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  1. But actually, this happened to me too. I build a second one however and that one worked normally.
  2. It's not a glitch. The space station has just given up hope on you colonizing the planet. It is their calling card way of saying SEE YA!
  3. That tends to happen when you have discovered everything at the moment. Sometimes it does happen prematurely. The images that cycle around the researcher are not items you haven't learned yet. They seem to be placeholder images. There are certain items in the game however, you can find that can not be researched or built yet, like the jet and the propellor.
  4. That is the winch my friend, but that is a crazy glitch. Normally doesn't do that. You are able to attach it to trucks and rovers to pull larger objects.
  5. Yeah, that happens I am sure the devs are aware of it. I have seen numerous posts about it. Until then, try to avoid doing that :P!
  6. Are you installing the C++ through steam while trying to install Astroneer? Or are you getting that message when going through Microsoft?
  7. That could very well be the problem. I have not seen any other posts dealing with a server execution error. What is your internet speed? A spotty connection to the steam server could be failing mid download, resulting in that error.
  8. You can use it when attached to a truck/rover to pull things! Just grab the tip and click it onto the object you want to pull.
  9. I do not know officially, but I have noticed after having the post up for about 10 minutes you can no longer edit it. There may be a time lock on editing the posts.
  10. Daroguetoaster


    Currently, Astroneers is only for windows 7+ and Xbox One. In the future, they may plan to make a port for mac, but as of right now it is unclear.
  11. The core solely doesn't mean you will be able to play ok. Some games are more cpu intensive, some are more gpu intensive. I would try what @Sacred said
  12. The multiplayer works by other players joining your single player game. As soon as you exit the game, the world closes.
  13. The game is fairly unstable right now, but your graphics card is on the older side and your cpu is lacking. Other than that, you might just need to wait a little bit for some updates.
  14. The trucks like to freak out if you put certain resource nodes on them. Large batteries and large wind turbines also freak them out.
  15. I am not sure if we have permissions to do that. I am leaning on the side that we don't.
  16. I like the idea, but future ideas should be posted here: http://forum.systemera.net/forum/3-astroneer-feature-requests-ideas/
  17. It potentially could be possible for the devs to set one up, but as long as you say what your platform is when asking for help/giving help, it will cancel out the misinformation.
  18. It seems that after this latest patch, research nodes are raining from the ceilings of my caverns. Like, A LOT of them.
  19. Soweit ich weiß, ist dieses Forum besonders englisch. Aber denken Sie nicht, dass Sie nicht hier posten können! Ich persönlich benutze Google Translate, um immer noch versuchen, Menschen mit Fremdsprachen zu mir zu helfen :)
  20. Каковы ваши другие характеристики компьютера?
  21. That is not necessarily true. Also, how so?
  22. It is most likely just a regular organic resource but the texture got bugged.