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  1. StubbornDonkey

    Controller Layout

    I suggested being able to adjust button mapping for xbox, didn't get a lot of feedback about it. But I think at the very least a layout in the menu screen should be available to see which button does what. For example, we can set up 4 emotes but on a controller only 3 can be used (that I've found so far). This is because they use the D-Pad and the bottom direction is used to drop tethers. Only having 3 emotes isn't a big deal but I'd like to know what controls I may be missing out on. The tutorial only covers so much; things like rotating platforms, changing camera distance, even just sprinting; are trial and error and could mean making it back before running out of oxygen.
  2. Assuming the planet resets to its original state, wouldn't that mean that resources would reset? What's to prevent someone from exploiting this in a save to basically beat the entire game from the start? Would it reset all the research pods? What about the random resources in crashes? I agree the lag created on the xbox specifically can be ridiculous but I don't think a reset would be particularly fair.
  3. StubbornDonkey

    Buggy Speed/Handling

    This could just be the low fps on xbox, but I feel like the speed and maneuverability of the buggy has gone down. For that reason I almost see no reason to even craft it anymore. I'd like to see the buggy move faster and have better handling then the other vehicles. This way if I'm just running out to get some extra materials (maybe I realized I need more space so I'm getting resin to build storage) I can jump in there fly across the land and grab a few. If I'm going for a resource run though I use a rover train. The tractor would eventually become obsolete mid-late game but still be great when building a new base.
  4. StubbornDonkey

    Removing modules from platforms

    I like the idea that connecting the power keeps it connected, but what happens if you're just trying to reposition things? You could be back to juggling just because you want to move whole platforms.
  5. Instead of being able to take modules (ex. the research station) off of platforms to move them, I think it should require you to pack them back up first then unpack. It means yes you spend the extra time and resource, but it stops you from accidentally grabbing them off the platform, and offers a little bit of consequence. If you don't try to plan base building ahead then you have to spend the time and resources to remodel.
  6. StubbornDonkey

    Xbox button mapping

    Can we get button mapping on the xbox? After having played the pre-release and coming into 1.0 with all the buttons changed it's hard to re-learn the controls. It also doesn't help that things like the backpack get pulled up with the B button, which is commonly used across all genres to close out of menus, meanwhile the Y which previously brought it up is picking up everything nearby which is very annoying... Oops you picked up your tether, oops you picked up the research, oops you pulled the oxygen generator out of the base ...Allowing us to customize like pc has would be very helpful.
  7. StubbornDonkey

    Power should be more of a problem.

    Check out Z1Gaming on youtube, he's doing a retro series re-playing older versions of astroneer. Back in some of the original designs you would lose power while using the terrain tool, then it would slowly trickle back. If you compare it to play now you can see a possible reason why they decided to make that change.
  8. What about requiring the canisters to be made, and therefore re-usable. So long as empty canisters are available then it continues to produce. It could also allow for the mixing of gasses or containment of other resources, expanding the canister usage. This shape is for soil, this for gas, and this for liquids, etc. This or similar ideas have been posted before and I think it still holds.
  9. What about using this landing pad that unfolds upon drop pod departure as a place to launch things such as the trading platform or various helpful satellites? For example, the small shuttle builds on the pad, you get the one time use per solid-fuel thruster. Add the trading platform (with a lowered creation cost?) on top and each trade costs scrap and a thruster. This gives making the permanent thruster more use than fast rovers. Alternate attachments can be put on to the small shuttle to launch various satellites. For example; the wish for a GPS satellite, a locator for specific items (landing locations, wrecks, resources), a communications array for missions or intercept strange transmissions, deep space scanner for discovering more planets (making barren the only option to travel to until this is built). This can also avoid some pre-rendering situations that can cause the game to lag since certain items or planets may not be revealed until such satellites are up. It also gives re-purpose to the small shuttle which just sits idle once the others are built.
  10. StubbornDonkey

    Planet Suggestions

    I know the devs have said they plan to add more worlds at release or even after, and I was wondering if we could get a topic going with suggestions from everyone about what kind of planets or terrain and their features they would like to see in the future. This is not what will be coming out or should come out at launch. This is for future content updates and dlc to keep this game going great for a long time to come. To kick things off, I've seen a lot of suggestions for water to be added, but what about a desert world? Somewhere with wide open ranges, few entrances to the cave systems, and ground with sand like properties where removing it actually has gravity act upon it and land cascades in to fill the void. Not only would it be a challenge to find resources above but it would be a blast to fly across the land in the buggy trying to find the nearest mountain range or rare resource native to this kind of land. there could be plant types that shoot spikes rather than gas clouds So to simplify: Desert biome, Sand that shifts when vacuumed, vast open spaces with little to no debris (Rovers and Buggies at top speeds!), Few and far between landmarks like mountains and canyons, dangerous flora.
  11. StubbornDonkey

    Unlimited storage

    Lately I have seen a lot of people mentioning they wanted a storage with a virtually unending amount of storage. And while I like the idea of minimizing the space for end-game bases, I feel like there definitely has to be limitations. So I'd like to put it out there that should this become a thing, it should require the XL platform in size. This prevents using it on shuttles and on rovers giving a little challenge rather than throwing it on one of those and taking it wherever you need to. If you want unlimited resources you should play in a creative mode, if you want a real challenge make the individual storages.
  12. StubbornDonkey

    Train Concept (3D concept included)

    I love this idea and personally prefer the first example, with a more minimal space allowance. Add a Large storage on if you need more space, connect up to 4 cars max would be a good number to me. The crane could be used to place tracks as you go, like crafting extenders except larger so you attach it to the crane head and it adds something like 20-50 spaces per piece of track, maybe as far out as the crane can reach so that the crane controls the direction it goes as it lays the track. I could see this as a use for the nanocarbon alloy to create the platforms.
  13. StubbornDonkey

    Protection net on Arid

    I like the idea of this but agreed building walls doesn't work. Z1 Gaming did a youtube video with a whole base built and they were spawning inside his base and this was after the crafting update
  14. +1! Maybe just have everything that starts boxed possible, but the % of occurence drop depending on the type of wreck and rarity of object (like atmo condensor and chem lab being high due to resource requirements)
  15. I think that's the idea, While a larger one may take longer, it allows you to leave to search for more, or the resources to build whatever you may be trying to research with those bytes. If you take a look at the wiki or handbook there are some that are more optimal for bytes per minute but if you really want higher, just build more research stations and run more at once. That's the beauty of base building.