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    "Patch 0.5.1" - January 18th, 2018

    When can we expect the patch notes?
  2. As the title says could we have the old emote sounds back? The hello the character used to say when waving sounded a lot nicer than what we have now.
  3. This issue has been happening recently (past few patches) and its getting quite annoying, due to the poor framerates on xbox when playing coop I'm basically forced to play on PC but i have to start a new world because worlds wont sync.
  4. I would say the rovers need to be given more traction so they can climb hills but also more weight so when driving on the surface they don't bounce around and feel like they want to float.
  5. nathan cooke

    Lower graphics on Xbox

    My PC has the same issue and the graphics have no impact (on PC i got down to about 15FPS so i turned my graphics down from ultra to medium and i got no FPS change). It seems that optimization is the issue here. (Should also point out that on my PC my CPU and GPU usage is really low yet the FPS still drops to around 15)
  6. nathan cooke

    Ground hooks for rovers

    Either one would be a good change, right now solar arrays are nearly pointless because storms just blow the vehicle away from the connector.
  7. nathan cooke

    Multiplayer failed to join.

    As the title says my friends get that error when trying to join one of my worlds, however it only happens on that world. I can load up a new world and they can join fine and i can also join them without issues but as soon as i go back to that world and they try cant join. (i am playing on the play anywhere version but this world is on PC only because sync is broken right now)
  8. nathan cooke

    Xbox Play Anywhere Cloud Sync No Longer Working

    I have the same issue, i haven't been playing it too much recently so i cant say which patch it started happening with