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  1. Brad Owens

    Stellar Object

    What is a Stellar Object??? And to do I get or use a Recovery Rocket??? System: Xbox One
  2. Brad Owens

    Items and Rovers falling through surface

    yeah I started doing that as well. leaving just enough out of the way to mine then run back to make sure it was still there
  3. System : Xbox one I now have issues of my items and rovers falling through the surface when I am using the flattener or digging tool. they just drop out of sight and never to be seen again...…..?
  4. Brad Owens


    its freezing when I drop tethers Xbox one system
  5. Brad Owens

    a mapper

    how a mapper of some kind. so we will know were we have been, even when kick the bucket...., even subbterrian map would help Xbox one system
  6. Brad Owens

    Water on planets, farms etc

    I would like to see water
  7. Brad Owens

    major crash

    Xbox one system. My game just crashed at 10:11am ct. kick me all the way to the Xbox one home page its done this twice now. just letting yall know.
  8. Brad Owens


    Xbox one: sometimes modules fall through the surface and never seen again. for a example : found a large wind turbine let it go and it fell through the surface still cant find it
  9. what is a RTG and what does do?
  10. Brad Owens

    Impossible to craft modules

    tru must build small shuttle to get the material you need
  11. Brad Owens

    Update 0.10.5 - November 14, 2018

    Xbox One System: I was wondering since I bought the game for 19.95 through Xbox one does this I have to pay the 29.99 price. seems a little unfair to me. since I been playing the game since it came out?
  12. Brad Owens

    power sources

    Xbox one system: how a new version of the Solar panel? already have the small solar panel. have a medium solar panel, and a large solar panel that turn with sun. the medium solar can use the medium size platform and the large solar penal will a the large platform. in genaratoring power.
  13. Brad Owens


    how do I find tungsten on the world you start on?????? system : Xbox one