen also i have no saves in my game
  3. mr,shrlock hamblod


    pls help i have astroneer on pc the files are in /c/programfiles x86/steam/steamapps/common i bought it on steam the specs of my pc are 6gigs of ram a radeon r7 250 2gb and an AMD A4-4000 apu the error is that when i start the game it takes a minute or 2 it loads the save screen and it crashes dosnt tell me anything else i de-install it then i download it again (it dosnt change anything) i tried every configuration of the game and it dosnt fucking matter i like the game i woud love yo play it if i coud help meee
  4. mr,shrlock hamblod


    Wyvyrias i have the game in C: \program datax86\steam\steamapps\common not in my user 2nd i deleted all the files from the astro folder in the game and it dosnt let me into the loading screen it says C: \program datax86\steam\steamapps\common\ASTRONEER Early Acces\Astro\Binaries\Win64\Astro-Win64-Shipping.exe crate proces() returned 2 il re-intall the game install that was a type error
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    p.s i stoped playing for a few months then that happend
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    First my sistem requirements are over whats needed (i am playing in windows 7) and the vertion is patch 201 [experimental] an after loading the load game page (sorry no other word to descrive it) after a few seconds it crashes i cant enter the game and there isnt any crash report it just goes (on windows) to the "problem solver" and it dosnt matter what i do it always closes i tried uninstaling the game and intaling it again pls help