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    Personal suit details

    So, what I suggest: Flags on suits depending of country that set in Steam/Xbox etc. Flags can be on shoulder like IRL Nickname on suit instead of standard that hovers above player. It can be placed in middle of chest It's just simple detail, but it adds more personality for each player. It was inspired by real spacesuits. And also once in vlog you told that want change all interface to more in-gamish, not just abstract things which appear from nowhere.
  2. Gelbin Mekkatorque

    View distance setting bug

    Steam version, Keyboard/mouse, patch 197 When you trying to set view distance to less than max and apply it, screen turns black. After restart setting restores.
  3. Gelbin Mekkatorque

    "Experimental Test 001: Gamepad Controls" - July 26th, 2017

    I meant only new gamepad controls prototype
  4. Gelbin Mekkatorque

    "Experimental Test 001: Gamepad Controls" - July 26th, 2017

    It's very comfortable, but: 1)Terrain Tool seems too sensitive 2)all items automaticly place on your shoulders(not comfortable) And suggestion what if when you hold big(tier-2) items you'll use two hands and move slower, but if it small item we'll use left hand (it unlock terrain tool, but move slower when hold item and tool at the same time) and not lose speed