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  1. hi there, since releace 1.0, it can be really hard to drive. there are 2 situaions when driving in third person view is very frustrating. Driving between trees. Because of the trees/leafs, you can't always see where you are driving to. When the camera is placed behind the vehicle, there are often trees/leafs in the view, so just can't see what is in front of the vehicle. because of that I often get stuck because of rocks, resources or other trees right in front of the vehicle. Driving/Digging with a drill mounted in front I really love the new feature of mounting a drill at the front. when I explore a planet i drive around and whenever there is a "wall" in my way, I just drill through. Often I want to drill up to a platform, to get a better view. To drill up, I have to lower my camera position. That means I can't see anything in front of my vehicle, because the camera is now right behind or even under/in my vehicle. the main problem is, you can't see holes in front of the vehicle and just fall down. very frustrating if you just want to explore the surface. It would be really nice, if you would allow first person view just in vehicles/rovers. because we are in a vehicle, we don't see the backpack anyway. so not seeing the backpack isn't an argument in this situation. to make driving even better, you could use the small dashboard of the rover seat, with a load indicator, a compass and a gradiometer . that way it would be an awesome experience driving around in an rover. of cource first person should be optional and you can always change between first and third person view. I've attached an screenshot, while driving/digging up in a large rover. as you can see, to dig up, I have to place the camera very low and can't see what is right in front of my rover. if I attach a second large rover, then the camera would be right in or under the secont rover, which is even more difficult to drive. would love to get any feedback. keep up the good work 👍🙂
  2. Same here, have 3 Monitors. Since patch 0.7.0, Astroneer starts on Monitor 2 (-> attachment). I can switch to windows mode inside the game, move the windows to the first screen und than change back to fullscreen. but on next start Astroneer ist back on monitor 2. Would be nice if I could choose the monitor in the settings.
  3. Same here. I hope they fix it soon There is already another thread with the same Topic. Thanks
  4. same here! Sync between devices stopped working several weeks ago. Very frustrating because I play on 3 devices (XBox, Desktop, Convertible). To give some more Infos: the progressbar syncing the savegame at the beginning is totally missing. Now I have completly different savegames on my devices.