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  1. Mcnotmac

    The "Basebuilding Update" - February 22nd, 2018

    Well....?? Where is it?!! ...don't make me throw a temper tantrum.
  2. Mcnotmac

    The "Basebuilding Update" - February 22nd, 2018

    Aggh! When's the update going in to Steam? I don't see it yet. Deleted my worlds & everything! *stomps foot*
  3. Mcnotmac

    Crane View

    The crane also has a nasty habit of shifting & moving & sliding when using it - dangerous.
  4. Mcnotmac

    "The Excavation Update" - October 12th, 2017

    LOVE the update! The Rover still bucks sometimes, but it's far less and usually reserved for when you have a research on the back. Come to a complete stop and it seems to reset a bit, so a vast improvement. I still think tethers break far too easily. Smoothing ground near-ish causes them to fall over, even though I'm not near it. And it stops a rover dead. The research seems far more streamlined and not so impossible. I'm finding important things before hitting the 200 research mark now - much better and less 'I'm gonna punch this game'. The soil thingie is taking some getting used to, but I like it. It makes sense and the impossible 'making soil out of nothing' has been removed, so adds a bit more reality to it. Nice update, thanks for it!
  5. Mcnotmac

    Strange Mysterious Sphere?

    Please check the Wiki before posting. Egads.
  6. Mcnotmac

    Destroy items to get back resources

    Totally. I'm populating the moon right now, and accidentally built two research stations on the same base. >.< Can't bury it. I wonder if a drill bit on a crane will kill it? Hrm... too bad research is broken and I couldn't get a crane to save my life.
  7. Mcnotmac

    Found a striped ball that does nothing

    LOL! Best. Reply. Ever.
  8. Mcnotmac

    Research in 0.3.102 "Fundamentally Broken"

    And now a new one: Research is repeating itself. I got all happy because I finally got a research that didn't give me supplies. Woot! Exciting! Maybe a shuttle or truck or large storage or something useful instead of discovering every gun mod known to man within the first 60 seconds of the game!!! No. We've discovered something I ALREADY KNOW. /facepalm. You've got to be kidding me. Not only does it now take 50 years (aka: more than 200 discoveries at times to get something useful), now it's giving me something I already know. Because hey, enclosed 1-person seating is just THAT useful. *grumble*
  9. Same. Deleted my 'big' save (where I'm settled on every planet). Not a horrid thing though, in a way. The farther I played, the worse it bugged out, until I had every bug complained about in these forums happening to me, so it's good to start fresh now & then. Annoying, but good.
  10. Mcnotmac

    Research in 0.3.102 "Fundamentally Broken"

    Oh, I totally get it and agree. I have a base on every planet. I got a large shuttle the very first research I did. Score! But, after now having settled every single planet, explored the snot out of every planet, researched so many items, I've lost count - I still have no truck. I have no crane. (a tip for those without a crane to dig titanium/lithium rocks, btw: Use an inhibitor mod. You can get pretty much 90% of it) There's a few other things I don't have yet, but those two stand out by miles. I actually JUST got a drill bit. But the amount of research I had to go through, just to get that, is insane and I really don't have the patience to farm for a million more hours of research for a truck, so I'm pretty much done until it updates a bit (and my little rover stops floating off in to la-la land and/or bucking upside down while driving). Love the game, but lordy, it needs to move forward - seems like it's been moving backwards lately.
  11. Mcnotmac - Steam - Vehicle Physics

    I've found that the drunken driving thing is best solved by making sure that 1) your camera angle is always facing forward and 2) if it goes screwy, stop completely and rest a sec before trying again (with the camera angle in the proper spot). Failure to do so causes the vehicles to drive like a drunk squirrel is at the seat. ...and for me to throw things.
  12. Mcnotmac

    201 - XB1 - Paper Rovers

    In PC too. They go flying off at the slightest little thing. Wind storm = disconnect from main tether and flying away. Zoom! And then, because they buck and climb invisible hills or whatever stupid thing they're doing, you get to spend 98235728975 hours crawling to cover all of 100 feet to the tune of every power source in a zillion mile radius. SO frustrating. I know, I know - pre-alpha. But it's been that for a helluva long time, and the rover thing is getting worse, not better. *mutter* I SO want to enjoy this game, but it's kind've unplayable.
  13. Mcnotmac

    Rover Problems

    This has been extensively discussed in the main forum about rover problems...
  14. Mcnotmac

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    This is happening for pretty much everyone. There's zero point in making a rover right now, they're absolutely useless. >.<
  15. Mcnotmac

    201 - steam - die and respawn in vehicle

    To my understanding, you respawn at your last save point. That's kinda what I chalked it up to when I respawn at my truck or shuttle or whatever.