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  1. I tried using the winch after putting about 12 hours into the game and it crashed after that. Is there any way to salvage this save?
  2. The damage related to the falling physics is too sensitive and happens too frequently. If my horizontal motion is 10 mph or even less and I "fall" 2 feet, it causes damage to the player. It doesn't feel like how a low gravity environment would feel if I was bounding from spot to spot. It makes the game less fun. I'm not saying to somehow nullify a momentum penalty. I understand low gravity can be dangerous in the real world, but the current system just doesn't feel quite right. In low gravity, horizontal motion can cause injury as your sort of "dragged" across and down obstacles. If you want players to be penalized for horizontal motion, how about allowing them to fall and tumble if they carry too much momentum. Then reduce the gravity damage multiplier as well so you don't hurt yourself falling one foot as you're going as little as 10 mph horizontally. Sliding bug - when sliding down a surface, the player gets stuck in this sliding animation and it just stays that way until you press jump. Looks odd. Overall, movements needs to be more intuitive.
  3. phipple

    Rework of the Fuel Condenser

    Also make the trade platform require energy. It's free to send a shuttle right now which is crazy.
  4. Please add an in-game bug reporting tool similar to the game Rust by Facepunch. You simply hit f7, and select from 1 of three options 1) Bug report 2) Feedback 3) Report hacker. Getting this in game and educating your user base is very helpful, because at the time of reporting it can capture all sorts of data.