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  1. Marck

    Graphics bug [Updated]

    I experience the same issue since the "Rover update" (maybe it is related to the upgraded Unreal game engine in this update). The issue also seems to affect the sparkling (particle?) effects that are supposed to be visible while the shredders are shredding something (which I only know about because I saw them in SES Vlog 30). My GPU is an AMD Radeon HD7750 1GB, and I run the Steam version of Astroneer on Windows 7 Pro (Service Pack 1).
  2. Marck

    Power usage with rovers and scrapper

    I took a rover train with one large rover and two medium ones down to the third level of a cave. The large rover also had a large shredder equipped. The whole thing was powered by 4 small wind turbines and a small battery. There are always windy spots in caves. When I find one, I use it to recharge the rover batteries and the small backup battery. Only rarely I had to gather power nuggets to get moving, but mostly to keep the shredder running when I didn't bother to park in a windy location. If everything else fails, I can put the small battery and one or two small wind turbines in my backpack, find a wind spot to charge the small battery, and use that to move the rover train again. But I never had to do that on the trip. Many of you seem to underestimate wind power. Especially while being on the move when exploring, I found that I'll always get at least small amounts of wind which add up to be enough to sustain you.
  3. Marck

    O2 vs Storyline & Funtime

    There is already a long-lasting source of oxygen available in the game that you can easily carry with you: the small rover. You can "wear" it as part of your personal equipment, like an extension of your backpack. It provides unlimited oxygen, adds two auxiliary slots, let's you go places (there's hardly any place that you can reach only by foot but not with a small rover), gives shelter during storms, and protects you from fall damage. Like you, I'd also like to be able to go exploring right from the beginning. My issue is less with the use of tethers but more with the fact that I need to build a base first in order to get all the stuff required to roam around freely. That's why I suggest to add an option which gives you a small rover at the start of a new game:
  4. Currently, the landing pad offers a single startup package in the form of a cargo drop. It consists of a small platform and a medium fabricator. Apparently, it is meant to support building a base. My suggestion is that the landing pad offers an additional startup package as an alternative to the current one. The player could choose between the startup packages when accessing the landing pad's control panel. Selecting one of the packages would remove the items given by any previously chosen one, just as it already works now. The startup package that I would like to see being added to the selection is one to support exploration right from the start of a new game: It should contain a small rover, and an open 1-Seat. It should give you just these items, but not their blueprints. This would enable a player to leave the starting habitat behind in favor of exploring other places on the planet for starting a base. Everything else that you'll need for this is already available in the game right now: You start with blueprints for a small generator, canisters, tethers, and--most importantly--a small fabricator for kickstarting a new base. The resources needed for building these items can be gathered while exploring. The starting habitat would still be the location where your Astroneer returns to when he/she/it happens to die, and the landing pad would still be the zone where other players join your session. For co-op play, each Astroneer should get its own startup package, i.e. its own small rover with a seat.
  5. Marck

    It should be today

    It did not. At least, not in SES Vlog 30.
  6. Marck

    Unify canisters and oxygen tanks

    The idea is that a light canister holds less oxygen than an oxygen tank (or a strong canister). This can be balanced. And why do you think that going untethered with a limited amount of oxygen should be more "expensive" than maintaining a connection to an unlimited supply of oxygen? I see. Are you also afraid of hydrazine fuel getting contaminated by soil, as this could potentially lead to a catastrophic failure of your shuttle's engine? By the way, such contamination could be made a gameplay feature: A canister's content will be contaminated after changing the canister's mode of operation until you also treat that canister with a cleaning device. Contamination will reduce the effectiveness of a canister's content, i.e. you'd need more canisters of contaminated content to achieve the same result as with canisters of pure content. In other words, canisters of contaminated content will deplete faster than those with pure content. (Using contaminated oxygen might even cause small amounts of damage to your Astroneer.) Contamination should be easily recognizable, for example by having a different color shade than pure content. The cleaning device could be a dedicated platform module or an item/augment which could be used in the backpack. Personally, I'd prefer the backpack use because it adds even more options to the gameplay scenario that I described earlier in this thread. This idea can be pushed even further by turning "contamination" into an advantage: Some kinds of content may increase their effectiveness by "enriching" them. For example, when supplying the Fuel Condenser or the Hydrazine Catalyser with oxygen-filled canisters instead of empty ones, then they could be filled with enriched hydrazine, which would last longer (i.e. depletes more slowly). Or, when providing the Mineral Extractor with canisters containing "contaminated"/"enriched" soil, then the extractor's soil container could fill up faster (because the oxygen or hydrazine in the soil supports the separation and extraction of the minerals, resulting in a more effective process). And if "enriched" hydrazine gets some glitter effect and a faint glow, then it could also act as a moody light source. Lighting this with dynamite will make bigger holes, too...😊
  7. Marck

    Unify canisters and oxygen tanks

    That's true, the extended flexibility comes with a more complicated use of canisters. Although you could simply use the light canister like the current canister and the strong canister like the current oxygen tank, completely ignoring the additional functionality. This suggestion just applies an existing user interface mechanism to another item, in order to improve its versatility. The same mechanism is already being used to improve the versatility of the work light and the small generator, for example, which can be switched on and off with the "use" verb. This is also more complicated to use than simply switching it on and off depending on whether these items are attached to a socket or not, or by attaching an organic resource, as it used to be before. But in return, you get more flexibility in using these items.
  8. Marck

    Unify canisters and oxygen tanks

    The main advantage would be an improved versatility. You could use a canister either for mining, fueling your shuttles, or to extend your exploration radius without using tethers. Instead of two separate tools we could have just one multi-tool for several applications. This could be especially useful when going to a new planet: take some spare hydrazine with you to fuel your shuttle for a return trip, then use the canisters as oxygen tanks for your first explorations near the landing site, and finally have them store soil when mining the deposits that you have found. You'd be able to do all this with the same set of canisters, saving valuable storage space and materials for crafting. Finding a canister on a dead Astroneer would be much more rewarding. New gameplay stories would become possible because you have more options for dealing with emergency situations: Imagine that you're out in the field to mine resources and accidentally lose your supply of oxygen, for example because your rover is blown away by a storm, your Astroneer or rover dropped down a canyon, or you're out of power without an immediate way to replenish it etc. Using your soil canisters as oxygen tanks might give you the extra chance that you need to survive the situation in addition to crafting filters or oxygen tanks (which require power in your backpack and the right material), gathering oxygen resources, and finding your way back to safety. Of course, it should be possible to recognize a canister's current mode of operation just by looking at it. Therefore, a visual differentiation is still needed.
  9. Marck

    Unify canisters and oxygen tanks

    Would you care to explain your reason why? Okay. So... maybe... instead of labeling the "examine" verb with just "empty", I suggest to label it with "empty, clean, detoxify, and sterilize". Would this change make the suggestion more acceptable for you?
  10. Basic idea Canisters come in two variations, light and strong, which both can hold soil, hydrazine, or oxygen, but have different capacities, and different research and crafting costs. Description This suggestion is based on the observation that canisters and oxygen tanks both are containers that can be refilled and depleted. While canisters already have multiple applications (soil and hydrazine), oxygen tanks have only one. I suggest the use of canisters for all 3 use cases but with two kinds of canisters that can be used interchangeably: a light canister which works like the current canister but which can also hold a smaller amount of oxygen than the current oxygen tank a strong (or heavy) canister which works like the current oxygen tank but which can also hold a larger amount of soil or hydrazine than the current canister. By default, the light canister behaves like the current canister, and the strong canister behaves like the current oxygen tank. You can switch between the two modes of operation (holding soil/hydrazine vs. oxygen) with the "use" verb, but only when the canister is empty. I imagine that it could be difficult to get rid of a canister's content in order to switch its mode of operation, especially with oxygen. Therefore, it might be useful to use the "examine" verb for emptying a canister by discarding its current content. I believe that the described change could improve the versatility of canisters. You would be able to decide whether you use your canisters for storage or as an aid for exploration.
  11. Marck

    In search of new challenges

    Here's my suggestion for a challenge that you may want to try. It is a variation of the Polar Challenge which I described quite some time ago. The goal of the challenge is to place a beacon on every pole of each planet or moon in the solar system. The challenge is to do this while following two rules: With the exception of Terran, you are limited to just one shuttle landing per planet and moon. Drop ship landings as a result of the death of your Astroneer are not limited. The beacon to mark a pole must be placed directly on that pole, with the sky being visible directly above that location, i.e. the view must not be blocked by a cavern ceiling or by overhanging terrain. Furthermore, if the pole lies within the circumference of a mountain range, then the beacon must be placed on the highest peak of that mountain range instead. You can adjust the difficulty to your liking by e.g. also counting shuttle landings on Terran (and trying to complete this challenge with the possible minimum of only 5 landings total), allowing more landings per planet, or limiting yourself to only use medium shuttles. You are also able to influence the risk of a challenge run by deciding whether to deploy a habitat on each planet or not (if not, then death basically renders you unable to complete the challenge). It's also up to you whether you just take the resources to a planet that allow you to print a small rover there, or try to establish one or more bases on each planet. If you want more alternatives, then just search for the keyword "challenge" in topic titles on this forum. There were quite a number of suggestions for all kinds of challenges in the first couple of months after Astroneer was made available in December 2016.
  12. I can't find the spoiler function in the posting editor. Has it been removed (accidentally or intentionally) with the last forum update?
  13. Marck

    Screenshots Megathread

    Cruising on a glacier.
  14. Marck

    Pesky Tree

    Yes, you can. Stuff around it should survive unharmed as long as there is not any more dynamite or hydrazine canisters within the blast radius. However, you might have to gather items blown away by the explosion afterwards.
  15. Marck

    What a beautiful and powerful tool!

    This goes in line with how I view the art style of Astroneer: it is a homage to the space exploration during the Apollo program era. It imitates the color scheme and materials used back then. For me, especially the previous design of the small rover reminded me of Apollo's moon buggy. And the interior of the (printable) habitat, in particular the shape and coloring of the seat look very much like a 1960's design made with natural leather. However, when looking at the new designs for the base module and the rovers, they seem to deviate a little from that style with recent updates. Regarding the terrain analyzer, its name suggests how it works: it needs to analyse the features of a particular terrain sample before it is able to apply them to other terrain. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me, even for some advanced technology.