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  1. Becouse i am deuteranomal (colorblind type)
  2. it`s mean we agree with you. like this
  3. Players in battlefield 4, 3. create their servers, They rly made servers in their houses or rent it. In arma 2 dayz mod players making servers. rly in their house locate mini server. And another players can found their servers in server browser and join.
  4. Suggest add tank in game. Will can build a tank, and shotong with dinamyte, play with friends in tank battle
  5. I suggest to add camer what we have in creative in travel mode. for camera need to make control station. This will help us to found and collect something. Make it like cameras in game "Subnautica"
  6. + Maybe make it like in battlefield 4, 3.
  7. Oh and i suggest solar panels take damaged and destroyed on atrox because so heat and hard sun
  8. Food what we can take from special palnts. Plant seed and grow plants for food. this plants give us fruit, what we can press F and eat it.
  9. Sylva - just rain. Solar panels dont work but wind generators work Calidor - drouth (at day). Oxtgen faster ends, Solar panels meke more energy. Vesania - acid rains. Give us small damage Glacio - Big frozen wind (at night). Make us slow move and freeze us, whe we feeze we die. Atrox - radioactive wind (sometimes). And heat sun (at day). Radioactiwe wind will give us big damage. Heat sun will give us damage if we stay long time at sun. And faster oxygen ends.
  10. Now we have small and medium genrators. I suggest add in game big Nuclear generator. This will give us most energy, but use fuel uranus, what we can found only in mantle of atrox. And this uranus need to be dangerous for astronaut when he carries it. And need one more new resourse plumbum. with plumbum we can make nuclear reactor. For nuclear 2 lead, and 2 nanocarbon alloy. room for this nuclear reactor like for big shredder. ~25000 bytes for reserch. (at your discretion) energy 50-100 u/s (at your discretion) Working time 2-5 hours hours.(at your discretion) Because we cant carrien Uranus, we need auto arms and, auto extractor for carried it, or special transport and costume. Or plumbum boxes.