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  1. yep, bin for vehicles good idea ...just a way to get more scrap back to the scrapper the holding one bit at a time
  2. So carrying back one bit of trash scrap at a time back to the scrapper is very tedious. A bin that we can carry back a few bit of scarp at a time or but on the back of the rovers to carry the trash back to the scraper would be extremely useful thank you for your time with this
  3. this happen to me twice now, deleted old save file and started new now it happen to the new one also using the large lander i have moved to new worlds made new bases on Exotic and Radiated then moved to Arid picked a site i liked landed after the storm i got out and cant click on the connection to get started making a new base, the blue ring will not show up going to go back to one my old bases build a new large lander and see if it has the same problem ...will let you know what happens so after gathering up enough stuff to build a new lander the blue ring popped out