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  1. Awesome New Ideas!

    Please add to Astroneer the features from this other game that I liked so much! I don't want to play that other game any more but I want to enjoy its cool features in Astroneer now. I don't care if these features actually fit Astroneer's theme, gameplay, design, or whatever; just make the features from that other game available in this game somehow!
  2. The closed variants can only be built on top of shuttles and cannot be removed. The other difference is that the closed variants use a design that matches better with spacecrafts while the open variant is more suited for use with ground vehicles.
  3. Inhibitor
  4. No Mans Lies, trying to step up

    I would be fine with all the people who are asking for adding weapons, monsters, jetpacks, and more survival elements to Astroneer turned to No Man's Sky now and left Astroneer alone.
  5. Steam recent Status

    People simply don't get how Steam's Early Access works. The software called "Astroneer" that is currently available on Steam is not the actual game that SES has in mind, but merely a prototype, a proof of concept. You paid money to get access to that early game prototype. (Get it? Early. Access.) Basically, this is crowd funding where you already get something before the actual product is finished. And there is nothing fishy about it because all this is explained on the Steam store page of every Early Access game, Astroneer included. SES did a good job with this crowd funding for their game, because now they have the funds for a team that can create the game they actually want. See this, because stats don't lie:
  6. Don't you automatically get crash reports for the Steam version since patch 182? Have I been lying when I replied to this topic:
  7. Navigation / Exploration

    I'd like to add some food for thought to this discussion: Astroneer is to a large extent an exploration game. America was discovered by people who had hardly any more tools available than are currently available in Astroneer. Have you thought about (or researched) how they navigated when they landed on the moon?
  8. Adding food+water in game

    Very much this. A statement like "Other games do it too" is not a good reason to include a feature. Actually, it is a good reason to not include a feature. We do not want more of the same, but something new and unique. Furthermore, Astroneer is not a survival game and does not want to be one. At least, it is not advertised as one but instead as "a game of aerospace industry and interplanetary exploration". Astroneer not being a survival game is actually one of its main attraction points for me. In my opinion, a food mechanic in Astroneer is okay if it gives optional benefits but is not a requirement, i.e. it should be possible to play the game even when completely ignoring food.
  9. Anyone knows how to make surflace flat?

    What bad news could that be? I see nothing wrong with somebody using the game in the way that you describe.
  10. I agree, but the icing on the cake would be to have such adjustability not just as a set of options in some menu but as part of the actual game. That's why I suggested a "Control Station" module as a possible way to implement this: However, the solution in this experimental test where you basically can trade for arbitrary resources with a combination of sediment filter and trade module is better, because it is more integrated into the game. I guess that's the difference between the skills of an actual game designer and of a fan with some ideas.
  11. I haven't had the opportunity to try out the experimental test myself yet, but it is nice to read that they put in back a proper replacement for hydrazine trading. Because options for different play styles are a good thing to have.
  12. Too many tethers?

    As a work-around, you may want to try this (click on the bold headline to see the full message and thread):
  13. Astroneer Lego Set

    This is a very creative Lego set. I like that the set designer intends to make this usable as a tabletop game (note the dice and the resource tokens). Some ideas in this set could even be nicely transferred into Astroneer. For example, I like that the shuttle actually is a combination of the Landing Pod and the Ascent Rocket. Or the electrolysis machine that splits water into oxygen and hydrogen, the latter being used in turn as a source of power for a generator (i.e. a fuel cell).
  14. Anything new?

    Instead of getting bored, you could occupy yourself with checking out and following the various information outlets that System Era is using: Besides this forum, they use the Steam forums, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Reddit, Discord, Trello, and their website with a blog to communicate with the players. If you did that, then you would know that they are going to release a new experimental test on Steam today. And to answer your question about anything new since the game came out, I refer you to the "Patch Notes" section on this forum or on System Era's Trello page.
  15. Research forest

    From the Screenshot Megathread: