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  1. I wasn't sure it was possible. But it apparently is. They made it worse than the issues before. Its almost unsuable now. Can't even use a shuttle after the patch.
  2. "Patch 0.5.1" - January 18th, 2018

    Rofl. By what standard? The latest ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) patch was 30x that.
  3. infinite energy bug

    My hopes is that they have turned off energy use strictly to make it easier to dig and get to resources so that other game mechanics can be fleshed out. Just my guess though.
  4. Xbox One Multiplayer Not Working

    I couldn't get it to work between XB1 and a W10 laptop either. I could start both. Could play both. In the end SOMEHOW, my granddaughter's account ended up with MY save games (hers was the one on the XB1). And my profile (on XB1) ended up with no saves at all. The laptop (my account) eded up with a save from a world I created there. I was trying so many combos of grouping, friending, unfriending, etc. I don't know what it was that triggered the save mess. TBH, I was trying to get it working knowing the girls were gonna stay here for a week over thanksgiving holiday. We ended up playing Forza 7 instead. Splitscreen works there. Astroneer NEEDS local split screen. BAD. So, well, buggy at best. Corrupts saves at worst. Somehow.
  5. Research Items

    There are THREE places to print things once you have the item researched. 1. Your backpack. This prints SMALL items such as small solar panel, augments for your tool, tethers, beacons, etc. 2. Medium Printer. This prints MEDIUM items such as solar panel, medium generator, medium storage, 1-seat enclosed, habitat, etc. 3. Vehicle Bay. This prints LARGE items and accessories for them. Rovers and shuttles for example. And for accessories, large storage, 1 and 3 seat cockpits, crane, etc. You can not print a large storage by itself. It must be printed onto either a shuttle or rover. Same with 3 seat and crane. The 1 seat can be printed at the medium printer OR the vehicle bay. At the vehicle bay, accessories must be printed onto a vehicle and right now, they are permanent (can't be removed from the vehicle). Items printed from the medium printer can be removed from vehicles so if you ever want to remove it, print it at the medium printer. #2 and #3 are base modules that you must construct on platforms of your base.
  6. infinite energy bug

    Using the basic terrain tool does not consume power anymore. It will consume power IF you have any augment attached (wide/analyzer/etc). Using the printer or using an augment on the tool is about the only thing that consumes power now.
  7. Loose Wheel (223)

    You need the lug nuts Augment for your tool. Then you can tighten it so its not so loose.
  8. Summary: 0.4.10223.0 XB1 - Can't launch shuttle from within a habitat attached to it Description: Formerly you could place a habitat on the shuttle (large or small) and launch from there. Since the latest patch(s), I am unable to access the launch icon. I had to build a 1-seat enclosed to be able to access the launch icon. You can (X) to enter/leave the habitat, but you can't get a pointer (using controller) to click on the icon. However, from within the 1-seat, you can. I don't know if this change is on purpose or accident. I am unsure if it changed in the latest hotfix (referenced in this bug) or in the prior patch. Platform: XBox One Version / Build Number: 0.4.10223.0
  9. Does anyone use the Medium Generator?

    No, thats the zebra balls.
  10. #SpaceSnails community contributions

    Ok, thats odd. Title on youtube says vlog 21 but the title on the intro says vlog 20.
  11. #SpaceSnails community contributions

    Kinda curious. Where did you find Joe askin for snails? Sorry, haven't been doing much Astroneer lately given the holiday and all.
  12. Does anyone use the Medium Generator?

    Like you, I used it exactly once. Just to see. Given coal's trade value, its far more useful to trade coal at a trade platform than to burn it up for energy in a MG. Especially given there is no OFF switch to conserve it on the generator.
  13. Someone please update the wiki

    I have not. But I haven't been playing astroneer lately. ESO had its halloween event so I was focused on that.
  14. Large shuttle not loading fuel

    Sure the save works. But things like hydrazine won't. Yep, Big bang. And video thereafter
  15. Update: I managed to circumvent doing the tutorial to see what happens. I will tell you that its NOT EASY! And it makes the game damn hard (no tethers, no canisters, nothing can be printed from your backpack). If you want a challenge, this is it! This will test your patience all right. I dug as close to my habitat as I could and was able to hit a cave with enough O2 deposits near where I struck into it to make this doable. I found a malachite deposit down one of the tunnels and managed to harvest 2 and get most of the way back to where I entered before I died. But that got me an answer to one of my questions. And it got the malachite within range of my habitat so I was able to recover it and get back before I died again. I also managed to harvest some energy in the cave. So with that I was set to test some things! Harvesting some resin, I build out a couple nodes and laid in some platforms. I then got s couple compound and thus a smelter. The energy powered it up. After smelting the copper I got a medium printer. I returned to the cave to collect several more energy and 2 more malachite. With that I made a solar panel so I had energy in the base. And I had some O2 deposits on the surface which let me get to two supply drops (pyramid balloons) which netted 2 aluminum. I also managed to collect compound and more resin to make a research station as well So I was set! The following is confirmed without completing ANY of the intro tutorial (ie before making the small generator). But I can confirm a few things: If you die before completing the tutorial, you come back with 100% power in your pack, not the tiny bit you start with. The vehicle bay allows making rover and 1-seat Medium printer allows making solar panel and 1 seat. I did quite a few research and never got any of the stuff unlocked during the tutorial. Possibly RNG, possibly removed from drop tables. I unlocked several small things such as small battery, small wind vane, and power cells. However you can't make ANY of it. Your backpack is locked to the small generator regardless of what other small items you unlock. Medium printer allows making anything you unlock. The game is really hard with no small printable items, including tethers and canisters which means no O2 lifelines and no ability to build up terrain, flatten it (ie ramps) and the new sediment extractor will be impossible to use and you will never leave the planet because you can't get hydrazine for the shuttle, even if you build it (no canisters). Anyway, this is not a practical way of playing. It was just a test to test..what if. And to confirm a couple questions I had (re death and solar panel as to when its unlocked). So, there ya go.