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  1. Same version here... Seems devs don't prioritize XB1 and Win10 Store.
  2. Yeah... This delay is frustrating... Microsoft should fix this, at least for pre-alpha games...
  3. Yes, but I keep pressing [ESC]... WoW player...
  4. PC: Press [ESC] to close the bag XBOX One: Press (L) one time to run, press again to stop running. Thank you so much.
  5. Both videos are from new savegames after patch v0.2.10109.0 on Windows 10 Store / XBOX One. I still get the floating items after loading and get everytime ores stuck inside foundry or side slots... I deleted this savegame cause I got another ore stuck inside foundry. Solo play. My friend was building his train car and asked me to build a solar panel... So I did... After I installed it, he wondered what would happen if we to connect both train cars... Well... Brilliant idea... I can't load this savegame anymore... The game crashes everytime... I tried on Window
  6. You have to use Xbox App... But after v0.2.10109.0, it's broken... I can't play with my friends anymore...