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  1. That tends to happen when you have discovered everything at the moment. Sometimes it does happen prematurely. The images that cycle around the researcher are not items you haven't learned yet. They seem to be placeholder images. There are certain items in the game however, you can find that can not be researched or built yet, like the jet and the propellor.
  2. That is the winch my friend, but that is a crazy glitch. Normally doesn't do that. You are able to attach it to trucks and rovers to pull larger objects.
  3. Are you installing the C++ through steam while trying to install Astroneer? Or are you getting that message when going through Microsoft?
  4. That could very well be the problem. I have not seen any other posts dealing with a server execution error. What is your internet speed? A spotty connection to the steam server could be failing mid download, resulting in that error.
  5. There really isn't a simple fix to stop that. You just have to hang tight until the devs release an update to fix crashing/frame rate issues.
  6. Woah! I made a post about the idea of adding puzzles a few days ago. Very cool find!
  7. After attempting the fix, does the UE4/C++ error still persist? Screenshots would help a lot.
  8. If you are on PC, simply hold the Left Alt key and left click.
  9. When your friend joins your game they should land at your first habitat. While out exploring they will have a large player icon hanging over them in the sky. If you venture too far away from each other it will disappear. You will have to get back within range to find your friend. If you two are too far lost, have your friend reconnect and they will land back a base
  10. Since these is an occurring problem with many users and is being answered separately on many threads, here is the fix! 1. Uninstall Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (64x). 2. Restart your PC. 3. Install the new Microsoft Visual C++ x64 here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145 4. Restart your PC one last time. These steps have helped almost every overcome this issue, save for a few special cases. Enjoy! @SES_Zabir