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  1. The tutorial planet... similar to the Novus moon in matters of size and biomes. It does not appear to have any gateways: It is the only planet in the solar system and does not rotate. Instead, it is circled by its sun! The planet has a classic core, like the planets in the game's versions before 1.0:
  2. This appears to have a negative side effect: Placing a tether while walking or running right after when the tether line breaks does not guarantee to connect the new tether to the last tether any more. See this posting: But perhaps you could apply this fix's behavior to resources when they are ejected from the back of the Terrain Tool. It might actually resolve the following bug which has already been claimed to be fixed with patch 1.0.9, but still happens to me:
  3. I like your basic idea of having a "bulk move" functionality with the Medium Storage. I think it'd be a very useful quality of life improvement in the game. But I would not use Shift + Click for this. That shortcut has an established functionality which is the same everywhere in the game. Changing it only for Medium Storage would be confusing and inconsistent. Also, that shortcut is only available when using a keyboard and mouse, but not when using a game pad/controller. As an alternative, I'd suggest utilizing one of the "Use" or "Examine" controls for this functionality. Either of these
  4. This idea consists of two aspects: Shuttles have an additional, wider travel range which consumes more fuel. Shuttles consume less fuel when launching from smaller planets or moons. Currently, when using a shuttle to reach another planet, sometimes one has to wait quite a long time before a destination planet orbits into range. My suggestion is to have an additional, greater range which avoids this need to wait for most of the time but requires more fuel than the "normal" range. The player should be able to choose between the two ranges, with the possible trade-off between wait
  5. Here's an example on video:
  6. The ability to launch into space with a rover seat is a homage to the way protagonist Mark Watney eventually lifts off from Mars in the novel/movie "The Martian".
  7. Planetary landing sites which are occupied should be colored differently. The blue markers visible from an orbit that you click in order to land your shuttle on a planet should have a different color when something is already placed in that location. That is, if a vehicle bay does not allow you to build because something is blocking the building area OR allows you to build only attachments like seats, cranes, or storage, then the associated landing site bubble should get a different color, e.g. red or yellow. Regardless of color, each bubble should still be selectable for landing yo
  8. I mostly agree with syterth's assessment and want to add my own impressions after having played the Exotic Moon tech test for several hours. On first sight, it looked different and pretty, and it actually is. The landscape both on the surface and underground is much harder to navigate when compared to the planets we are used to in Astroneer. Instead of having difficult terrain only in limited areas that can be circumnavigated, the Exotic Moon mostly has rough terrain with occasional, relatively flat calderas. First, I was a little annoyed by this. But now I do enjoy the different plays
  9. Why do you want to restrict creative mode like that? This does not make sense. If you want restrictions, then restrict your game, please, instead of having them implemented for everybody. Really, it is quite simple to do: Take only basic materials from the plinth, and ignore everything else. Do not use the gifted amount of bytes. Instead, use only the bytes that you researched yourself or the research that you can gain from Astronium. Do not use any power from the plinth.
  10. I like the approach for a creative mode that is used for the Terrain Tech Test, i.e. providing a resource plinth and a starting amount of bytes which covers nearly all research needed for obtaining every blueprint. I like it especially for the fact that it is implemented within the game instead of as a (menu) setting outside of the actual game. This even allows you to disable creative mode by using dynamite to destroy the one-of-a-kind resource plinth. Maybe there could also be a one-of-a-kind research sample which gives you the 100000 bytes only when you examine it. This would allow you
  11. I agree. I like Wedge's idea of rotating through a list of presets. As an intermediate solution, the rotation keys (defaulted to X and Y on the keyboard) could perhaps toggle on and off augments that are attached to the two sideways slots of the terrain tool, as if they were auxiliary slots. That is, using one rotation key toggles the augment on the top one of the sideways slots, and the other rotation key toggles the augment on the bottom one of the sideways slots, but only when the terrain tool is pulled out. When the terrain tool is stashed away, the rotation keys toggle the two a
  12. I do not want this far reach grab to be treated as a bug. It should stay in the game as a feature:
  13. BOMUS states a different value for exactly this question 99 out of 100 times.