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  1. Hello. I noticed yesterday and today, that, after playing Astroneer, my computer had some troubles running. Yesterday, I was even still hearing the game's music, so I decided to check my task manager and the processus, and noticed that there was the processus called "Astro" still running. I stopped it, and the game's music stopped, and my PC went back to normal. Today, I closed the game, everything was normal, but when I opened my task manager by curiosity, the processus was still here. I am on the Steam version on the game, using a keyboard and a mouse, and I'm on Windows 7. I don't know if after some time the processus stops, because I directly stopped it.
  2. I'm playing right now with my friend, and this time HE is hosting. And he doesn't have problems, but I do. When I take two rovers, they are very slow for him. When I take two, they are really fast, but also really buggy (ended up in the sky again) So I took only one rover, and it is fine. But two Rovers, when not hosting in multiplayer (Steam version and mouse and keyboard for both) and it just go fucked up
  3. Mmmh... Now that you said it, the last time I played on this save was on August 17th. And I just checked, and at this date, we were on update 199. So maybe that's what happened!
  4. here's the topic I did on the items acting as if there was no gravity :
  5. Hello, Today I and a friend were playing together (Both on mouse and keyboard, on the Steam version) and I went in a cave, and tried the dynamite for the first time. I tried it on aluminum ores, thinking it would give me the ores. It exploded, didn't give me the ores, and particles of the minerals flew around, floating and not falling on the ground. I waited a bit, thinking it would disappear, but after something like 5 minutes, it didn't disappear, and stayed in the cave, gently floating, or staying still in the airs. I took this screenshot of it to show it to my friend. Hope it will help you solve a possible bug!
  6. Hello, I played with a friend today (Both mouse and keyboard on Steam version), and while we were trying to solve a bug by our own (see this topic : ) we died couple of times. I saw in the last update that if we were to die a second time, our items shouldn't go in space and etc. Well, it kinda happened here. Not on the second death, but randomly, the corpses disappeared, and the items went floating around. I took few screenshots of them, and I could move and take most of them, but my friend told me he couldn't grab some of them. They were floating around, as if there was no gravity. The first picture I posted is where my friend died before, and the second and third pictures are where my corpse was. If you have any questions about this bug, ask away, maybe I'll be able to answer and help a bit more!
  7. Hello. Today, me and a friend decided to play together (we both are on Steam version, with mouse and keyboard) My friend took a vehicle and few other rover behind the first one to go gather some research "balls" . My friend ALWAYS had troubles with vehicles. The rovers were just flipping over for random reason and etc. This time, they flipped over, and he decided to let them like that, because he knew that if he were to put them back on their wheels, they would flip over again. So he drove like this for a while, and at a moment, the flipped over rovers just suddenly "jumped" and started wiggling furiously and randomly, hitting each other and etc. It went worse, and lead to my friend being stuck in his vehicle, while the vehicle was rising in the air with the other rovers, just doing an absolute mess in its movements. The first pic attached to this topic is my friend who sent me a screenshot of what was going on on his side. At some point, he told me he wasn't seeing any other rover, just the one he was in, and was barely seeing the link between them anymore. Then, at some point, I told him "Dude, just go offline" and he told me that he didn't have to, because his vehicle was landing again! Alone, but landing. When he was finally able to get out of the vehicle, the vehicle disappeared, and he died from a lack of oxygen a minute later. Later, we saw the little beacon of them when our spaceship, orbitting around the planet. We landed next to them, and I saw them... Stuck in the sky. (Second screenshot) My friend wasn't seeing them though. I was the only one seeing the beacons, the vehicles, and the bits of vehicles flying around. The vehicles weren't moving, same with the bits scattered around. I then decided to try to build a path to reach the vehicles. After a long time and some deaths, I reached them, they started glitching again, and then stopped. They kinda fell down for a bit, but then they stopped again. (third screenshot) I had been able to grab one of the research "ball" from them, and dropped it in the air so they could fall down there. Sadly, they fell for a bit, and then got stuck in the air as well. (I don't have any pictures of that sadly) So I tried to reach the vehicles, to climb in it, hoping it would solve the problem. So I climbed in them, and they were stuck in the air. I could flip them back on their wheels at first, and when I climbed in, they acted as if they were in no gravity zone. (Fourth screenshot. They moved a bit , literally floating, and then nothing.) When I got out of them, I tried to break the link between the vehicles but it didn't help. Then, a sandstorm came in, and the vehicles floated away with the wind, and I couldn't reach them anymore. I just stopped trying after this. If you have any questions about the bug, I will gladly answer them, if it can help trying to solve it. PS: I also had a problem with "no gravity" but this time with items, not vehicles. But I will make a whole new topic next to that, and post the link of it as a reply to this topic.