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  1. if the large shuttle is landing on Tundra the game crashed in Space and goes back to the desktop. System: 64 Bit windows 10 pro 15063.674 CPU I7-6700 k RAM 32GB Grafik Geforce GTX 970
  2. The rover was parked in a cave, nevertheless, he flew to heaven. The game is not playable when the rover always disappear
  3. with the rover in space
  4. I'm flying in the rover
  5. Es ist egal, ob ich die Rover mit einem Modul verbunden habe oder nicht, wenn ich von einem anderen Planet komme fliegt der Rover. Das Parken der Rover in einer Höhle bringt auch nichts. Mittlerweile habe ich mehrere Rover in der Luft.
  6. Since the patch 10201, stored scopes (stored by entering the Truk) are deleted after completing the game. The games are stored with me in C: \ Users \ Heinz \ AppData \ Local \ Packages \ SystemEraSoftworks.29415440E1269_ftk5pbg2rayv2 \ LocalState \ Astro \ Saved \ SaveGames