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  1. On my Xbox One, before the latest patch I was experience an FPS of about 15-20. Now I am seeing an FPS of 20-25, and a bit upwards at times. This makes a huge difference, as my astroneer can actually run now! So I offer thanks for all of the hard work. In addition, the game loads faster off my SSD, which is a nice bonus. For us Xbox guys, I would like to see an 'always run' toggle, as it would speed up some travelling, etc. While I'm making a wish list, how about a 'slide of doom' toggle, to turn it off, and thus save lives. Sliding is killing my little guys a lot. Well, just keep up the good work devs. This game has a charm and unique style that is very appealing and addictive. Thanks for that.
  2. The Unreal 4 engine is great, but it's a beast to code safely. I appreciate that a small team is still striving to make the core of the game playable. In the not-to-distant future, I'd really appreciate console controller mapping abilities. The controller mapping is counter-intuitive for most players. In any event, it's nice to see the team making the efforts to keep the game alive and viable. I appreciate it.
  3. The Touch of Grey Gamer: I will give you credit for persistence, if nothing else.
  4. The stuff shouldn't be labeled 'salvage' if it's not salvageable. Just my 2 cents on this subject.
  5. As an Xbox player [ in slomo ] I have my doubts, but I will wait until Monday to give the changes a run. Might start a new game. Sorry about my skepticism, but we've been to this dance before.
  6. I imagine that optimizing Astroneer for the Unreal 4 engine on Xbox is not a simple task for a small crew to undertake. I'm hanging in there at 15-20 FPS right not, but the games does get tiresome pretty quickly, so I hope some relief is coming.
  7. Reverse your terrain tool so it lifts up under the research pod. That will free it for retrieval. Took me a while to figure that out...
  8. System Era is a 20 person team, so they have a lot of issues on their plate right now. I hope that Microsoft is helping the team resolve the abysmal [ 15-20 fps ] frame rates currently on the Xbox. I will keep on playing for now, but the slo-mo attributes of the game can be irritating, as well as the wacky controller mapping. People love this game, and I hope the System Era team understands that. We just want it to function the way it should.
  9. Xbox player here. Been playing for about a year and a half. Love the work you guys have done on this game with a limited crew. I know you are bug chasing right now, but sometime soon, please consider: Toggle for slide/surfing. My astroneers are dying. It's sad. Sometimes the bodies disappear into a dark cavern... Mapping options for controller buttons and triggers. The controls are pretty counter-intuitive for Xbox players. Less stickiness on the grab lines. I'm picking up a lot of stuff by accident. I'm still playing this game at 15-20 FPS. My FASTEST running speed is slower than normal walking on a good PC. I know you have a LOT on your plates right now, so thanks for all of your efforts. I hope I can keep on playing.
  10. The buggy is vastly bugged. It's slow, and steers poorly, and gets stuck easily. It's like driving around in a shopping cart. Fix it, or just drop it entirely.
  11. You know, If I didn't like this game I couldn't care less about the lag issues. But I've been playing for about a year and a half now, and I really like the game a lot. If you like a game, and then it sort of collapses on you, that is a painful thing. Is System Era working on another game right now? I heard a rumor...I hope they fix this one first.
  12. Game is desperate for optimization for the Unreal 4 engine on all platforms. Xbox plays in slo-mo all the time. Apparently it's not easy to optimize with such a small crew, but it's important to pursue the issue. I really like this game, have high regard for the devs dedication, but please keep on trying to fix the severe lag issues. Also, some button mapping options for Xbox controller. Also, a toggle for the 'slide of death'. On-or-off. I do appreciate all of the efforts being made to fix issues, and keeping in communication with the players.
  13. First, can we please have a toggle for the slide/surfing? It's killing my astroneers. Can we have some simple controller remapping options? Like 'A' for backpack and 'B' for jump. Can the grab function be a little less 'grabby' ? Generally, the Xbox control scheme is a bit awkward for a lot of players. If any of the devs are still reading here, thanks for your time and consideration.
  14. Shadow Echo: I do agree with what you have said. However, even though I do not have the crashes some are reporting for Xbox One, playing the game at a frame rate of 15-20 FPS can become very tedious very quickly. My astroneer moves like the films of Apollo astronauts on the moon...VERY slowly. The dev team have made tremendous strides since the early access days, but issues which were tolerated in early access are not so easily ignored in a release version. To me, optimization is very badly needed. I have to take a break from the game, as I am burning out on the VERY slow pace of play.
  15. Well, the development team is looking at a lot of very interesting new things for this game. I hope they keep reading this forum for feedback. What I really want is a unified purpose for all of the exploring and building. Yes, we can provide our own goals, which I have done. For example, having a functioning base on every planet, and moon in the solar system. I have done that. But then what? Start a new game and do it all again...over and over...not so rewarding, in my opinion. We need a developing and expanding set of goals to reach. I am not exactly advocating for a 'questing' system, but something akin to it. Specific missions leading to larger missions, etc. A dynamic system. Mysteries to solve, leading to larger mysteries, leading to...an ultimate goal? Or various goals of choice for the player? I have to believe that something like that is in the works, as new content and new abilities are added to the game. So...keep on keeping on, development team. I thank you very sincerely for your dedication and efforts.