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    "Research Update" - December 18th, 2017

    I love this already! Just wondering when gamepad controls will hit the Xbox?
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    Aluminum Projectiles

    Aluminiun Projectiles While some may consider this to be a gun, I would like to propose it as a way popping some of those pesky plants from range. This is how it could work; Consumable item that is attached to terrain tool and is launched/fired from front (think Halo needler but without the tracing effect) Would only cause damage to alien life forms to avoid attacking other astroneers Uses Aluminum to create projectile (max of 8 Projectiles?) Semi Auto firing Needs to be researched and would be a backpack blueprint much like how dynamite is created I think we've all been to a few planets where you try to enter a cave and you're completely blocked by spikers. This could even the field and allow you to engage/neutralize the threat from safety. With the potential for new and more hostile threats, this could be a new way to combat them without feeling like too much of a gun.
  3. One thing I love about astroneer is playing with friends and exploring together. But what would be interesting is if there was an option for random drop points when adding friends to your game or starting a new game together. Think of it like Pikmin 3 where Olimar is tasked to find his fellow space travelers. A few ways to find your friends; Walk/Drive and attempt to use landmarks and terrain to navigate. Launch a shuttle and look for their beacon while in orbit. Move mountains, tunnel and tear through the entire planet. Love has no limit. I dont think this has been mentioned but would love to hear your thoughts/criticisms from both SE and the community!