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  1. Please consider adding a mechanical parking brake to all rovers. One that doesn't require power to stop the rover when occupied. It is quite the experience to run out of power down a hill, and have absolutely no way to stop your rover from falling into a pit. A mechanical brake is common on most vehicles as a safety measure, since it requires no active power to engage. Please consider adding stabilization arms to large rovers with cranes, these will lock in place when the crane seat is occupied. There is still a problem with entering a crane seat and the rover starts sliding down a hill... and since you aren't "driving" it, there is no way to stop it, without exiting. The world isn't flat, and shouldn't be. But having no way to deal with inclines when in a no power scenario is a real problem.
  2. So here is my tip for someone starting out with limited resources near to the drop zone (which is rare, but does happen to me from time to time): If you have resin nearby, but no compound: - get the medium platform and fabricator from the initial landing zone inspect - print a large platform - unpack it, and carry it around while searching for compound. Drop it if you need air supply. If you have compound, but no resin: - follow the tutorial and craft the generator and then craft the tethers However, if you truly do not have resin or compound nearby: - This is an opportunity for your enhancement request, and I suggest instead of us already knowing the blueprint with no nearby materials (as you mentioned is the initial problem), the dev team could give us a stack of tethers as part of our initial supply. This gives us the tools we need to find materials, but still forces us to learn the research catalog.
  3. Ok, so one thing that isn't specifically asked for in the bug submission template, is whether the but exists on a save file, and what version that save file was last played. This bug happened on save files from 0.6.8 when played on a 0.7.0 client. I started a new world, found a doll, and this bug did not happen. Maybe it is only with the old save files?
  4. Summary: - Steam - Graphical Vehicle bug, vehicle still functional Description: Upon first logging into my world tonight after playing earlier, the wheels of my rover appear to have the "moving dust" affect applied even though it is stationary. After entering the vehicle, it works fine, and once I moved a bit, the graphic bug disappeared. This is purely graphical and does not appear to affect gameplay. Attached video. ASTRONEER (Game Preview) 5_10_2018 7_26_04 PM.mp4 Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 x64 CPU: Intel i7 4790K 4GHz GPU: Radeon RX 480 RAM: 8GB DDR3 1600Hz
  5. I found a second "astroneer doll" after driving around a bit more, and it was the same. I could not access anything on the doll backpack, but my own backpack was fine to access. So getting into and out of a vehicle didn't seem to help. I also noticed that there was a second set of backpack items under the first doll. I didn't restart to main menu, but I can try it later today.
  6. Summary: - Steam - Unable to take Inventory off dead Astroneer Description: I found a fallen astroneer in the caves. I used to be able to remove the items on the backpack. After this patch (5/8) i can no longer select the items on the backpack of the fallen astroneer. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 x64 CPU: Intel i7 4790K 4GHz GPU: Radeon RX 480 RAM: 8GB DDR3 1600Hz
  7. I have the same problem reproducible on all planets, and vehicles. I am able to enter the vehicle, if I pick the seat up and put it back in place, then without moving the cursor, use the E. So my best guess it is that there is a problem with the hover action not selecting the seat, even though the context menu pops. I do not have the same issue with the crane like some people do.
  8. The only problem with making it a suit augment is that currently there is no keybind for a suit mod activation. All suit mods (at least the ones I've researched) are passive, with no activation required. But I like the idea of dangling from a rope and harvesting in a vertical column cave/hole.
  9. Ideas for improving exploration - As others have stated, a navigation pane with map and markers or a compass HUD with markers on edge is needed when exploring away from your base for any distance, especially important on small planets where the quickly rising horizon obscures even close markers - Change the color of the avatar compass, possibly dynamically or at least add an outline; when standing on snow and in full sun, the compass is unreadable Ideas for improving crane mining Crane mining on an incline is near impossible. - Levelling braces - Add braces to crane module that keeps it from moving around, and provides a stable, and un-diggable platform to mine from. - Parking brake - When not in the driver seat the rover will not slide down a hill.. so when I'm in a crane, do the same thing.. I can't drive from the crane seat, so the vehicle shouldn't move either. Ideas for improving low gravity - Slow down the vehicles to a more stable speed in low gravity planets - Make rovers more stable in general, they are somewhat unstable in normal atmo, in low grav they are nearly uncontrollable, even more so with trailers. I spend more time getting out to flip the rover, even when only tapping on the 'gas pedal' to go in a straight line. Ideas to Improve base design - Make buildings movable or removable (with resource recovery). If I accidentally overlap two production stations, I can't use one of the storage sides. - Allow me to connect two buildings that were not an extension of one another. For example, I should be able to add a habitat to a line of non-station platforms, in case I learn habitat after I learn large shuttle (not where the shuttle landed though). Idea to rid the world of space debris - Resource collection from space junk should be able to break down that junk into its base compounds via the smelter or drill head. Great game. My kids love it too, we wish that the co-op crashes would be fixed soon.. so many worlds to now discover as a group. Z Ideas for improving terrain tool - Allow 'profiles' for the terrain tool. Create an alternate terrain tool mod config, based on the mods in your backpack. Cycle between them, so that an inhibitor mod can be switched off and on quickly, instead of pulling it off and on the tool to disable it. - Toggle Mod Power (If above suggestion is too complex) . We have 3 attachment points, but maybe there should be a way to cycle through them, toggle the mod on or off, without removing it from the tool. I could potentially see mods flying if I went to cycle my profile, and there was no room on the backpack.