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  1. My fps is exactly the same as last patch. The framerate issues are not graphics related, there is something going on in your code. Please return the old lighting system. The new patch literally deleted a lot of beauty and charm from the game , and offers zero fps increase in return. I use the tethers to light my base, and it looked fantastic last patch, and now it looks dull without the lighting from the tethers. 4790k. 16gb RAM. 980ti. Windows ten.
  2. i suppose i derped.
  3. Its good to hear communication directly from the devs. Ill be keeping an eye out for a patch.
  4. Yep, anytime i drive my truck anywhere the frames tank. However, it might be because i have two trucks attached to one. Maybe the physics calculations are screwing up.
  5. thats pretty funny. I havent had that happen to me yet, but i have had the pilot seat disappear off of my truck when i turned around. stranded me out in the middle of nowhere. had to suffocate, build another rover, just to recover the research on the rover that got left.
  6. I agree with, and have suggested this in other threads. Seems like a memory leak to me as well.
  7. Yes, ive slid great distances in this game, for no apparent reason.
  8. nothing to be sorry about. post in here again when linked to youtube upload
  9. Im pretty sure when you go to a new planet u need to attach a habitat to the shuttle to take with you. HOWEVER, i am not 100% on that, just something to try.
  10. A lot of games in pre alpha do this. I know star citizen does. Its because they have debugging software running on the gpu, keeping it from being utilized 100%. Also, cpu optimization is a whole different beast. I checked and it said the game was only using like 14 percent of my cpu, and 25 percent of my gpu power.
  11. Im thinking the fps issues are stemming from the physics and or voxel system theyre using. I think they need to pour over that code and see whats tanking the perf. But , im no dev, just help QA games in the past.
  12. I got zero fps improvements. Something is happening where the game keeps on needing more and more resources the longer a save game is active. I believe, something that is supposed to "deactivate", or stop itself when its finished, or when you walk away from it is continuing to consume cpu resources, causing the fps drops over time. I believe it may be related to how many changes the player makes to the environment. Which is the "leak" i was talking about.
  13. " The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. " when i click your link