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    "117" - January 9th, 2017

    pls add a button to turn on/off those filter T_T wrong place but lol i can't remove it now allway good to see new uptade though keep up the work
  2. turning on/off filter at will i liked the ability to put the filter on the shoulder slot to disable it and use only when my tank is starting to be dengerously low instead of allway using it it seem to last longer if i can turn it off when im around the base like going out of the tether supply line for a sec and i already used too much while it could keep it for when i realy need it like i did after a truck flying away leaving me alone bug
  3. having a way to upgrade the backpack in Oxygen capacity battery capacity attachment slot +4 +8 its a good idea the module we attach already but id like more an upgrade built-in backpack instead or a way to have a few dedicated slot just for the upgrade like on the side?
  4. buder5

    WASD control for rover/truck option

    is there a way to delet the post i made?
  5. having the ability to switch to wasd control for the truck and rover its a bit hard to control it with the cam
  6. buder5

    Moon Rover

    the truck do just that
  7. tether get deleted when puting it back to the inventory if there none already in the inventoryother wise it work if there is like half a stack of it it will be stored back