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  1. ElijahWasTaken

    Saves Keep Switching

    When i log into astroneer on my xbox i have one save and sometimes when i launch it its my main world, but other times its a completely different save, even though i click on the singular save i have, PLEASE HELP. To add ive tried restarting, switching profiles and back, repeatedly logging in and out of the world but its completely random as to which save is loaded
  2. ElijahWasTaken

    How to share your Astroneer crash report

    For the second time ive played through the game quite a ways and ill save then the game crashes, i relaunch and my save is reverted to an old save close to where i had just began, this is a total of 28 hours lost in the 2 times this has happened to me. Im getting close to just not playing anymore till this is confirmed not to happen anymore