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  1. You're not alone , this is happening to me too.
  2. As the Title says, I cannot launch a new game. The capsule departs the ship, flies for a bit, engages the thrusters, and then I'm presented with the Select Planet orbital mechanics screen, instead of landing or in close with a planet to pick a landing zone. On the other hand, no problems at all loading an existing game from before the latest patch. I'll be doing a full re-install later this week to see if the problem sticks around. (need to do a lot of maintenance on games anyway) Oh, right, I'm playing the STEAM version of the game, on PC.
  3. Ah, that's not a terrain remnant, that's corrupted terrain, For whatever reason, when saving and/or loading the game, the terrain file can become corrupt and have portions of it be unreadable. The "solution" currently employed is to read the world-seed and re-generate the corrupt portions. Now, every so often the seed gets corrupted too, and you start winding up with really really freaky terrain.
  4. ... Aren't those Sarlaac Pits *supposed* to be immortal?
  5. First up, excellent collecting of bugs. Second, am I really the only person *not* having absurd difficulties with rover trains? (plainly not, i've seen the videos of 9 trailer large-rover trains that abuse winches to do 3 parallel sets of trailers) I'm nearly allways running around with 3 trailers, usually loaded up with large and medium storages, and often a crane on the middle trailer.
  6. A well-known (obviously not well enough) bug with terrain, loose items (including medium storage, solar panels, un-deployed modules, entire rover trains, etc, etc...) can and will, eventually, fall through the surface. Build your platforms, and slot your resource-laden storages onto those, and connect the platforms via power cables. (because "powered" platforms are locked in place, they *can't* fall through terrain)
  7. Agreed, excellent bug report. On the other hand, I'm not entirely certain it *is* a bug. It functions very well as a safety feature, preventing you from draining *all* your available power via terrain-gun.
  8. First up, it's been a bit since I last played, so the devs may have actually changed this, but: In the picture you're *not* walking through a medium generator. You're walking though a medium battery. The generator is the you-sized tower on the right of the battery. Second, I'm fairly certain this is an old, recurring bug. Good to have another report on it.
  9. Sorry for the long time since your post, I forgot to check the forums Multi-part problem, I'll list the most likely causes. (do note, I have no knowledge of what/how good you computer/network is) This could be a simple matter of your computer only barely meeting the game's minimum requirements. (I doubt this is the cause, but it *is* possible) It could be a result of you having too many things other than the game running on a system that is only somewhat better than the minimum. (very possible) Or, it could be a result of the game's less-than-stellar networking code. (for some reason, most companies ignore making good netcode, I suppose it's the actually hard part) Heck, it could even be that one of your friends has terrible internet access/a barely meeting the minimum computer. For comparison, I've got a decent computer, but *horrible* internet access. (monopolies will tend to do that) I routinely get about 10 FPS in a multiplayer game where I'm the host, and about 30FPS if someone else is the host. (and on the lowest graphics settings too) Either way, rubber-banding (snap-back) is common, and if everyone is using their terrain-gun, it *crawls* along at 1 or 2 FPS. (a consequence of the bad networking code, worse internet, and too much particle spam) (doing it on a LAN in the same physical room barely helped, that's how bad the networking code is) Rovers though, whoo-ee. I'm *consistently* slower at max speed than everyone else, even as the host, because my shitty internet is dropping half the movement update packets. (even with that, I seem to be the only one able to drive rover trains without routinely getting them stuck in terrain, and going up steeper hills than others) Everyone else reports a nice, smooth rover experience, but what I *see* is hilarious rubber-banding of individual components of the rovers. (ex: one wheel won't leave the place the rover started moving from untill the pilot exits the rover, all the while the rover is bouncing/flouncing it's way around/over/*through* terrain and structure alike. It has even knocked other rovers into orbit)
  10. The devs have repeatedly stated that tethers aren't meant to be deployed/used en mass. Why? Because the code for them is a little wonky, and gets progressively worse as the network gets larger. The only solution is to dismantle parts of the network, and start using rovers. (yes, rovers are allso wonky, but at least they aren't as bad as tethers) They (the devs) really, really, intend for players to switch over to rovers fairly quickly, saving Tethers for building up a new base/exploring out from a rover/ship. I am not a dev, so take the following with a grain or two of salt. To the best of my knowledge, they haven't done anything different with tethers for the last few months, so they may have just given up. I hope they haven't, because tethers are usefull, but they've had this type of problem for over a year now.