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  1. FYI for anyone else with this issue, it works. Can still run borderless too with windowed mode and using Borderless Gaming (or any equivalent software) to get it borderless.
  2. Well the game isn't "crashing" but I'll try out and see if it works. It seems to be individuals too as my boyfriend doesn't have any issue with this. Just thought I'd report the issue.
  3. I was gonna go into options and check the graphics options as I hadn't played for a while. As soon as I press options (in a save or in the menu) my FPS goes from its usual smooth 60FPS (good job on that front guys, like smooth FPS) to about 2 FPS. In the menu I go down to 20 or less FPS. Tested several times, it's 10/10 times it does this. Closing the options menu doesn't help, it gets stuck on bad FPS.