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  1. Love it.... still. We may have to wait a fair bit until we see anything like it in the game, tough... And thanks for mentioning volcanoes, even though I haven't even thought about them appearing as in-game events! Ring me up when we can finally go on to a diving adventure in Astroneer
  2. At least warn him about what that zebra striped chick usually does to your base...
  3. The aligment mod's functions change depending on the camera position, and the distance between the brush and the player. (maybe something else, too) Try moving the brush around while holding CTRL (without deforming) and then do the same thing again with a different camera position, you will soon find out how the augment works and be able to use the function you want.
  4. Have you created the save in ...0223? Issues like these usually happen when saves from older game versions are used.
  5. The underlying issue is inventory space, and I guess many of us relate to running out of space in the base as well... Simple solution: Reduce the resource yield of mining deposits to, say, 50%. As an example, that would mean that mining a full field of Laterite ore would yield a total of 2 Laterite nuggets, instead of 4. Fewer resource nuggets mean both more space in the inventory and less micro-management. Also, in my opinion, base modules etc. are far too cheap currently, so I think the price of printing items could remain unchanged.
  6. Why not show a simple unified "high power" symbol/ count when over, say, 5 charged batteries are connected. Only when the combined available charge is lower than 5 fully charged batteries will it display the charge sections. Also, it could be presented visually as a quarter of a ring instead of a full one, in order to distinguish it from the soil meter and reduce the visual noise. This quarter could then be displayed, say, in the lower left quarter of the terrain brush. Ideas?
  7. 1. Science-based learning Given its function, the Mineral Extractor seems inspired by centrifuges in biochemical research. When using these devices, the symmetrical placement of tubes to the center is critical in balancing centrifugal forces, which can become quite strong at high spinning speeds. When the containers of the Mineral Extractor are filled, there is no such symmetrical arrangement. As the Mineral Extractor has a total of 8 slots in the centrifuge, a symmetrical arrangement can be achieved with either 2, 4, 6 or 8 filled tanks. Here is a picture of symmetrical placement of tub
  8. Now I will dream of all these things, thanks...^^ I always wondered why there is no larger, stronger version of the terrain tool that can be placed onto a crane. Building larger structures could become a lot faster. Maybe, this larger version could even feature more augment slots than the standard terrain tool. That way, it would not only be faster, but also enable new possibilities. Here is a concept of how something like this could look: Also, I cannot stress enough how well I think the magnetic plate would fit into the game... maybe it could then even be able to collect and p
  9. Glad that I did! Insulting people definitely helps when discussing ideas... "because it got many people to play the game"... I don't know if someone who has somehow managed to stay interested in the current version of the game for 1300 hours is a reliable source of information about what "many people" like and enjoy... I will argue that achievement is one of the main reasons people enjoy games. Was there any sense of personal achievement in condensing hydrazine for free and then trading it for rare resources? (...) The harder it is to obtain resources, the more valuable they will
  10. So far I have only proposed removing the trade mechanism. I find it hard to believe that the trade platform is the sole reason for you to (literally!) play an additional 1100 hours. I am not sure if I expressed myself properly. A game would not really be a game if there was no different options of how to play it... that would then be an "interactive experience", or a film. Limiting is defining where the options end. And since any feature in a game requires time and effort to be developed, you can either spend time creating more options/playstyles, or you can invest that time in i
  11. First-time posts needing approval now might actually help with that, if the mods consider not to allow new threads for frequent suggestions...
  12. nice and relaxing, I love. You or someone else totally should make a "trailer" for the moon in Astroneer (Barren) with this song in the background. cheers!