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  1. I had another crashing problem... on one of my saves whenever I try to load it, it just crashes the game... I'm not sure why but I think it may have been the size of my base but Im not sure
  2. I imagine this is already planned as it is common in most games but I thought I should suggest just incase because it would be cool Currently in ASTRONEER on XBOX ONE you are given a choice between 4 different characters which is good so that all players get a different look but I thought it would be really cool if a more in depth customization was added which aloud you to, for example, change the helmet between a bunch of presets and the chest between presets and the legs between presets and possibley even things like the backpack, different arms, different guns and maybe even sort of accesories to allow you to spice up your character and make him perfect to you and unique... I also had a thought that it would be cool to be able to change how the characters suit looked (head, chest, legs, arms etc.) as you go through the game whenever you want with some sort of construct that allows you to build different (heads, chests, legs, arms etc.) so that you can change your character but its not like you can just do it whenever you feel like it you have to use some resources and then it adds an extra goal and fun touch to the game... Also being able to do things like symbols on the suit and marks (Like paint or scratches or something) would also be really cool because then you could have your emblem on your character or a cool symbol and it just makes it extra cool for your characters look...
  3. By Groups / Clans / Factions I mean things like if you were in a game with a group of people you could for example do a 2V2 race to another planet type of thing and so what I am thinking is maybe the ability to have seperate groups which only see your own beacons and ones from people in your group but other lone people or other groups cant see them or the icon that pops up to signify other characters (Unless in the same group). I think this could also be good if things like the base you build (For example the research station) is locked to other players in other groups and they get a seperate pod to build their own base on and instead of having PVP with things like guns and weapons you can have like a race to leave the planet which I think would make the game incredibley fun to play with friends if you want a break from co-op... I get that the game is supposed to be very passive about fighting and stuff which is why I don't suggest that the groups battle I just think it would be a neat idea to do for a diverse gameplay instead of it just being always a team and then even if you and your friends have been to all of the planets and exploration is no longer a big goal (unless of course more randomly generated exploration becomes a reality) then this means that you wont get bored of playing ASTRONEER with your friends... Not that I could ever get bored of it...
  4. My idea is to have Space Ships that are customisable possibley with blocks that snap together and the Space Ship will effectively be a way to variat from the current ship used to travel to other planets but it is customisable and if Space Stations are added they can be docked onto Space Stations... I may add more later if I have any ideas...
  5. When the hologram comes up to attatch the buggy to a part of the base if you have a solar panel on that part it just pops off... Of course this isnt very major and may not even be a bug and you probably arent even supposed to put solar panels their but I thought it best to mention it
  6. Me and my friend get the same problem, game randomly crashing in multiplayer for none host players, but the game save is fine but weirdly it seems fine for a while when we have just gone on but it sstarts getting worse after a while and im not sure but I think the further the progress in the game, as in having more stuff attatched to the pod, the worse the crashing got but once again im not sure...
  7. I have seen some other suggestions of place able blocks that snap together, it would be really awesome if we had that sort of creativity on our space station design and possibly threats to the space station to keep it interresting like astroids that have to be dodged or destroyed or something and of course if you failed the space station would loose oxygen if it was breached... Anyway those are my thoughts
  8. I agree with the flatening tool needing work but I think you should be able to edit the degrees (You could just have some area where you press a left or right arrow and it changes the degrees by 5 or 10 or something or maybe it could be the D-PAD for XBOX ONE because when you have the terrain gun out then you don't really need emotes and you could do Left D-PAD angle it anti-clockwise and Right D-PAD to angle it clockwise, it could change by 5 or 10 or something to make it quicker and easier and up could be to like reset it to 90 degrees or something) of the angle and copy like it currenly does or just the degree altering one