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  1. Bihlbo

    What can the Shredder, well, shred?

    So far all of the scrap I've tried to feel the medium shredder has just sunk inside the shredder's model without the shredder doing anything. Are there super tiny pieces of scrap so small I haven't seen them? Or is the medium shredder supposed to process things not labeled as scrap?
  2. Bihlbo

    Power nuggets: gone but not forgotten

    It seems like you have a lot of good points for an argument no one else is having.
  3. Bihlbo

    The Crafting Update Feedback Megathread

    Thank you very much for changing the way rovers drive. Even after I got used to the way they used to work, I hated it. This is much, much better.
  4. Bihlbo

    Power nuggets: gone but not forgotten

    Yeah, I don't disagree with that. I just thought maybe there's something I don't know about power cells that left them omitted from the initial post. I would have thought that, "But just use power cells," would be an adequate answer to "how people are really feeling the loss of the power nuggets."
  5. Bihlbo

    Power nuggets: gone but not forgotten

    Something I'm missing is that you didn't mention power cells, the fact that they work exactly the same way that power nuggets worked, or how satisfied you are with their use. I can pop one on my rover and get kind of a lot of juice out of a single power cell - at least as much as an organic in a small generator. What's missing?
  6. Bihlbo

    Need GPS satellites.

    I really like the idea of shooting satellites into space, regardless of the reason for it.
  7. Bihlbo

    Orbit-Tracking Device

    I don't agree that this would be better. But I do agree that if it is integrated, you should certainly have it on board every shuttle.
  8. Bihlbo

    Orbit-Tracking Device

    I strongly disagree. I want more things to build, more to spend resources on. I totally agree that it's trivial math, but it's not about the math, it's about how cool it is to have a flight computer sitting in your base and getting to say, "Yeah, I'm a cool guy who owns a flight computer."
  9. Bihlbo

    Expanded options for customising Beacons

    I really want the option to add text to them as well. Not text that shows up in the world, necessarily. I don't mind having to walk up to it to see what note I left myself. "I've explored this tunnel, it's empty" or "large scrap items ahead" are recent notes I would have left myself while exploring underground. I would also use these to mark where I plan to put things around my base, "Smelter goes here" etc. It's also a good way to leave messages to other players. That said, this wouldn't be nearly as helpful an addition if I couldn't turn off the beacon's broadcasting an icon. I might install 8 beacons around my base, and that would be annoying to see from a distance.
  10. Bihlbo

    Orbit-Tracking Device

    I think of how much I want this literally every time I launch a shuttle. My perfect implementation would be to have a flight computer object that installs onto a platform. This should be pretty easy to unlock, since you need it the most early on (later you could have a base on every world where you can fuel up, so hopping around isn't so punishing). Walk up to it to see the screen, where it shows you transfer windows for the various orbiting bodies. This should always be a timer that counts down from the beginning of the transfer window either opening or closing. (e.g. "Tundra X 14:22" means you have just over 14 minutes until the transfer window is open, and "Tundra ✔ 3:11" means you have 3 minutes left to make the transfer to Tundra.) Different ranges for different shuttles? Just select your shuttle and it recalculates. I like that each orbiting body has its own icon, and it would be nice to see these used here. Bottom line is I don't mind waiting at my base where I can do stuff, but waiting while in orbit is NOT fun and is NOT playing the game. I had to wait 15 minutes of real life while doing nothing last night, because Tundra and Terran had recently moved away from each other, and I didn't have an option to go anywhere else because Terran was the only place I could get another rocket. That's a problem waiting for a solution.
  11. Bihlbo

    9 more techs to research

    Yes, I didn't mean for dynamite to be listed in the same way as new-ish ideas are listed. I want it to be available to either make or acquire through trade. It works as a new research, even though the item is in the game. Also, I haven't tried to use it to blow up a platform, but I'd like the option to do just that. I really like your ideas on the space monitor!
  12. As I've been playing the past couple of weeks, I've been collecting some ideas for new things to add to the game. They seem best presented as things to research. 1. Fuel Tank. This is a 2-slot item about the size of two stacked batteries, and it holds hydrazine. You can put hydrazine bottles on the top to fill it. You can put this on the sides of a fuel condenser platform, and the existing action of dropping a hydrazine bottle onto the sides each time you condense fuel will feed the fuel tank without any extra effort. Fuel tanks hold a lot of hydrazine (probably the size of a full spaceship tank). When a shuttle or spaceship is connected to a base that has a fuel tank, the fuel tank empties into the vehicle the same way power would drain from batteries, through hoses. 2. Automation Computer. This is a small 1-slot item, about the size of a small generator. It needs to be placed anywhere on a base (the back of a habitat, a small platform, the sides of large platforms, etc) and can only interact with the things connected to the base. The automation computer can be programed to move items or activate things when triggered. For instance, you can program it to automatically move everything off of a trade ship onto a specified storage, and you'll never need to manually empty a trade ship again. You could program one to activate a fuel condenser as soon as it has power to function, then go play the game instead of babysitting condensers. One programmed action per computer. 3. Long Hose. This is a 1-slot item. It can be stored in a slot on your backpack, but does nothing there. You place the long hose on the hose attachment point on a platform or vehicle, then attach it to another such point that can be pretty far away. This allows you to link power grids of base camps without a vehicle in between. If you set down a long hose on top of a tether, they combine and mount the long hose at that point, allowing you to connect the other end to a vehicle or platform or long hose mounted on a tether. A new long hose can be connected to the end mounted on the tether, linking two long hoses together. If you select the long hose end on the tether with a bare hand, you can branch a new small platform. This allows you to extend functioning elements of your base long distances without platforms in between. 4. Space Monitor. This is a large platform option. Once built, it does not have slots on the sides, and cannot be used to store items. Instead, it can be activated to display the current planet and the other planets within travel range. When activated, it draws power continuously, but when deactivated it does not. The planetary view it displays shows all habitat beacons on the planets contained within its display. It also shows how long of a window you'd have to get from this planet to each other planet on display. It would need to have a small buffer to compensate for the time it takes to achieve and then leave orbit on a space vehicle. I don't like launching and waiting in space; I'd rather wait before I launch. 5. Vaporizer. This is a small 1-slot item that is intended to be mounted on the shoulder of the backpack in order to function. When the vaporizer is mounted and you use the deform tool, you can select boulders, unsecured debris, stalagmites, inert plants, etc. Left-click these items while they are selected and your deform tool "breaks them up" with larger items requiring more time and power. 6. Advanced Components. In general, I would prefer to see advanced tools require an additional crafting step between base materials and the finished product. For instance, let's say a vehicle assembly platform requires different things to make a truck. Instead of 4 aluminum, it requires a processing unit (made by the printer from a small battery and a filter), an engine (made by the printer from 4 aluminum), a chassis (made by the printer from 4 compound), and a drive unit (made by the printer from 4 resin). I mean, the truck and other things are just too easy to make by far, and the game needs a lot more complexity. Also, each component is another thing you can research! 7. Dynamite. If you are swimming in materials and expect to need to mine something while low on power, or to mine some gray stone far from where a rover could reach, you'd want to make a lot of this stuff. Randomly finding one at a time just doesn't cut it. But the best use of it I can think of is to destroy platforms on your own base. Yes, I sometimes make mistakes when building platforms. I wouldn't mind if dynamite was trade-only, but I want to use more than once or twice a game. 8. Terrain Guard. This item is made, stored, and placed very much like a tether. You place 3 or more close enough to each other, and they create a grid of lasers between them. As you deform the terrain, your deform tool treats the grid of lasers as both existing terrain (you can build from it and use its plane as a flattening reference point) and as a barrier, beyond which the deform tool cannot edit the terrain. For instance, if you placed them around a hillock, you could flatten the hillock and be left with a perfectly smooth surface. Also good for making roads, walls, etc. 9. Actual habitats that hold people. I've been in a tight spot underground, and I know that the camera doesn't allow the game to be playable when you're in a confined space. I'm not suggesting that we have houses for our use. I am suggesting that one of your goals should be to colonize this solar system. Create a base that has all the power, food, water, etc functions needed for colonists (who aren't hardened explorers such as yourself) to survive. You don't go into these habitats, you just build them and send word that they are available to be filled with brave settlers. I don't know what purpose they serve, other than to build your nerd ego even more. I mean, in the end, this game is only replayable for the "look what I did!" factor, so give us some cool megaprojects.
  13. Bihlbo

    You know that secret green stuff?

    Oh neat! I'll have to keep an eye out for that. I was assuming that would be universally hard to get.
  14. Bihlbo

    You know that secret green stuff?

    Please find out for yourself! It's more fun that way! Spoiler for you nerds who like to ruin your own fun.