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  1. i dont understand the update u would fix the pc AND XBOX crashing and missing rover and ships instead of doing whats going on the video the video is good BUT there is a lot of crashes on xbox 160+ days still NO fix fix it
  2. lol Martin

    Too many crashes

    are u one the xbox its been happening to me :-(
  3. 1.when u play for about 1 hour jump in the rover when u played for 1 hour with a loaded rover then it crashes restart losted everything in the rover and everything u do (MAD) 2.when u log on my rover is flying away and gone (MAD) 3.I can understand if it happens not much but i had the game crash a lot and this has been doing this for over 165 day it was posted on the game forum and people are getting bad i would like to know when this is going to get a little patch doing stuff in the game for 1 or 2 hours and everything is lost makes people mad and they quit the game i understand it still getting build on the xbox but when its been doing it for OVER 100 days and its still not fixed if i know about the bad bugs i would have never got the game (not a happy BUYER) i can 4. why havent u all fixed it been over 100 days the saving only when u jump in the rovers and it crashes its B.S why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not a happy gamer !!!!!!!!!!!!!! MartinTooOne