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  1. ThePlumGate

    How to at least double your cargo?

    LMAO! Didn't even occur to me.
  2. ThePlumGate

    Stranded in Glacio :( (Question inside)

    nevermind, I see it now. lol.
  3. ThePlumGate

    Backpack printer - sugestion

    The backpack printer also allows you to store an extra resouce. If they were to implement this as you described, then you wouldn't be able to select any blueprint at all when your backpack is empty, let alone store an extra resource.
  4. ThePlumGate

    What is a RTG? please explain to me?

    radioisotope thermoelectric generator, is permanent type of power generator that doesn't require fuel - the type that your initial habitat has attached to it. Function like the 02 generator but for power.
  5. ThePlumGate

    Stranded in Glacio :( (Question inside)

    Can someone screencap the astropedia button - I feel like an idiot. I looked at this the other day, and all I saw was the tutorial screens. Maybe I should have scrolled down a little?
  6. ThePlumGate

    Stranded in Glacio :( (Question inside)

    I went over to the help section and found that, but they changed all the names of the planets. Guess I'll just have to get out into space and land somewhere. Prepared of course...
  7. ThePlumGate

    Ultrawide support...

    I think that it would be nice if they were 'eyefinity' aware, just allowing us to set a max zoom distance for PC users should be too difficult. We just slide it out a bit to accommodate the screen elements.
  8. ThePlumGate

    need iron on first planet

    This accurately reflects the "leap of faith" I had mentioned burring the last alpha/beta build in early access, so I'm assuming they just changed, the names - I'm disoriented, is novus the moon of the starting planet? Or have I just got to get out in to space and see what's up?
  9. ThePlumGate

    4K Wallpapers?

    I think the concept art is great, they alternate these on the website here, it's hardly 4k 'quality', but it would be great to see these made available somewhere in high res format.
  10. ThePlumGate

    Stranded in Glacio :( (Question inside)

    So where else is hematite found?
  11. ThePlumGate

    Some Beauty I Saw

    I got the same resolution, love wide screen gaming.
  12. My starting planet has massive gorges! .. massive. I remember when the occasional 'ditch' formed on the surface, an the 'hollow mountain' chasms, but this is just ..epic!
  13. ThePlumGate

    Tis October

    I keep checking the System Era YT channel hoping for a Vlog or some other news. Looking forward to Terrain 2.0 now...on maybe a beta moon.
  14. ThePlumGate

    So we have to take a leap of faith to get iron?

    Right now, it seems like the exotic planet has everything needed to craft all of the equipment we're normally used to having with the exception of sphalerite ( zinc ). ..I may be mistaken though, Barren has quite a few of the resources - I just don't know where the other gasses are. It was a bit tricky getting to exotic in one shot with a disposable thruster - it only stays in range of Terran for short period of time, then you end up staying in orbit around it on the way back unless you have other colonies you can hop to. I'm not sure the thruster is only good for one orbital switch or not - I haven't tried swapping orbits, but it seems like landing is "free" since the booster cone breaks off when you leave initial orbit. Otherwise, I've been using Radiated to slingshot ( in a medium shuttle ) since it orbits so quickly.