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    Planetarium Module (see image)

    This is a great idea. There could even be a counter or timer that alerts you "Tundra planet is within orbit" or something like that.
  2. Joshua Ginsberg

    Small Generator Suggestion

    I'm open to any ideas really. Its just frustrating when low on power to have to have two open backpack spots. one for the generator and one for the organic even though the organic is going to be put on the generator by myself immediately. But yes I agree Lithium in that it shouldnt continually use the organic unless necessary. They gotta figure out a simpler method here.
  3. Joshua Ginsberg

    Small Generator Suggestion

    I have noticed that with the small generator on the backpack does not automatically place organic material. Considering the new update removes recharging power from tethers as regularly as before, it has become annoying to constantly go into the back pack and place an organic unit. I'm hoping to when exploring just harvest some organic material and boom instantly re-powering my suit. Maybe a specific location on the backpack could result in this for some players who want to both have a small generator on their back but also harvest some organic units to return to their base. What do you think?
  4. Joshua Ginsberg

    My few suggestions

    What about clocks or calendars. Informing you of planets within traveling range, an alert before sun goes down or a storm comes. Obviously you can tell these things but could introduce items that make late game more advanced or if you're in a cave. Perhaps drives for the spaceship, only travel to the moon first and one of the unknowns on the moon is a more advanced drive allowing inter planet traveling. Also would enjoy the ability to place a work light, maybe needs to be attached to a tether but can light up caverns.
  5. Joshua Ginsberg

    "200 - Hotfix" - August 19th, 2017

    Already feels like its been fixed for Xbox. Played without any crashes in the usual spots, picking up unknowns and riding in the rover/saving games... until we flew to space late last night. First and only crash yesterday through near 4 hours of gameplay. Felt way better but still one crash just wanted to forward that.
  6. Joshua Ginsberg

    Xbox multiplayer crashes

    Seems to crash after saving a game, sitting in any chair or habitat. Must be from the bug fixes in most recent update.
  7. Joshua Ginsberg

    Multiplayer Crash

    My friend just bought the game preview for xbox one. I had no issues with crashing when I was playing solo since release date. The more we progressed in game the more my game was crashing. His game, host, never crashes. At first it was when he would save the game, occasionally. Then a few times while driving a tandem rover. Then it just began randomly. We were just grabbing some unknown research items and it crashed. That being the most recent crash, happened only minutes after we both restarted our consoles. I have no problem joining his game on a consistent basis but crashing every few minutes is definitely making this nearly impossible.