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    Calm Down, this problem has been solved in the last update this morning !
  2. When we were in patch 196, I wanted to play but the game was always crashing when trying to change somes settings or load a saved game. This morning I saw a new update on steam for Astroneer and I was happy, saying to myself "They probably solved the problem ! I'll be able to play again !". But the problem still there and I'm still sad. Why System Era :'(? Here some logs. Hope you'll fix the problem because I don't seem to be the only player in this case. P.S: Sorry for my French English.
  3. manelGad

    Error loading save

    Intel core I5 5200U, with Nvidia GeForce 830M (yeah, that's such a tiny configuration). But the game only crash while trying to access the settings or a saved game. If I launch a new game, it works.
  4. manelGad

    Error loading save

    I still can't play my favorite game because it crash everytime I want to open my last save or the settings menu :'(. Please do something System Era.
  5. manelGad

    Error loading save

    Hello there, I experienced the same problem. Everytime I try to access to the settings or my save file, the game crash and I'm feeling very sad. I tried to launch the game as an administrator and to update it to the last experimental build, no way. I'm on steam, windows 8.1 and... I don't know what else.. Here's the logs. Hope you'll find a solutions.