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  1. Experimental build. The good, the bad, and the iffy

    I assume you see this is a positive change? I myself really like how there is a more of a natural progression now due to the changes to the power system.
  2. Multiplayer with One Last Midnight

    I am forced to asssume One Last Midnight provided you with plenty of the much-needed oxygen, didn't he? Haven't tried Multiplayer either... might try it once there is a lot to discover/ create in the world of Astroneer.
  3. That would most probably take away from the fluidity of the revelations of the planets... it would interrupt, resume, interrupt etc. like a loading bar usually does.
  4. Experimental build. The good, the bad, and the iffy

    The experimental build was released almost 2 months ago today, and has not changed since, as far as I know. That being said, the main branch has since received updates that did not affect the experimental build, like the toggle-to-sprint -option, I guess. I do not intend to be rude, but please always read what others have said about a particular topic before you post - there has been a lot of discussion about sediment as a resource etc. Other than that - I am fairly sure you will see an updated version of the experimental build in the main branch of the game "rather" soon (very soon)...
  5. Smelter Auto-Transfer

    Yes. Just like putting building materials on the printer/ vehicle bay, and drawing useable resources from the backpack starting from the top slots.
  6. Concrete (solid) mod

    There is one problem about terrain unresponsive to the standard terrain tool"s function... that being the very real possibility of unintentionally caging yourself... Sometimes, you may not even be able to respawn after suffocation due to tethers, base modules or vehicles around... Maybe an option to respawn can fix this issue, but I feel this, combined with solid terrain, might not fit well with the basic principles of Astroneer. Ideas?
  7. Talking about the silence before the storm.... I hope.
  8. Speed control--refresh control

    You can almost always "slingshot" around other planets. When you are, for example, on Terran and Tundra is outside of the shuttle's range, fly to the planet that is somewhat closer to Tundra, and then another one... eventually you will get there.
  9. New tyres for the large rover

    If you haven't already, check out vlog012 to see a new prototype of vehicle/ base modularity. This prototype is as close as it gets to allowing different kinds of wheels, so.... I think there is a good chance your wish will be fulfilled eventually.
  10. New Astroneers - Customization

    Oh wow, looking forward to it!
  11. New Astroneers - Customization

    Those are some nice drawings! (love the idea of a helmet from Alien, also, the Exo-version reminds me of Emile from Halo: Reach ) As far as I know, the developers mentioned that they plan on adding planet-themed suits. I think that this is an idea that fits the game really well... and, if the suits require researching other planets to unlock, players will be given a good reason to actually travel to these planets. I have posted this in a topic before, but what do you think about suits giving specific bonuses? To give you an example, one of the suits I imagined was the Exo-suit. I have called it that way because of the suit's exoskeleton, which gives the player a certain resistance against impacts/ physical harm. This suit would be unlocked by researching a certain amount of Artifacts (research items) on Arid. The idea is then, that when the player is using this suit, it is possible/ easier to explore a more dangerous biome on Arid, that contains rare research items, for example. This biome could, for example, be the equatorial region of Arid, where there is lots of Sand, little cover, many storms and few resources. In principle, every suit could be designed to excel in a certain biome. What do you think? Maybe you could even draw some
  12. Someone buy Aaron a drink, he did a great job.
  13. Like, maybe, something of that sort? (the design is only meant to visualise the idea) Since terrain filtering is established in Astroneer now, the concept could be taken a step further by giving the terrain tool the ability to filter power out of sediment, effectively supplying itself. Changing this still allows the terrain tool to be used without power, but at a cost (Less/no sediment gain, for example). The point is that there should always be the possibility to use the terrain tool, for when you accidentally fall into a hole etc. What do you think?
  14. Fun with cables! :D Plus new augments! :D

    Modularity will change everything No more rovers! You may even be able to build your own TRON light cycle after the update, haha...
  15. Steam recent Status

    100% agreed, reading those reviews almost makes me sad and/ or angry. What I have noticed, is that all these reviewers seem to forget the hours they spent getting to know this game. They sometimes even claim that the game has gotten "worse". A review is intended for someone who hasn't decided whether or not they want to buy a game. I'd argue that the game now is better than the one you could buy in December (with the exception of the research system, haha). But all the older players only see the "little" changes, and forget about what sense of wonder this game gave you when you first played it. (Remember all these positive reviews in December?) It might be a problem at the heart of the game. I think what is really missing in Astroneer is an option to be creative in a unique way. Unfortunately, there's very few "I couldn't have imagined doing any of this" -moments in the game. That is also why I have high hopes in the upcoming modularity update, it might just be what the game needs right now.