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    Narrow Mod bug found

    I unlocked the narrow mod, built it, installed it on the vacuum gun, and it was not working at all. as soon as i put it on the gun, the aim of the gun (the circle with dots in it) appeared Under my character and was not moving even if i moved my mouse. I moved my character, and the aim stayed at the same place. when i right-clicked the aim dissapeared. (no difference when i closed the game and came back)
  2. -I use Mouse/Keyboard -I play on Steam -I was playing recently (Today) and i unlocked the terrain analyzer. I built it, i filled it with blue material (not light blue) and it was working just fine (i am not sure if this is a bug but the fill bar was not going down when i was placing material). I saved and i closed the game for five minutes because i had stuff to do, and when i came back(opened the game again), the bar was empty and it was not working at all. I tried to fill it up again but it wasn't sucking anything. Didn't work when placing material either. (when i left the game, the augmentation was still in my inventory)