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  1. Summary: System volume is being affecting by in game effects - this isn't clearly evident, but listening to music outside the game and playing the game has occasional effects on volume. Specifically, when collecting resources, the volume of music played outside the game decreases when the first audio effect is initialized - for instance , when popping resource bubbles. Platform: Steam, Windows 10 Version Windows 10 latest build, Ryzen 7 1800x, 16GB ddr4 3200, gpu:Asus RX Vega 64 8GB OC edition. Freesync is enabled. Audio is being routed through DP to monitor speakers.
  2. I haven't noticed a performance 'hit' with clouds - it's the post processing that kills it for me. many ways: fps drop, fuzziness, unnecessary hatch marks.
  3. This particular forum is a mess. Its lack of maintenance is starting to show. And in other forums herein or elsewhere regarding Astroneer, the lack of involvement, whether being PR or engagement has been staggeringly scarce. Not everyone wants to jump though a bunch of hoops to get on discord and those people posting here are hoping for long view type discussions. I understand the tight lipped crunch time leading up to 1.0, but this modus operandi is going to eventually take its toll on the gamers that take the time to spell out their likes, suggestions, ideas. And so on.
  4. You can also drop the stack on the ground and 'use' it from there. Sort of like the unpacking mechanics. You can also do this with tethers. Not that this is profoundly useful, I just noticed this when trying to figure out extenders.
  5. The PC version of the game appears to have a "servers coming soon" message in the multiplayer option - this is in version ~ This might mean a number of things, including low latency public servers as well as the possibility of establishing your own as part of the steam utilities - this is how they are usually made available - as a 'tool' and might be able to run headless on some AWS instance or similar.
  6. Thought you could adjust look sensitivity. The only issue i'm having with widescreen is that the UI doesn't scale properly for it. The view distance scaling is cleaved at the top and the bottom (reverse letterbox), so seeing the top of the large shuttle is a pain. Everything else is manageable I suppose.
  7. The backpack printer also allows you to store an extra resouce. If they were to implement this as you described, then you wouldn't be able to select any blueprint at all when your backpack is empty, let alone store an extra resource.
  8. radioisotope thermoelectric generator, is permanent type of power generator that doesn't require fuel - the type that your initial habitat has attached to it. Function like the 02 generator but for power.
  9. Can someone screencap the astropedia button - I feel like an idiot. I looked at this the other day, and all I saw was the tutorial screens. Maybe I should have scrolled down a little?
  10. I went over to the help section and found that, but they changed all the names of the planets. Guess I'll just have to get out into space and land somewhere. Prepared of course...
  11. I think that it would be nice if they were 'eyefinity' aware, just allowing us to set a max zoom distance for PC users should be too difficult. We just slide it out a bit to accommodate the screen elements.