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    Platform Bug

    Windows 10 64bit Steam Mouse/Keyboard Singleplayer Patch 196 Whenever I try to build a platform onto my base, it either: Appears as normal, then in the middle of construction, veers off to my left or right (most commonly right) The blue construction guide thing veers off to my left or right instead of straight in front of me, then after feeding it a stack of resin, it continues off in that direction
  2. Windows 10 64bit Steam Mouse/Keyboard Patch 196 I have recently created a shuttle and created a base on the Barren planet and wanted to find new research for a large shuttle, so I traveled to the exotic planet in hopes for new research. For a while, the game ran as it usually does, smooth and without crashes, all of the sudden, while walking across the surface, the game crashed. I shrugged it off, submitted it on that unreal engine crash report thing, and continued to play. After that initial crash, it began crashing more and more frequently, and it has even begun crashing when I try to load the save! Now, the game crashes after the System Era logo appears when I launch it and I cant get further without crashes. Please help/fix this I forgot to mention, I was playing singleplayer