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  1. Love the idea of a truck-mounted research module. There definitely should be a high power and space cost associated with it to make up for the nature of the upgrade.
  2. UnableQueso

    More Planets/Destinations

    Also, more environmental threats would be amazing, building on @Sciruin's idea of [incremental] base damage: (Corrosive rain damaging the base, electrical storms risking resetting power grid, solar flares killing all power generation temporarily, ash /dust fallout covering solar panels, meteor showers, eruptions, radiation, etc.)
  3. The idea of more customizable bases and simple code-automated stations for mining, etc. has me drooling. Reminds me of what I used to love so much about Space Build in Garry's Mod, where your only limit was your own imagination and ingenuity.
  4. UnableQueso

    Attn devs, what are you planning to add?

    They've actually made their Trello roadmap public. Enjoy! https://trello.com/b/UoZgKrd3/astroneer-road-map-planning
  5. UnableQueso

    Sandstorm damage and construct repair.

    +1 to this. Love the idea of tiered environmental damage.
  6. UnableQueso


    You could have two craftable thrusters attach to the outside slots on your pack, and use hydrozene or energy in your inventory to power them. that way there'd be a cost involved with using jetpacks.
  7. UnableQueso

    Fauna and flora

    I know they do have more native wildlife in store further up the line, but I would really like to see some of the flora be farmable for different types of resources. (Space potatoes, anyone?)
  8. ( I scrolled through all the topics and didn't find an in depth mention of planets, so forgive me if this is a repeat.) With the addition of more researches and minerals to gather, I'd love to see a grander variance of generated celestial body types to explore. Gas Giants - Deep atmospheres, constant storms below a certain altitude, nonexistant or heavily porous surface. Perhaps research floating platform stations for survival here? Liquid Planets - Vast oceans of water, freezing liquid hydrocarbons, molten rock, etc, each with their own sets of risks and rewards. Possibly subterranean liquid bodies as well. Crushing Pressure - Planets with deadly atmospheric pressure or extreme gravity that would require special research to last long on the surface or exploring deep depths. Asteroids - Tiny bodies with no atmosphere, extreme low gravity, high rotation rate, etc, but rich mineral payoff to reward the challenges of mining there. Tidally Locked - Planets with nearly zero rotation, or on the flip-side, planets with extremely fast rotation periods. Also planets with a tilted rotation axis would be pretty neat. Ringed Planets - Nothing may be more beautiful than a sunrise peeking through the elegant rings of a faraway world. Maybe the rings could even hide mini-moons or wreckage. Volcanic Planets - Planets with highly volatile mantles and surface volcanic activity. Could by different variants, such as cryovolcanism of liquid ammonia or methane.
  9. UnableQueso

    Custom Astronauts

    I love the idea of having little custom details like shoulder patches, colored suits, or different suit and helmet styles to mix and match.
  10. UnableQueso

    Share your bases/creations!

    Cleaning up the base appearance using underground connections. Love the way it turned out!
  11. UnableQueso

    Advanced Mining Tool

    I would love to see some sort of upgrade or setting options for the mining tool that would allow you to adjust the size and weight of the tool's "brush."
  12. Habitat module sets up on its own. Placed a habitat module on my spaceship, saved, logged out, logged back in, and it had established itself on my vehicle bay, ejecting my spaceship from the site. (Also detaching itself from the spaceship.)