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  1. Can someone add the ability to change from wheels to tracks, to hover engines (very costly and end game). Applies to all vehicles. Printing out tracks as wheels suck tbh.
  2. Can you automate the chem lab to process any special material please.1 at a time is so annoying.!
  3. FOundations, walls, double doors. <Massive gates. ceilings. round rooms that interconnect and so forth. Add a MASSIVE printer to create prefabricated roads. Straights, curves, crosses, + multiple angles if required or a dynamic road builder. Game would look so good with your own network of roads for each landing spot. Also automation or transfer bots that can shift materials from one hub to another base.
  4. Hi all PC version, mouse and keys. Latest version as of today. Ive tried the dropship, Large shuttle on tundra planet. Everytime it wont save where i left off. I've dropped some items to test then save neither work. If i got to save game and exit game directly same issue. But if i use save and exit to main menu. It works! Havent tested a car yet.
  5. you could add slots on the side to pile up soil and gas containers. 12 per side. Dual slots
  6. Could also be used to build prefab click in units
  7. Hi all Just an idea for constructing roads with this huge printer. (would require 16 batteries to power up). Base materials using the other road builder idea to collect, soil. power lines are inbuild into every road shape. With strip lights too. The bigger the roads the more power required. With simple click in ports for solarpower or wind units. Shapes of the roadways, straight, curve left and right, Cross, Slopes in 3 levels of incline/decline. Circle with 4 access points to join straights too. Would require aluminum, copper, soil and water/gas from gas collectors. Wide enou
  8. they need more construction options asap. It would add alot more fun and creativity to the game!
  9. what do you mean straight lines?... as in a tool to build in preset shapes?
  10. HOw about quality of materials stats = changes performance of engines etc etc. Materials randomise per 24 hours. Higher quality = better parts. Or a refiner to take twice as much material and improve its stats?... might want a torque engine vs speed... depending on the quality of materials etc.. same with lightness for rockets vs heavy for different distances at the cost of more fuel! etc etc and please add jump suits! :0)
  11. Anyone else think this would rock for building roads? or connecting prefab bases?
  12. A total of 16 parts would be best for all sorts of shapes. Even out of dirt it would be great!. Simple prefixed shapes or higher tech 3d prefabricated parts. We can build rockets but not a simple outerspace prefab??? doesnt make any sense! my 2 cents