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  1. #SpaceSnails community contributions

    Ok, thats odd. Title on youtube says vlog 21 but the title on the intro says vlog 20.
  2. #SpaceSnails community contributions

    Kinda curious. Where did you find Joe askin for snails? Sorry, haven't been doing much Astroneer lately given the holiday and all.
  3. Does anyone use the Medium Generator?

    Like you, I used it exactly once. Just to see. Given coal's trade value, its far more useful to trade coal at a trade platform than to burn it up for energy in a MG. Especially given there is no OFF switch to conserve it on the generator.
  4. Someone please update the wiki

    I have not. But I haven't been playing astroneer lately. ESO had its halloween event so I was focused on that.
  5. Large shuttle not loading fuel

    Sure the save works. But things like hydrazine won't. Yep, Big bang. And video thereafter
  6. Update: I managed to circumvent doing the tutorial to see what happens. I will tell you that its NOT EASY! And it makes the game damn hard (no tethers, no canisters, nothing can be printed from your backpack). If you want a challenge, this is it! This will test your patience all right. I dug as close to my habitat as I could and was able to hit a cave with enough O2 deposits near where I struck into it to make this doable. I found a malachite deposit down one of the tunnels and managed to harvest 2 and get most of the way back to where I entered before I died. But that got me an answer to one of my questions. And it got the malachite within range of my habitat so I was able to recover it and get back before I died again. I also managed to harvest some energy in the cave. So with that I was set to test some things! Harvesting some resin, I build out a couple nodes and laid in some platforms. I then got s couple compound and thus a smelter. The energy powered it up. After smelting the copper I got a medium printer. I returned to the cave to collect several more energy and 2 more malachite. With that I made a solar panel so I had energy in the base. And I had some O2 deposits on the surface which let me get to two supply drops (pyramid balloons) which netted 2 aluminum. I also managed to collect compound and more resin to make a research station as well So I was set! The following is confirmed without completing ANY of the intro tutorial (ie before making the small generator). But I can confirm a few things: If you die before completing the tutorial, you come back with 100% power in your pack, not the tiny bit you start with. The vehicle bay allows making rover and 1-seat Medium printer allows making solar panel and 1 seat. I did quite a few research and never got any of the stuff unlocked during the tutorial. Possibly RNG, possibly removed from drop tables. I unlocked several small things such as small battery, small wind vane, and power cells. However you can't make ANY of it. Your backpack is locked to the small generator regardless of what other small items you unlock. Medium printer allows making anything you unlock. The game is really hard with no small printable items, including tethers and canisters which means no O2 lifelines and no ability to build up terrain, flatten it (ie ramps) and the new sediment extractor will be impossible to use and you will never leave the planet because you can't get hydrazine for the shuttle, even if you build it (no canisters). Anyway, this is not a practical way of playing. It was just a test to test..what if. And to confirm a couple questions I had (re death and solar panel as to when its unlocked). So, there ya go.
  7. What a wonderfully lucid response. Yes. Yes they do After posting this I played more and finally unlocked one. Took it for a test drive and it handles very well. Yes they do work. But they are about as counter intuitive as they could possibly be. The thing is it seems to take into account how the vehicle is already moving in addition to the direction of the camera. That combo is does not lend itself to predictability. Some times, it seems to prefer its current movement rather than the camera angle as its choice as to what forward does or means. For example, one instance I was being blown by a storm and the rover was rolling. The camera was sideways but in the forward 180. I applied forward thrust and the rover shot off in reverse, I presume because it was already moving in that direction so it assumed I wanted to go that direction faster rather than stopping that motion to go in the opposite direction. I had to rotate the camera to face directly forward before I could halt the reverse movement. Unfortunately, too late to stop from being pushed into a ravine. So the controls leave a LOT to be desired. I still contend that using "forward" to mean the direction the pilot/driver is facing ALWAYS is the right thing. No matter what control keys/sticks/triggers are used to move forward. It should always, without a doubt no matter what direction its rolling or what direction the camera is facing, should always move forward in reference to the direction the driver is facing. Its permanent until you can get power from somewhere. By permanent I mean that it doesn't trickle back on. So you are in the dark until you acquire power from an external source. For what its worth, real world batteries do self recharge to some extent. If you run batteries dead, you can let them sit for a while and they will have minimal power recovered. And yes, I would love some sort of backup light in the event of power failure. Green. Red. Don't care. Something. Or better yet, put trickle back in. At the time I had no rover. Noting but a habitat. Absolutely NO other base modules. So, again, YTBD if its a bug or a feature You can find minable power, hopefully within tether range. If not, you die. And yes, it appears that the generator runs for far longer than it did. But I am unsure as to whether it generates as many bars over that time or more bars in the long run. Have to experiment yet. Another experiment I will have to try is committing suicide with an empty power level in the backpack to see if you spawn with full power. If so that fixes one issue that can occur. If you land near a spacecraft or dig underground and find some mod (any mod) you can drain your backpack before you actually make a generator. And that sets up a deadlock. If you die and spawn with a full pack again, you can then make the generator again. Hopefully SE thought about that situation. No, its not likely to occur very often at all. But you don't want to set up a situation that can happen thats game ending. I didn't notice Medium solar being unlocked at the start but I am still early in my data collection so its entirely possible I missed it. Small solar is unlocked at the end of the initial tutorial (stage 3) and is part of the "Augment Power Pack". Its entirely possible that pack also unlocks the medium panel as well. I will be starting a new game and try to build a medium printer and vehicle bay before completing the tutorial. Not gonna be easy given the need for aluminum and copper. Hopefully I will get lucky with downed spacecraft nearby. If not I will have to complete stage 1 of the tutorial (generator) in order to power a smelter to refine the copper/aluminum. Your thoughts on canisters are interesting. Being on the XB1, I don't/can't run any experimental builds so I don't have a point of reference. IMHO, they have traded a non-renewable resource for a renewable one. Instead of needing power to build ramps, you now need soil. Power was/is renewable and infinite. Soil is not. You must mine it to be able to use either the build up or leveling tools. No matter where you put the canisters, they still take up a slot. Doesn't matter whether thats on the tool, in the backpack or in the top slots. It still consumes a slot that henceforth is no longer available and was available to carry things like O2 tanks or resources you were mining in 201 and before. And yes, I used the slots on the tool for storage as well. And I full on 100% agree that the tool should have a built in canister's (even 1/2 or even 1/4 canister) worth of soil storage. It should gather and fill it first, and drain it first when laying down soil. And no, it shouldn't be removable to transfer to the extractor. And yes, you would have to fill it before you could fill a canister. I am ok with that because it means you have a way out of a hole if you fall (or get blown in one) if you don't have a canister or don't have one with soil in it. Hopefully SE will consider this for a future patch. It does trivialize it but I suspect thats by design right now. The trade platform works and has been tested very well. This new module has not and I suspect SE made it easy so we would build and test the hell out of it. I wager that it too will become a research unlock just as the trade platform is. Actually, the two platforms compliment each other very well. And they reduce the initial resources needed to transport to a new planet (or same one) to establish a new base. Resin, couple compound, couple aluminum, couple copper and you have all you need to establish a new base. You have 14 slots in your backpack (8 in the pack, 2 utility slots, 3 on the tool and 1 in the printer in the pack). You could literally establish a new base with nothing but the slots on your back! 6 Resin needed for base modules to branch off either the shuttle or a habit and 3 compound to get an extractor on one node and 1 extra to copy 2 aluminum for the trade platform on one node 1 solar panel 1 Canister to transport soil 1 copper (have solar panel selected in backpack printer so it will take a copper) And thats about all you need to establish a beachhead. Build 1 node (1 resin) Branch off the first node and convert to platform (3 more resin, used 4 of 6). Use 2 compound to build an extractor (leaves 1 and DON"T USE IT!). Place the solar panel from your backpack onto the empty node to supply power to the extractor. Produce another solar panel using the backpack printer and install it in the base as well. While thats powering up, use 1 resin to produce another canister Harvest soil to fill the canister you brought and one just made. Use the last resin to make a new batch of resin. Use the last compound to make a new batch of compound. Expand the base and use the 2 aluminum to make a trade platform. Expand the base and produce a smelter. Trade compound for Malachite Smelt Malachite to Copper Expand base and produce a Medium Printer. Trade compound for Laterite Smelt Laterite to Aluminum Expand base and produce a vehicle bay. At that point you should be completely self sustaining. And you haven't mined not one resource other than soil. Yea, the lack of ghosts are a PITA. And no, nothing else really. I had tried with the habitat on a large storage in 201 but it didn't work, I assumed by design. I have not attempted it in 215. I will have to test that. If so, you can mount two large storage on the shuttle instead of just one. No, its not different. But its different than mining it directly. And another thing you have to haul and process. A user never playing before would probably not even bat an eyebrow. As I said in my OP, the objection is mainly because I was used to simply mining it and throwing it in a shuttle. Its just different. Not bad different. Just different. And yea, its not a crisis. Yet. Its pre-alpha. And yea it will get sorted out eventually. I presume the code is not remotely optimized in any way. Yet. Something to come eventually. But, that said, I would really appreciate them nipping this one soon. Its an enormous waste of time loading and returning to the main menu and really slows down research and testing (not in-game research) overall and would really make an immediate impact on players right now.
  8. Are trade platforms still a thing?

    Much has changed in the last patch. This specific thing, trade platform has not. I am still collecting data, however I have marked the starting items you have unlocked here: http://www.wolfiesden.com/Astroneer/ResearchUnknowns.asp Everything marked with the image is unlocked as soon as you start a new game. Then as you work through the tutorial, items with the image are then unlocked. And after you complete the initial series of tasks, the items with are unlocked. Everything else must be unlocked via research. The initial tutorial will have to be done in EVERY GAME. Annoying. But is what it is. Thankfully the tutorial is very easy to do and takes but a few minutes. Far shorter than researching all the unlocks as it was in 201. Again, that page is fairly young yet as far as data goes. I had >300 research data points for v201 and I have had a brief chance to collect data for 215 (current release).
  9. For some reason it considers some of that stuff now buried. Excavate around/under the items and you should be able to pick them up Not sure if its a bug or as intended.
  10. [BUG] Can't expand base.

    You can not branch off of a foundation platform. If you place 2 resin in a node, it turns it into a platform and you can't extend from that. Normally I come off the habitat with one node. Then from there continuing a straight line to another node. Then I go back to the first node and come off it on each side. Repeat for the second node, again coming off its sides. I turn those on the sides into platforms (2 resin each). I leave the center set of nodes alone so I can continue to expand in a straight line (usually aligned with north). Here you can see my typical layout:
  11. Summary: 0.4.10215.0 XB1 - Storms disproportional affects on objects Description: Ok. I grew up in Florida. I have seen hurricanes do seriously weird stuff. Like peel a steel shed off a concrete pad where it had 4x4 posts laying on the foundation of the shed loaded with over 4t of lead shotgun shot and wrap said shed around a oak tree almost 100' away yet leave an empty styrofoam 6-pack cooler still sitting on the seat of the riding mower that was in the shed. If yall at SE took that model for the storms in Astroneer, well, good job. If not, something's wrong. I had found a winch in a cave. Had not yet built anything so put it on the ground near my base habitat. Beside it were 4 organics. Storm came. The 4 organics didn't move. But i chased the winch on foot virtually out of site of the base. To the point of dieing from suffocation before I could get back. Took two deaths to get it back to base. Platform: XBox One Version / Build Number: 0.4.10215.0
  12. Flying with Canisters

    I like it Can't wait to try this at home!
  13. Alignment Augment a huge let down.

    Actually, the OP is correct. It doesn't make flat. At all. Horizontally nor vertically. It either makes curved walls or it makes curved floors. If you were to start working on the floor and headed off in a straight line without ever letting off the trigger, you would wrap around the planet and come back to where you started. That is not flat. Its curved. The vertical walls are not flat either. They are vertical relative to gravity line but they form a circle. This mod does not make flat walls. It does not make flat floors.
  14. First, thank SE for keeping up the work! I played several hours last night and figured I would make note of my initial impressions. In case anyone at SE would find it useful. Rovers: ****o (4/5) The rovers, at least the medium ones are back to being reasonably drivable. They seem to stay on the ground. They don't want to wheelie. And they seem to navigate obstacles with reasonable fluidity. I built two, one to drive and a flatbed to tow. And for the first time since 201 dropped, the trailer spent 99% of its time on wheels rather than flopping around like a coho salmon on shore or upsidedown being drug kicking and screaming to a dentist appointment. It was actually a pleasure taking a lap around the base. At least the medium one is back to fun again. Didn't get an unlock for the large rover so jury still out on that. But if its anything like the medium rover, life is good again. The controls however...thats another section... Rover controls: ooooo (0/5)(If I could give them a negative score I would) They are God awful. Still. Completely non-intuitive. The direction the rover should go in should not be a factor of which direction the observer camera is pointing in. Its not intuitive. As bad as they were pre-201, this 201+ control layout is FAR worse. This patch did not make them worse, 201 did. But this one did not make them any better either. They are STILL unpredictable. How about scrapping them totally. Please. Use controls that virtually every driving game uses. Right trigger is throttle. Left trigger is brake (or reverse if already stopped). Leave steering and camera movement as is with the exception of removing fore/back function from stick moving it to the triggers. Again, everyone who has played Grand Tourismo, or Forza, or any other game that has driving in it, already knows those controls. And for God's sake, for the purposes of "forward", that means forward with respect to the ROVER. Not forward based on what direction the camera is facing. If I am looking out the rear of my truck and I press on the gas with it in drive. Guess which direction the truck is going to go? Right. Forward. Every driving human on the planet understands that. But thats not how it currently works in Astroneer. If I am looking backwards (camera angle) and I press forward, the rover goes backwards (in reference to the actual rover). If it worked like that 100% of the time, it would be at least tolerable. Unfortunately it doesn't. And its not. Sometimes it goes in a different direction than camera if the rover is moving, or sometimes not. Sometimes it goes backwards if the camera is facing sideways. But sometimes not. The unpredictability is the issue mainly. Please take momentum out of the movement controls. Please take camera angle out of the movement controls. Pressing forward (whether its on the stick as it is now or if moved to the triggers like most driving games) should ALWAYS without a doubt apply power to the wheels of the rover to move it forward in the direction the ROVER is facing. Period. No guessing. New Energy use model: **ooo (2/5) Yea, it SORTA makes sense. But not totally. Like it says "NO Power" but you can still dig? Eh? I HATE, repeat HATE the lack of trickle on the backpack. HATE it with a passion. Can't really stress enough how much I really HATE it. Once you run out of power, its lights out. Permanently. Really? Grr. It is, to say the least, the most annoying change in this patch. Hands down. That said, not sure why if I am out of power and my head lamp doesn't work nor does the work light, why then do they suddenly work when I am hooked to a tether? That said I mean a tether connected to a base that has NO power generation. It was JUST my habitat. No power. No generator. No solar panels. Walk out of the range of the tether and the lights go out. Walk back and get a hookup to the tether and lights on. Huh? Where is this mysterious power coming from with no power generation? It doesn't charge the backpack. But it lights the lights. I don't get it. Bug? I presume that being able to mine even with "No Power" is a bug. And if fixed, that means if you ever do run out of power and don't have organic (I refer to the beginning of a new game here), you are totally screwed. Start a new game. Before, with power trickle, you could recover from zero power. But now, there IS no recovery if that is indeed a bug (mining with no power) and its fixed. It sets up a deadlock condition. You have no power. You require organic to make power. You can't mine organic because you have no power. And you aren't getting any new power unless you have organic. Again, game over. The prior power model made MORE sense than the new one. You couldn't mine without power. But if you wait you will get a trickle of power so you can mine some power resource or eventually get an organic by mining it slowly. But you were never totally screwed. Seriously delayed. But never screwed. Maybe I am being obtuse, but I really don't see what problem the new power model fixes. But I see the problems it creates. For no apparent reason or gain. Initial Research **ooo (2/5) No longer having the small solar, HATE that. I don't like the shift to copper use for it but, well, it makes sense logically, technically. But not having it unlocked and having your ONLY source of power being a generator that you have to mine organic to power. Yea, not thrilled. Especially with the new power recharge model, or lack there of. I so rarely ever made a small generator simply because it REQUIRES babysitting. I prefer to use renewable solar and wind. They just work which means I don't have to feed organic to something every minute or so. The initial discovery method is, well, interesting to say the least. You instantly unlock mostly useless tech (wide/inhibitor/narrow/etc) that isn't overly useful until you get a reasonable foothold. Yet you really have to work to get the old renewable source, small solar. I really think the small solar should be back to unlocked at the start of the game, especially given the new power non-trickle setup. It was also a bit unclear as to what event actually unlocked the "pack". I wasn't focused on the screen. Might have said "Explorer pack". Not sure. But if you aren't looking at the bottom of the screen when you do whatever it is that triggers unlocking of more tech, you would have no idea it had happened. And yea, I know its pre-alpha. And yea, tooltips and popups will come. Eventually. And perhaps that will at least clear this up a little. But, it just feels wrong the way it works now. Can't explain exactly what it is that feels wrong. But something, I dunno, something. Initial Power oooo (0/5) Are you flippin kidding me? I land on a remote planet with a tiny smidgen of power in my pack? Really? Why is the backpack not FULL when leaving the station? What, it couldn't have been charging on the flight there? Someone forget to plug it in on the station before launch? Just don't get it. Guess what power level Niel Armstrong's PLSU had in it when he stepped out the door of the Eagle? 100%. Terrain as Resource: ***oo (3/5) I know its new. And will take getting used to. Its good that it creates another reason for resin. But seriously, no more raise or flatten without canisters full of soil? I get that the old way didn't make a super amount of scientific sense. But it really alters your ability to get around and fills up your backpack with more things. Jesus. Its getting to the point where just to go do anything, your pack is 3/4 full of crap with only a few slots left to store what you actually went out to get in the first place. Before SE broke rovers, I used to enjoy running around the planet. When I came to a ravine, I could build a bridge across. Now, if I don't have a canister of soil, I can't get across anything. Or down in a hole. Or God forbid I fell in somewhere and needed to get out, without a canister, I am good as dead. Can't build up to get out. Can't build a ramp to get down or back up. And if I did have the canister, it would take so much time to fill it to build a lump to get out of a hole, I would die of suffocation before I could get out. If still being able to mine without power is NOT a bug, then lying down a ramp without soil should also work. Maybe preventing the terrain analyzer from laying down a specific color without source canister but still make the "i gotta get out of this hole default gray" still an option sans canister. Sediment Extractor: ***** (5/5) Freaking LOVE it. Damn good looking model, sound and animation. Good job guys! Freaking well done! For this, I am ok with needing canisters. Just to make the terrain tool work, NO, hate canisters. I am going to have to mull over whether the trade platform makes sense to build anymore. I am thinking this is going to be one of the first platforms to go up in new bases. With its ability to take one sample and duplicate it infinitely, it is, well, game changing. The only drawback is that you must have a sample. But, honestly, it makes sense and I am ok with that aspect. One suggestion though, as I found out you don't need to actually scroll left/right to select what to make, why have that interface at all. Simply have a ghost sample "Place Source Sample Here". After tinkering, I realized you could just put in whatever sample you wanted, no matter if it was set to "Compound", you could just put in Lithium and it figured it out and made lithium. So I really think the left/right sample change interface is moot. Large Shuttle: ooooo (0/5) Large shuttle I used to love. It had ghost hydrazine nodes you could just click on to fill. Now its a total pain in the ass to fill fuel. There is no ghost to click on anymore. Now you have to drag a hydrazine filled canister from your backpack onto the node. Wait for it to fill. Click it to detach the empty. And finally stow that in your pack (or elsewhere). Over. And Over. And Over. Filling it is so s....l.....o.....w. Please put back the hydrazine ghosts. At least that would speed the process up reasonably. I labeled this "Large Shuttle" as I haven't unlocked and built the medium shuttle). I presume it has the same issue. Hydrazine Catalyzer: **ooo (2/5) Start with the model. The model, sound and animation I DO like. Not as good as the Sediment Extractor but still really good. It sounds good. It looks good. What I don't like is the fact it exists. Its just another chore to babysit. More resources to micro manage. And it means if I land on a remote planet low on fuel, I am not getting off until I build another base and build another catalyzer and mine resin (praying there is any) for base and canisters. Gone is the ability to pull in, find hydrazine, mine some, top off the tank and head off to the next ball. Research: **ooo (2/5) Its still random. You have no choice in outcomes. I did notice a reduction in consolation prices of resources. That part is nice. But I think having a choice in some sort of tech tree that the player can visualize and select what to research would be more enjoyable. I did get the large shuttle pretty quickly. The smaller shuttle took more research. Never got the large rover. And it took ages to finally get the medium and large storage that are pretty necessary to getting off the initial ball. Death : ***oo (3/5) Ok, I figured sooner or later there were going to be consequences rolled in for death. I just didn't figure on a long animation being the consequence. Load time: ooooo (0/5) Its still bad. If I ordered a Jimmy John's sub over the phone and started Astroneer at the same time, I would get my sandwich delivered before I would see the space station in Astroneer. I don't think I have any other game (PC or Xbox) that takes this long to load to the main screen. Either from in-game or from the dashboard/desktop. Wow. I have to admit that some of the objections are likely biased because of playing it under the old systems. That said, its not a bad patch. But its not as great as I was looking forward to and made changes to things I don't really understand the reason for doing. Yet. Maybe after some more play time with the new systems will change my feelings about them. But first impressions are a one shot deal. So i figured I would get them down in print while that first play feeling is still fresh. I am sure this will garner some negative feelings from other players. Thats fine. These are MY feelings and MY thoughts on the game. You are welcome and free to have yours too. Each of us experiences things differently and have different takes on things.
  15. Summary: 0.4.10215.0 XB1 - Really odd double vision (no not a Foreigner song) Description: Really odd double vision effect when targeting a resource fountain Platform: XBox One Version / Build Number: 0.4.10215.0