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  1. So, exactly what the Title says. My buddy and I play together and never had issues before. So now with the new game out, he can easily join my game, but if I try to join his, it always tells me his games are unavailable, even though he's in the game. Suggestions on this?
  2. Mcnotmac

    How do I...?

    You're not trying too hard. If a medium printer doesn't work, perhaps a small one will.
  3. The other day? You sure it wasn't over Christmas? They always turn in to Christmas lights during Christmas.
  4. Yup. Dynamite. Once you have a large object on a platform, it's permanent. Luckily, dynamite is super easy to find so don't bother wasting resources trying to make it.
  5. Mcnotmac


    So. You've been playing now for 10 days. You've probably figured out by now that you're asking the impossible. The Wiki is awesome, btw. Just check on there regarding methane and you could've answered yourself already Supremely handy resource:
  6. Start from scratch. With some tethers and 2 tanks of air, you can go quite a ways. Run like crazy in one direction, rinse & repeat. You'll find something eventually. Dig straight down - you'll hit caves faster. It's a great challenge! I've been there before, but it's not hard to reboot unless by some really weird spawn you have zero resources around you. If you don't see it, dig for it.
  7. You're welcome. I enjoy skewing the heck outta these things. I'm not your typical demographic
  8. You can get around needing to have to use a drill for almost all of it. You can skim the surface with an inhibitor mod. It will get the vast majority without a drill. Alternatively, you can simply use the terrain tool to elevate terrain on top, then remove it. It will dig holes in to the black rock, allowing you to collect the resources. It won't completely get everything, but a heckuva lot more than it would by just doing nothing.
  9. You don't say what's missing, just what you do have. A little more info please?
  10. Just a little secret: A large solar panel has the power of maybe 2 medium ones - not always worth the work of dragging the thing home and setting it up. That being said, get it sitting up & pointed in the right direction, and it'll get sunlight way longer than the mediums.
  11. THIS! SOooOoOooooo much this! I too am a 'from way back' gamer, preferring the grind to hand-held 'here's godmode' gaming. I'm willing to put the time in to Astroneer (and already have) but I rarely have the gumption to go farther than to one planet, cuz why bother? I can get what I want from the trade platform and scrap is absolutely everywhere. That being said, it'll get there, I'm sure. ...I hope so!
  12. Normally, I get annoyed with dumb complaints, but I'm throwing my lot in with the 'waiting for planets to align' crew. I posted a screenshot about a month ago in that particular forum. All of the planets decided to align in a straight line and nothing came anywhere near me. It was a loooooooong wait to finally get moving again. That's what YouTube is for, I guess. I have a huge monitor - I just put a browser window to half of the screen and voila - YouTube & can still watch for when a planet comes in to range.
  13. It had babies... LOTS of babies. This entire cave was full of them. Alas, I've already researched everything, so they died in vain. Ah, well.
  14. LOL! You sound like someone took away god mode and that's the only mode you know how to play in. Play the game! I LOVE that it's harder - by miles - to get resources. Before, we were fed everything by the bucketload. Now we have to actually (gasp!) think. So, unless you're incapable of that, enjoy.
  15. Kill you?? Slow down a bit then. Truly, there's nothing in this game that'll kill you. I haven't died in about a year. Everything is really easy to spot and avoidable/killable.