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  1. Ok, its all good my friend I have brain dumps too from time to time. I do have a PC but don't have the steam version of Astroneer. Got it on the XB1. I have stripped my desktop PC of all things microsoft store related so I can't install the game there. The laptop really isn't a gaming laptop and I doubt Astroneer is touchpad or screen touch compatible. Someday.
  2. Thought I would do some research into power loops and the rumors and misinformation surrounding them. And try to find out what was breaking them. So for those not aware, there is a current bug with splitters which allows them to act as infinite power sources. Drop a splitter on or near a platform (I use medium-b but any work). Connect a cable TO the splitter FROM the platform. Then connect a cable TO the platform FROM the splitter. This forms the "loop". Power out of the splitter into the platform, and back into the splitter. Then you feed any source of power into the 3rd input of the splitter to charge it. The power out doubles and that platform now has 2x the power. So feed it 60 power and the platform now has 120 power infinitely. Remove the power source from the splitter and the power continues to be present in the splitter and in the platform its connected to. So thats the loop I am going to talk about. Its a well known bug, and I have no doubts it will eventually be fixed. But, until then, well, we have continuous power. From that powered platform, you can branch out and power an entire base with a continuous power feed. But, there are caveats. And I finally found what they are! I was having problems getting the splitter to work. And another player who knew well how to make it work had one that kept dying (ie loop draining to 0). So I set about to figure out why. And the answer is.... directional cables! Any directional cables connected to any base platform that is powered by a loop will cause the loop to fail. I did some digging and research last night on my hypothesis on what was breaking power loops. And the hypothesis and my predictions hold water. ANY directional cable downstream from a power loop will break it. I presume because it causes the game to calculate a power critical path (similar to a gantt chart) back to a source, and with a loop there is no source anymore. So that means you can't cascade loops to multiply power with each stage (I wish). I tested it. Because the input to the splitter is a directional cable, it breaks the first loop you are feeding power to the second loop with. Plugging in rovers to charge or be a power battery, also breaks the loops because the connections to a rover are directional. Use of extenders breaks loops, again their cables are directional. So the key is DO NOT USE DIRECTIONAL CABLES connecting to any platform powered by a loop. It doesn't matter if the directional cable connects direct to the loop platform or is connected to the 100'th platform in a giant daisy chain. Connecting any directional cable will kill the loop. Using small solar or wind, lights, even small fabricators do NOT break loops as their cables are bi-directinal. So you can use them in place of extenders to spread base platforms out or connect to different sections of a base. powered by a loop. Another myth is that the base you power with a loop has to be in a straight line. Not physically, but electrically. Its NOT true. I laid out two parallel lines of base platforms and connected them in series down each leg. Then I cross connected them forming a ladder so all the middle platforms had 3 connections. The loop didn't care. It faithfully powered the entire base. In fact one of the "platforms" was my starting hab I also tested forking out from those to another set of platforms and that also worked just fine. So, there is no need to keep a single power path. You can, but its not going to kill the loop if you branch out. And another myth is that connecting, disconnecting or adding modules or base platforms to a powered loop will break it. Again, not true. The above test (with the ladder layout) was done with a functioning loop. I added modules, new platforms, refined ore, used a soil extractor that wasn't there before. And again, the loop never broke. And the last myth is that you have to build a massive power plant to power your base. Again, not true. Lets look at power sources. For the purpose of this discussion, storage capacity is completely not relevant. We don't care about how LONG it can supply power, we only care about the amount of power it can supply to a splitter for an instant. Small solar are worth 0.5 power. Medium are worth 2 power. But the medium take up 2 slots so thats 1 power per slot. Small wind produces 0.5 power. The medium produces 1 power but, like the medium solar, takes 2 slots so thats only 0.5 power per slot. If you hook a large rover to a splitter and read it, it only reads 1 power. A medium battery (2x lithium) reads 3 power but again on 2 slots to thats 1.5 power per slot. A small battery reads 1 power and takes 1x lithium to make. So from all that it would appear that the large solar produces the most power per slot per resource (2 copper to make so 1 copper per power). But there is a FAR better and far more dense power source and it produces 4 power per slot and costs NOTHING to make! What? Power. From caves! Yep, that yellow stuff most of you throw overboard most of the time. A large platform A can hold 8 power resources directly. So thats 32 power (8x4). The same platform can hold 4 large solar so thats only 8 power (8x2). But wait! There's more! For a low low price of 2 compound you can massively increase that! Medium storage hold 8 power resources. Each medium panel can supply 32 power (8x4). A large platform A can hold 4 storage so thats a whopping 128 power on a single platform. But wait! There is more! For the low low price of 4 compound, you can tack on a large storage to the middle of that platform increasing its holding to 6 medium storage or 192 power ((8x4)x6)! But! You say, your base will drain it and you have to constantly refill it! Nope! You use that platform (or as many more as you like) as the INPUT to the loop. You plug it in ONCE, it then powers up the loop which doubles the 192 to 384 power. Then you disconnect this power platform from the loop leaving the 384 power in the loop because of the bug. And your base is now powered with 384 power indefinitely (or until you accidentally break the loop). You will need 48 power to fire that bad boy up, but thats not hard to collect in a cave system. And you don't need it all at once. You can power your loop with a few, and as you collect more and more power resources you can re-power your loop increasing its output as you collect the resources over time. Is that overpowered or OP as people call it? Yep. It will get patched. Until then you can be as OP as you want. So, hopefully this will help those of you trying to use or deploy loops (until they patch it). Use small solar or small wind (copper or aluminum) or even small fabricator (compound) to expand your base and space out your platforms. Don't use ANY directional cable such as splitters or extenders. Do not plug in a rover which means do NOT build one at a vehicle bay (because when you build a rover, it automatically hooks to the bay's platform to charge). You will have to power your vehicle bay from an alternate power source separate from your loop. Trying to think, I don't believe shuttles connect to the base. Will have to investigate that one. I know they used to have the round connectors, but I don't remember seeing the new USB shape connectors on the recent shuttles.
  3. Ok, maybe I tickled a nerve. But whats with the rant over "challenge"? I never used the word challenge in my post. You used it 8 times in ONE post. TBH, I really am unclear as to your point nor how it remotely relates to my post you quoted. I really am not trying to be an ass here, but I honestly don't get how your challenge post remotely relates to my post. I agree with some (many) of your points though. The game is not challenging on its own. And, (obviously) like you, thats one aspect I like about it. Its a nice ramp down from a work day. I can just couch it and putz in Astroneer. It may or may not change as the devs progress beyond a tech demo and into a real game (which it really isn't right now). As per the text request...many games have an option when creating a new game to "Skip tutorial". Hopefully that will be the solution these devs arrive on and will grant your "turn off text" wish. It would also eliminate the starting "do this" step by step you are currently herded through right now. Again, time will tell where the devs take it. Seems like the two of us have a similar play mindset. You, by chance, play on XB1? Maybe we could hookup and do some multiplayer play testing if you are.
  4. Because the path was only one terrain tool pad wide as I was prepping to get to the north pole and there simply wasn't room nor time to wait until the boxes are flying to then build up anything. That and it seems in the past the boxes fly through stuff anyway. Maybe thats changed. Full on there. I don't mind them but again, not so damn often. Every half hour is enough. Every 15min is too much.
  5. Excellent response! I didn't think about the box until now. But you are completely right. The boxes need something on them to indicate their contents as well as orientation. If the contents indicator was only on the front, well there is the solution to both problems. You know the front because thats where the printing is, and you know whats in it because its printed there!
  6. They are already fudging the research byte costs to get us to unlock and test things quicker. I have no doubt that they will have some of the research exposed at the beginning of a game and then by some form of mechanism we haven't had yet, new blueprints will become unlocked. I too liked the discovery feeling of the old research methods but I don't miss it too much. Before it was pure dumb luck as to what you got. Now you have control over what you spend your research bytes on. That part, at least, is far better than the old method of researching potentially hundreds of nodules just to get a small shuttle to get off the first rock you landed on. It won't. Unlike many devs, the SE devs actually listen to player feedback. Thats one of the reasons I get ticked off when people just diss someone for posting something they dislike and yell at them telling them its pre-alpha or (now) alpha software. It being in alpha state is NOT an excuse to bite your lip. THIS is when the devs need to hear your likes as well as your DISLIKES. They listen. And they hear. If nobody posts what they dislike, how can they hear that in the silence? They can't. If they find out that most of the players hate feature X, well, they need to hear that because its possible now to remove feature X or come up with a better way of doing feature X.
  7. That I agree with. Later, as a decoration, ok, yea. Pretty cool looking. When you are established and simply decorating the area, maybe. The only helpful thing the XL base yields is that it has the nicely spread out power ports if you want a central spider point for your power distribution layout.
  8. IF they pass by. When I posted this I was building an elevated road from base (equator) to north pole. There IS no place to hide up there. So I just hang on and pray. And then press and HOLD (X) to get out of the capsule. Sometimes it took so long to get back to my body that I would encounter another storm before I could get back. I am sorry but the storm frequency is TOO MUCH. To allow me to even progress reasonably, I built a 1s open and carried it along with me as I built the path. When a storm comes, I climb in the seat. Every now and then I pick it up and move it along the path. I ended up placing 3 into small caves along the path as it came near mountain peaks and a 4th at the NP base.
  9. Ok, thats funny right there. I don't care who ya are! Slopes, by definition aren't flat Thanks for the morning ROFL. But to get the full glass effect, try driving DOWN a slope with any desire what so ever to stop any time before reaching the bottom. Or drive down an elevated slope with any desire at all to stay on the narrow slope without falling off. Breaks? Pfft. We don't need no stinking breaks! (best Mexican accent I can muster in text.)
  10. I disagree. If you hook two rovers together you now should have 2x the power, 2x the traction and 2x the torque and less than 2x the weight (assuming 2nd one is empty and 1st one has 1 1s seat). The motors and batteries are still present in the non-driving member of the train precisely as modern trains use multiple engines being RC'd from the front engine. Not sure if Astroneer treats the attached (non-driven) trailer as dead weight or if it utilizes its torque and power or not. I suspect it does not which, IMHO is wrong. Two attached rovers should traverse the same incline at the same speed as one single rover would. In fact two should do it better than the one because the 2nd one doesn't have the 1s or 3s for the driver (assume the trailer is empty) so the trailer has less weight to carry than the driven rover with its seat. However, I have noticed that when 2 rovers are attached, they appear more sluggish, and slower to start/stop. Which, again, is wrong since both rovers contain power and motors on the wheels, each responsible for its own weight carrying. So, IMHO, the game should not treat rovers like space semi-trucks where there is a powered tractor and an unpowered trailer being towed by it. Unfortunately it seems to treat every attached rover as dead weight being towed by the single driven rover.
  11. I like the one with the blue arm stripes and big dome helment. He waddles when he walks and reminds me of me IRL when my back is hurting.
  12. Don't have exact numbers but one (now gone) save had at least 3 dozen. That was back when they had a repulsion field around them. I lined a cave exit hall on both sites with them and it made carrying research nodules out of the cave WAY easy because they wouldn't move around and only went right down the center of the cave corridor.
  13. Bit of a derail. But, no. I developed the non-interactive issue on a brand new game. So, nope, it wasn't due to using an older save on a new patch. At least for me.