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  1. Found a massive scrap solar panel, and pushed it back to my base! I was able to hook it up with a car. Tons of power!
  2. boates

    Oxygen Tank

    An o I have little idea what caused it, it happened when I was underground, and most likely when a tether broke. Connected to the base does not fill it; Disconnected it doesn't get drained. Specs; i5-4460, 16GB, GTX 660, Win7
  3. boates

    Found a Marble

    Any idea what it's for?
  4. Tethers pass through terrain to connect with one a other, and re-link themselves when I leave the area, on one hand I find this un-immersive; and on the other hand, it causes problems When I leave an area for long enough, my tethers will reset and re-join to the closest one, whether they do, or do not, have site of each other. Not only ruining a very cool system/aesthetic; but it will disconnect me from my base, faze into caves underneath my base, or even go through wall that I don't have immediate access to.
  5. boates

    Recent Update

    The recent update made my FPS drop by 20 Used to be 40-50; Now it's 15-20 Specs; i5-4460, 16GB, GTX 660, Win7