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  1. Mcnotmac

    rover problem

    Not to be cheeky, but what are you pressing to go forward? Also, post a screen cap of your rover - maybe those of us who've played through pretty much every bug there is can see something you're not.
  2. Mcnotmac

    Does the thruster have a use yet?

    Look it up on YouTube. If you wanna get somewhere fast...
  3. Mcnotmac

    Map (GPS)

    Yeah, this is SO needed! I've spent about 5 hours over 2 days lost more than once. A GPS would be wicked. Even with being able to find the north pole (where I head to as soon as possible for the super cosmic phenomenal power), and knowing compass directions, that doesn't help. There are some things I do to help though: When surface exploring, make sure you can make a beacon now & then. When you start to go over a rise or hill where your sight to your base will be blocked, drop a beacon on the crest of the hill, mark it with your 'exploring & lost? Go here!' colour (I use orange). I also use my terrain tool on 'reverse' (so grey shows up) and mark an arrow pointing to my base in the ground. And then I move on. Going over another hill? Drop another beacon, draw an arrow, continue on. Rinse & repeat. This is my old school Minecraft way of finding my path, before addons gave us maps and teleportation. I'd draw arrows on the ground out of torches, or build a HUGE pillar - about 60 blocks up. You can see it for miles. That method is too time-consuming on Astroneer, and the game doesn't load terrain far enough away. And hey - the planet is curved, unlike MC. But I think you get the point.
  4. Mcnotmac

    How 2 scrap busted exo habits

    Yeah, and can't shred medium platforms, but big ones with stuff on them, you can. Then winch the unmovable item off, but can't pick it up to shred. So weird.
  5. Mcnotmac

    What the Heck Wreckage is This?

    Yeah, I had a heckuva time trying to build a shuttle there. You can see in the photo that I had plenty to start a secondary base (was lost for 2 hours by that point, why the heck not?), but holy hannah, getting the ground level enough (something I'm pretty good at, usually) for a shuttle became impossible. I marked it with a beacon and went hunting again for my home base, which I found about 30 mins later. So I'll build a shuttle at home and go back to it, as close as I can. I left a fair bit of stuff behind. It'll be cool to muck with it a bit. Power on all corners worked really well when I was there the first time. Can't wait until we can build these ourselves, if that ever happens. I did build a vehicle bay and put it on the roof thinking that it was flat enough. I see with the above comment that I should have put a little layer of soil down. I'll try that when I head back. Thanks for the comments!
  6. Mcnotmac

    Should i buy it?

    From an ex-hardcore player's POV: 1) Sometimes, they're really awesome (we begged for updates to rovers for about a year - finally done and drive properly!), and sometimes it seems that all they did was invent stuff to waste time and stretch out game play (salvaging, which I don't think added diddly-squat). Sometimes, it seems that they push things out just to be able to say they pushed something out (just a recolour or changed some symbols). So it's about 50/50. 2) I'm an absolute sucker for sandbox games. Actually, I'm a sucker for nearly any game, but I digress. I like that it's one of those games where I can walk away and go back to as I please and that I can play alone. I don't need to be with someone, and if I'm interrupted, it's no biggie - I just walk away and go back to it later. What I strongly dislike about it is that there is (in my opinion, anyway) absolutely no reason to go to another planet, other than to say you've been there. Because rare items (titanium, lithium & coal, for example) can be found on the base planet in abundance through exploring, there's pretty much no reason to go to another planet. The challenge is strongly diminished by this. If they'd eliminate these three items from the base planet and not make it so easy to get them right off the bat (trade platform/scrapping, foraging wrecks), then there would be a reason to go to these other planets (want a battery? Get lithium from another planet. Winch? Titanium!), and increase the challenge. As it stands now, I'm on the base planet, have played maybe a couple of hours, and from foraging (I don't use a trade platform - feels like a cheat code to me, and I use the mineral extractor very sparingly, if at all) and have batteries galore, power packs, O2 tanks, and pretty much anything & everything a gal could want. It's what I strongly dislike about this game and why I quit shortly after every patch comes out, and in high hopes, play again after a few months. 3) It's interesting to play because there's no other sandbox like it, because there's absolutely zero chance of death if I have to walk away (once you have some experience with the game, anyway... I died a LOT the first few times I played), and I do walk away a fair bit, and because it's a nice calm game to play. If you want death & destruction, this is NOT the game for you whatsoever. Why would you buy it? It's 20 bucks - dirt cheap for a game that's certainly fun and developing. Where else are you gonna get a bunch of hours of entertainment? A movie is more than that at the theatre and that's only 90 mins .You'll get far more than that out of this.
  7. So, I'm hideously lost on my planet, and working on getting home. Lots to see, and it's been oh... close to two hours I've been wandering. I'll get there, eventually, not worried, or I'll just start a new base. Interesting thing is what's in the photo. In 2 hours of wandering (and a zillion hours gameplay), I've never ran across it. I like it. I want it. A turbine & solar on every spot... soooo sweet for power. It's mounted in black rock though, so I can't even drag it to the north pole. Anyone else seen it and used it with success? I'm curious!
  8. Mcnotmac

    Shredder review

    Sorry, but I disagree. I don't see it as a new dynamic addition. I tried it, found it annoying that I can't pick up scrap while exploring (we need a way to carry it - some time of storage bucket) and because it takes a bit to shred, the shredder sorely needs a hopper. That translates in to waaaaay too much time spent on a dynamic I never felt I needed in the first place, so I play without one. Sure, it's a neat idea, but the reality is: I didn't want a cheat mode (to quote your reply: "Not enough lithium? Trade. Going all spelunking without going to the surface? Trade. Never going spelunking? Trade. Lazy to go and get basic resources? Trade. Are you in a new planet that does not have a particular resource? Trade. How is not that diverse strategies?"), I want to play it out. I had already taken a dislike to the game before the last couple of patches when lithium and titanium were just stupid easy to find laying around in pretty much every wreck on the original planet. What's the point of going to another planet then, if I can find/trade whatever I want so easily? So while your points are valid, so are those of us who say it's a pointless addon - because it is. Do we need it to play the game? Nope - not for one second.
  9. Mcnotmac


    Sometimes, the world don't gen well near you. I had one gen a world that had zero resin anywhere near me within breathing distance. I just delete and start again. Happens with any resource - they're all random gen, so if you don't like it, delete & start over. Or keep it as is and consider it an advanced challenge. :D
  10. Mcnotmac

    The "Basebuilding Update" - February 22nd, 2018

    Well....?? Where is it?!! ...don't make me throw a temper tantrum.
  11. Mcnotmac

    The "Basebuilding Update" - February 22nd, 2018

    Aggh! When's the update going in to Steam? I don't see it yet. Deleted my worlds & everything! *stomps foot*
  12. Mcnotmac

    Crane View

    The crane also has a nasty habit of shifting & moving & sliding when using it - dangerous.
  13. Mcnotmac

    "The Excavation Update" - October 12th, 2017

    LOVE the update! The Rover still bucks sometimes, but it's far less and usually reserved for when you have a research on the back. Come to a complete stop and it seems to reset a bit, so a vast improvement. I still think tethers break far too easily. Smoothing ground near-ish causes them to fall over, even though I'm not near it. And it stops a rover dead. The research seems far more streamlined and not so impossible. I'm finding important things before hitting the 200 research mark now - much better and less 'I'm gonna punch this game'. The soil thingie is taking some getting used to, but I like it. It makes sense and the impossible 'making soil out of nothing' has been removed, so adds a bit more reality to it. Nice update, thanks for it!
  14. Mcnotmac

    Strange Mysterious Sphere?

    Please check the Wiki before posting. Egads.
  15. Mcnotmac

    Destroy items to get back resources

    Totally. I'm populating the moon right now, and accidentally built two research stations on the same base. >.< Can't bury it. I wonder if a drill bit on a crane will kill it? Hrm... too bad research is broken and I couldn't get a crane to save my life.