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  1. darthvidiot

    yellow ""

    after i choose to play astroneer on steam and click windowed or fullscreen, the following message shows up ASTRONEER is attempting to launch with the operational parameters shown below. " " (these quotes are yellow in color) If you did not request this launch or do not understand these options, click cancel. and thats it and i can either press cancel or ok, pressing ok causes the prompt to reappear. clicking cancel keeps the prompt away but astroneer does not launch help!!11!11!!@11!11
  2. darthvidiot

    graphical options

    thanks ill see if it works
  3. darthvidiot

    graphical options

    scratch that about the shader caches fixing the crashes, but it did help my framerate a ton
  4. darthvidiot

    graphical options

    i think i may have found a way to bypass the crashes and that is by turning off shader caches. still need dem grafix options tho
  5. darthvidiot

    graphical options

    From what i was able to play (due to crashes) this game looks great. The only problem is im not a person with a very good computer. Maybe you guys should implement shader and texture control, as it would make the game playable for us plebians who only have medium-high computers. Again, this game looks great but i cannot play for more than two minutes without crashing due to shaders.