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  1. "Tumbleweeds" a bit pointless?

    Now imagine what would be possible for a multi-million dollar project that utilizes this "small increments and feedback" approach... ...that's what SES does with Astroneer. (They have/had more than double of $3 million available for this project.)
  2. No Astroneer Left Behind

    When a player keeps playing a game, then the game is obviously still interesting to the player. When a player keeps playing a game, then the player is obviously still motivated to play the game. When a player keeps playing a game, then the game is obviously still an enjoyable and rewarding experience for the player. When a player keeps playing a game, then there is obviously still something to do for the player. When a player keeps playing a game, then the game is obviously not done for the player. If any of these statements were not true, then why would a player keep playing a game? I am sorry for being off-topic here, but I felt the need to point out the obvious.
  3. Mineral Extractor far too OP?

    That could indeed be one possible way of opening up the linearity at the start of the game. It is fine that you believe that. And you and everybody else can do it the hard way, nothing is preventing that, even if the cost of all technology is reduced to 1 byte. (Simply don't use a technology before you have gathered the amount of Bytes you deem appropriate for it.) But if you make the hard way mandatory for all players, then it is no longer possible for other players to do it the easy way. You are excluding the players who prefer and enjoy the easy access to unlimited resources. As long as you enjoy the rewards all the more when they actually arrive, it is none of your business whether other players feel the same appreciation or not. I can already imagine how you are gasping at the consequences of this idea: It might not be common practice for a (video) game to give everything to the player right from the start. Without any direction. Without any rules. But that does not automatically make the idea moot or unrealistic. It is just a different approach that trusts players to get creative with the available tools and apply their own restrictions to find a play style that they enjoy.
  4. Glitches that confuse us all

    Unfortunately, this is a common symptom when using a saved game that has been created before the latest update.
  5. They used to open after being processed in the former version of the Research Station. A little animation was shown to reveal the (random) result of the research process. But since the Research Update, the new Research Station just scans these artifacts without opening them. The opening animation has been dropped probably because the research process now yields Bytes instead of an immediate object or blueprint.
  6. Mineral Extractor far too OP?

    The assumption that I make is that Astroneer is not a game that you play only once, but multiple times. Your very first game introduces you to its mechanics, then you are able to choose your way of playing the game in subsequent sessions. That is not an unusual outset for a game, especially for non-linear ones. This, your reply to The Touch of Grey Gamer in this thread, and many of your other postings on this forum seem to indicate that you would prefer Astroneer to be a linear game with a clearly layed out path from its beginning to some "end game". Basically, you lament that Astroneer in its current state starts out in a linear fashion and later opens up into being a more or less open sandbox. Your idea of improving Astroneer appears to be keeping the linear part and narrowing down the subsequent open part by "balancing" and "focusing" the gameplay. In contrast, my idea of improving Astroneer is to keep the open parts, even adding to them, and trying to open up the currently linear parts by offering more options right from the start. You seem to be concerned that players (not yourself, of course) are unable to escape the instinct to take the "easy route" by "abusing" the tools given to them by the game. Therefore, it should be the responsibilty of the developer to save those players from themselves by enforcing rules in the game, so that it is played "the way it is meant to be." I do not want to be "saved". I am glad that the game gives me options for how I want to play the game. I say, let the players themselves be creative with the game, e.g. by following self-imposed rules and trying to reach their own goals. And it is totally possible to play a survival game in a sandbox game while all possible tools are still available. It is just a matter of restricting yourself to your own set of rules; a set of rules that the developers might never have thought of but makes the game incredibly fun for you. And I fail to see the basic difference between a decision to use only a limited set of game assets and a decision to change a switch from "creative mode" to "survival mode". Please, do not call for restricting the game, but rather call for opening it up even more. Have faith in the ability of humans to self-control, and to overcome instant gratification instincts; let them be self-determined; that is, after all, what is called "civilization".
  7. What is the use of space exploration?

    Well, I can think of what NASA (or any other publicly funded space organization) would reply to the question posed in the thread topic. And their official answer would support your complaint: It's for the science and about what we can learn out there. But what really is driving the public to accept the huge amount of tax money going into such institutions is curiosity and the fascination with space travel itself. I'd say, exactly that is the motivation for space travel in Astroneer, too, in its current state. Don't get me wrong, I would also welcome some more rewards for space exploration, but right now, the vistas and planet landscapes alone give me enough incentive to haul my Astroneer into space. That being said, I want to question these statements: Let's evaluate what is actually needed to get into space. Here are the bare minimum items that need to be researched in order to get a shuttle working: Canisters: 40 Bytes Small Wind Turbines: 200 Bytes Vehicle Bay: 1000 Bytes Hydrazine Catalyzer: 3000 Bytes Shuttle: 3600 Bytes Thats a total of 7840 Bytes of research which is less than 9% of the sum of Bytes required for all possible research. Even when researching the Enclosed 1-Seat (2800 Bytes, instead of using an Open 1-Seat salvaged from wreckage) and printing one with the Medium Printer (500 Bytes), and also wanting to utilize Solar Panels (2500 Bytes), Medium Wind Turbines (3200 Bytes) and a Fuel Condenser (3500 Bytes), the required research is still less than 22% of the total possible research. In conclusion, if you go for and stick to getting a shuttle off the planet, then the required research is not too high, in my opinion. Sure, you have to invest time and resources to get there, but the fraction of research in relation to what is available in total is reasonable. And it is basically your decision whether you postpone all other research or ease the challenge by researching auxiliary items like tethers () and a rover before you have reached another planet.
  8. Last time I checked (which is quite some time ago), the explosion of two hydrazine canisters created a hole of the same size that an explosion of one dynamite created.
  9. Mineral Extractor far too OP?

    (This posting is a reply to both this and the similar other thread also started by AstroBubba.) There are already creative(ish) and survival(ish) modes in the game. But you do not choose between one mode or the other in a menu before you start the actual game. Instead, you have the mode selection baked into the gameplay: You are able to decide whether you actually build a mineral extractor module, a fuel condenser module or neither of them. That way you adjust the game to your preferred play style. This is a solution that fits very well into the diegetic interface design which Astroneer strives for: Within the game itself, embedded into the gameplay, players can customize their game experience to their liking. It is even possible to do adjustments during an on-going game, within the game, without a need to open a menu and break immersion: build and use a module that you previously avoided, or destroy all modules of a type you do not want to utilize any longer. Basically, the availablity of modules like the mineral extractor and the trade platform is not any more "game-breaking" than having a play mode selection option in one of the game's menus. Astroneer curently supports different play styles. It does not force a player into one particular style of playing, and neither should you. Supporting even more styles of play is good, restricting gameplay is not.
  10. "Patch 0.5.1" - January 18th, 2018

    It's an Acid Hazard, not a Gas Hazard. You've learned this from Brendan, one of the co-founders (!) of the very company that you are working for. Here's the evidence from Vlog 024 as a reminder, so you may never ever forget it again: Local wind effects? What could this possibly be? Why wouldn't you want to have the same wind at the same location for everybody in a multiplayer session? Wouldn't it greatly support co-op gameplay when one Astroneer could inform the others by saying: "I found some wind! Come over here quickly and recharge your backpacks and rovers!" The sun is no longer just a white disc but has its halo back! Very nice. The idle animations do not play for my Astroneer. I tried all of the four different Astroneers. I only see an idle animation starting for a split second before the normal standing animation comes back. They did work for me only until one or two updates after they were initially introduced. Anybody else experiencing this?
  11. Ver. A rough start

    I am genuinely baffled by he fact that an amazingly large amount of players simply does not read any text that is shown on screen. I watched a couple of Let's Play Astroneer videos where they wondered what to do next, while it was written right there what is expected from them to do. There is a tutorial at the beginning of each newly started game of Astroneer. One simply has to follow the short instructions shown on screen, and you end up with a small generator, a canister, and the unlocked blueprint for tethers. This game has barely any text in it, but the little text that does exist is apparently still ignored. I wonder what would happen if the text is plastered in huge letters across the whole screen with moving arrows pointing at it from several angles? I guess people would just complain that their view is obstructed and still not read the text. (Maybe they do read it but consciously or unconsciously decide to not follow the instructions given.) I still do not understand this strange (psychological?/cognitive?) effect, and I have no idea how it could be mitigated by a different design.
  12. Isolation Switch

    Or use a habitat to build an additional base next to the one with the research chambers. That way you get two separate conduit networks. You can control the power distribution by moving power sources from one base to another, in order to satisfy the current demand. You can even link those two networks together with the help of a small rover. This rover can be used as an isolation switch, too.
  13. They removed the infinitely regenerating power (and oxygen) plinths in the wake of the "Excavation update". Apparently, the developers do not want an essentially unlimited supply of energy from a single location in the game. So I doubt that they favor the use of seeds as an organic power source for the generator or the production of energy spots around mushrooms growing from the seeds. Similarly, they removed the option to trade hydrazine because this enabled you to basically obtain any resource by producing hydrazine from power with the fuel condenser. So I also doubt that they would basically undo that nerf by allowing the trading of seeds. I do like the idea of seeds being usable with the research chamber and yielding a small amount of bytes, e.g. 5 or 10 bytes. It would not be really worth doing for obtaining significant amounts of research, because it would require a lot of harvesting and replanting for only little gain. But it would offer those players who enjoy it the ability to farm in Astroneer.
  14. As Wyvyrias already mentioned, Humble Bundle may be an option for you. They accept various payments, including Amazon payments when paying in USD.
  15. I like the new research mechanic, because it gives you options. At the end of the tuturial, you have available the small generator and tethers, which allows you to start exploring, and find resources and items to research. You decide if you want to babysit the power supply for one or more research chambers, or if you want to continue exploring and only restart a generator once in a while when you return to the base with your gatherings. And when you have unlocked a source of renewable energy after researching 400 or 500 bytes (i.e. small wind turbine or solar panel), then you are pretty much free to do whatever you want. You decide on your further actions, the game does not force you to follow a set path: you can decide to strip mine the land and extract minerals for use in the research chamber. you can decide to explore and gather research items and resources. you can go for the small shuttle in order to leave the starting planet as soon as possible. you can go for a rover to extend your exploration radius. you can go for researching and building a power generation array to maximize your research rate. you can go straightly for all the augments because your main concern is building and sculpting with the terrain. You can even decide to follow your own research tree, e.g. by only researching the large rover after having unlocked the small one. All in all, I think that the research update gives you more agency when playing the game.