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  1. Hi! Love the game! This is the second time I'm posting this suggestion. The game would be so much more enjoyable with a mapping function. a small map that you know where you would solve a lot of running around and frustration to a lot of users.
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    Maybe he´s refering to latinamerican spanish....
  3. Thank you so much for the support!!! My latest maps are getting too complicated and the new materials are driving me insane!!!
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    Introduce Yourself - Megathread

    Hi! I'm Alejandro, bit decided to go by the name Big Al. I'm 46 year old, married and playing Astroneer for over 6 month now. I find it amazing! I usualy get lost on it on my Sundays afternoon and play it well into Mondays. I'm still getting used to it but love everylittle thing I find.
  5. Hi guys and gals, After a 3 hour session of Astroneer, I started to name the different paths of my base, things like ""Broken capsule pass" or "Green road south". This really helps and after I wanted to grab a piece of papaer and start mapping the sorroundings of the base, and there an idea popped in my head! How about a mapping function? Nothing too complicated, something where you can track your beacons, track basic terrain and add a few notes here and there. I think this will really add to the experience... Hope you like the idea.