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    XBOX "Invite to Game" Grayed Out

    I have the same problem on PC
  2. Pavel Machálek

    "197 - Hotfix" - July 28th, 2017

    Cant play crossplatform multiplayer. Please fix this thing Please...
  3. Pavel Machálek

    Play anywhere

    Well multiplayer with Xbox and Windows is not working in current state. Will this be fixed?
  4. Pavel Machálek

    Multiplayer problem!

    Hi. I cant join my friends. Game tells me failed to join session. How to fix it? Bought from Windows Store.
  5. Pavel Machálek

    "197 - Hotfix" - July 28th, 2017

    A cant join to my friends game. The Game is always saying fail to join session. He is on Xbox. I play the game on PC.
  6. So I have a problem with multiplayer. This game support crossplatform play between XONE and WINDOWS 10. So my friend got game on XBOX ONE and I got the game on WINDOWS 10. He send me invite but when I press join, the game tells me "CANT JOIN THE SESSION". So I cant play the multiplayer. Please some ideas what to do? Please? (Sorry about my english)